Airship Secret Locations

There are several secret locations that can be discovered by searching the map or by unlocking them with passcodes.

Search locations:
Location(X, Y)Prize
Baaj Temple(12, 58)obtain Anima and Onion Knight
Sanubia Sands(13, 43)Ascalon
Besaid Falls(30, 74)Dragoon Lance
Mi'ihen Ruins(34, 56)Sonar
Battle Site(40, 58)Phantom Bangle
Omega Ruins(70, 35)see Omega Ruins
input locations:
Mushroom RockGODHANDGodhand
Besaid Ruins 1VICTORIOUSVictorious
Besaid Ruins 2MURASAMEMurasame
Jecht Sphere Locations

In order to unlock Auron's other Overdrives, you must locate the spheres left behind by Jecht, Braska and Auron during their pilgrimage.

Jecht's SphereAfter Spherimorph fight in Macalania Woods
Jecht's SpehreIn Besaid Village, to the right of the temple entrance
Jecht's SphereBoard the SS Liki at Besaid and search the bridge
Jecht's SphereLuca - Just outside the Auroch's locker room
Jecht's SphereMi'ihen Highroad - Oldroad, South
Auron's SphereMushroom Rock - Precipice
Jecht's SphereMoonflow - South Wharf
Jecht's SphereThunder Plains - South
Jecht's SphereMacalania Woods - South
Braska's SphereMt. Gagazet - Mountain Trail
# of Spheres foundOverdrive Gained
NoneDragon Fang
1 SphereShooting Star
3 SpheresBanishing Blade
10 SpheresTornado
Al Bhed Primers

In order to understand the Al Bhed language, you'll need to find the primers scattered all over the world. Each one translates a different letter of the alphabet.

Al Bhed Primer IAAl Bhed Salvage Ship
Al Bhed Primer IIBBesaid Village - Crusader's Lodge
Al Bhed Primer IIICSS Liki - Engine Room (or Sanubia Desert - East if you miss it on the SS Liki)
Al Bhed Primer IVDKilika - Tavern
Al Bhed Primer VESS Winno - Bridge
Al Bhed Primer VIFLuca Stadium - Basement B
Al Bhed Primer VIIGLuca Theater - Reception
Al Bhed Primer VIIIHMi'ihen Highroad (given to you by Rin)
Al Bhed Primer IXIMi'ihen Highroad - Newroad, North
Al Bhed Primer XJMushroom Rock Road - Precipice
Al Bhed Primer XIKDjose Highroad
Al Bhed Primer XIILMoonflow - North Wharf
Al Bhed Primer XIIIMGuadosalam - House
Al Bhed Primer XIVNThunder Plains - Agency (from Rin) or (Sanubia Desert - East if you don't tell Rin that your studies are going well at the Agency)
Al Bhed Primer XVOMacalania Woods - Lake Road
Al Bhed Primer XVIPLake Macalania - Agency Front
Al Bhed Primer XVIIQSanubia Desert - Central
Al Bhed Primer XVIIIRSanubia Desert - Central
Al Bhed Primer XIXSAl Bhed Home
Al Bhed Primer XXTAl Bhed Home - Living Quarters
Al Bhed Primer XXIUAl Bhed Home - Main Corridor
Al Bhed Primer XXIIVBevelle Temple - Priest's Passage
Al Bhed Primer XXIIIWCalm Lands (northwest section)
Al Bhed Primer XXIVXRemiem Temple (left of the entrance)
Al Bhed Primer XXVYCavern of the Stolen Fayth
Al Bhed Primer XXVIZOmega Ruins

You cannot go back for primers I and XIX, XX, XXI, and XXII so be sure to pick them up the first time.

Remiem Temple

To reach the Remiem Temple, you must be riding a chocobo. Near the south entrance to the Calm Lands, there is a cliff on the right that you can jump off with your chocobo. Go through the narrow passageway to reach the temple.

There are several things to do here. If you go inside the temple, you'll find Belgemine who will challenge Yuna to a summoning battle. After the first time you fight her here, she'll give you the Aeon's Soul whether or not you win.

ValeforPower Sphere x30
IfritX-Potion x30
IxionChocobo Feather x10
ShivaMega-Potion x60
BahamutFlower Scepter
YojimboShadow Gem x8
AnimaStamina Spring x60
Magus SistersShining Gem x40 and Moon Sigil

Behind Belgemine is the Chamber of the Fayth. You must have the Flower Scepter and Blossom Crown to break the seals. Inside you will receive the Magus Sisters.

You can also do a chocobo race by talking to the chocobo on the left and then the one on the right. Try to touch as many chests as possible while avoiding the colored poles. The first time you win, you'll receive the Cloudy Mirror. Thereafter, you can receive other prizes depending on how many chests you touch without hitting the poles.

Number of ChestsPrize
0 (or hit a pole)Potion
3Wings to Discovery x30
4Pendulum x30
5Three Stars x60
Cloudy Mirror - Celestial Mirror

You must obtain the Cloudy Mirror first by going to the Remiem Temple and winning the chocobo race there. Once you have it, go to Macalania Woods - South and talk to the boy and his mother near the Save Sphere.

Go right and then north to the campsite and speak to the man on the right. Tell him where his wife and kid are and then return to where you found them.

Speak to the mother and father twice and then head up the shining path. When you come to the fork, head north to find the boy standing in front of a large globe. Examine the globe to have it turn your Cloudy Mirror into the Celestial Mirror. You will now be able to open the chests containing the celestial weapons.

Lightning Dodge

At the Thunder Plains, you can get prizes at the rest area for dodging the lightning strikes outside. The will be a flash just before the lightning strike during which you must press [X] to dodge.

Number of dodges in a rowPrize
5X-Potion x2
10Mega-Potion x2
20MP Sphere x2
50Strength Sphere x3
100HP Sphere x3
150Megalixir x4
200Venus Sigil

You can also obtain a couple prizes for the number of times you are hit by the lightning.

Number of consecutive hitsPrize

One strategy is to equip some armor with No Encounters and then find one of the blackened pits on the Thunder Plains. The lightning strikes there more often and in a regular pattern, making it easier to anticipate and rack up the dodges quicker.

Village of the Cactuars

There is a section on Bikanel Island that is protected by a sandstorm. It just happens to be the Village of the Cactuars and in order to get in you must find and defeat the 10 cactuar guardians.

To start the sidequest, examine the stone with the cactuar symbol on it to the south of the village. You'll get a series of clues to the location of the guardians. Once you find them, you'll play a little mini-game where you must sneak up on the cactuar while its back is turned. If you reach them before the time limit expires, you'll have to fight them. They won't run away, but they will use 10,000 Needles on you a lot. For winning the battle, you'll receive a sphere named after the guardian cactuar. If you don't reach it within the time limit, you'll get a Sphere del Perdedor instead. Either way, you must return to the stone each time to place the sphere in it and receive the next clue.

Clue Location Strategy
Tomay's Gone. Gone to fetch the water. Near the oasis Walk straight forward
Ravivea's gone walkabout. North of the Save Sphere in Sanubia Desert East Walk straight forward
Little Chava likes big numbers. Southwest part of Sanubia Desert West, find a sign that says 20% off Walk straight forward
Alek and Ajola play tag in the ruins of men. Ruins to the west of Sanubia Desert Central Walk straight forward
Vachella seeks the shining blue. Examine the Save Sphere in the tent in Sanubia Desert East Walk forward, watch for his 3 quick spins
O, Robeya's stuck inside. Inside a chest in the southwest corner of Sanubia Desert Central There are 3 chests between you and him, the back right one has 2 Shadow Gems, the front left one has a Shining Gem and the front right has a Blessed Gem; it's very difficult to get all 3 chests but 2 is doable
A fiery inscription--The lord of the hole is gone. Isrra thinks. Inside one of the sand whirlpools in Sanubia Desert - West Head down into the whirlpool; there is a passageway to the other whirlpool and he can't see you while you're down in there
Much-curious Elio has left on a journey. Enter the Oasis from the north to watch him disappear, go to the outer deck of the airship to find him again Watch out for the tilting ship; if you reach him, instead of fighting him, he'll fall off the edge
Flaile is always behind. As soon as you put in the 8th sphere, he'll pop up behind you Ignore the sounds and Needletime! flashing on the screen and just watch him to see whether he is looking or not

After you put the last sphere into the stone the whirlwind protecting the village will dissipate, allowing you to enter. Inside the village are two chests, one has the Mercury Sigil and the other has a prize dependant on how many named spheres you obtained from the guardian cactuars.

# of Named SpheresPrize
0 - 2Potion
3 - 5Elixir
6 - 7Megalixir
8 - 9Friend Sphere
Baaj Temple

Head north and dive into the water. In the south end of the pool is a hidden chest with the Onion Knight in it (only obtainable if you already have the Celestial Mirror).

When you are ready, head towards the underwater temple. When you reach the entrance, you'll have to fight Geosgaeno. Since the fight is underwater, you'll only have Tidus, Wakka and Rikku for the fight.

When you reach the Antechamber inside the temple, check the left and right sides for 4 Mega Phoenixes and a Megalixir. Now stand in front of each of the statues to activate them. They will only activate if you have obtained the corresponding treasure from the other temples. Once all the statues have been activated, you are able to enter the Chamber of the Fayth and obtain Anima.

Omega Ruins

The Omega Ruins are unlocked via the Airship Secret Locations sidequest. Once you have unlocked it you can enter and attempt to complete it. This is perhaps the hardest area in the game, so make sure you are well prepared.

The first part of the dungeon is a maze of tunnels with various rooms with treasure chests scattered throughout. It doesn't matter what order you open the chests in, you will always receive these prizes in this order:

  1. Lv. 4 Key Sphere
  2. Defending Bracer
  3. Turnover
  4. Lv. 3 Key Sphere x2
  5. Defending Armlet
  6. Friend Sphere
  7. Lv. 4 Key Sphere
  8. Phantom Ring
  9. Cactuar Wizard
  10. Warmonger
  11. Teleport Sphere x2
  12. Warp Sphere x99

Sometimes when you open a chest, instead of the prize you'll have to fight a battle with a Mimic (A)/ Mimic (B)/Mimic (C)/Mimic (D) and a Zaurus. If that happens or if you save, or leave the dungeon, the chest prizes will start over again from the beginning.

In the rear left of the dungeon is a room where you'll find the Al Bhed Primer XXVI lying on the ground near the back.

Towards the rear right of the dungeon is a room with a floor seal surrounded by pillars. When you enter this room, you'll have to fight Ultima Weapon.

After beating Ultima Weapon, you'll be transported to to a new section. Each time you come to a circular area, you'll enter a battle. Go to the left to fight Gemini (A) and Gemini (B) then 2 Wraiths to get a Friend Sphere.

Go back and head right. The battles are fixed in this order: Varuna, Adamantoise, Master Tonberry, 2 Defender Zs, 2 Demonoliths, 2 Demonolith, 2 Wraiths. After those battles, head north to fight Omega Weapon.

After defeating Omega Weapon leave the cave and then return to where you fought it to pick up a Magic Sphere.

Celestial Weapons

Each character has a legendary weapon that cannot be made through customization. In order to open the chests containing the weapons, you must have already obtained the Celestial Mirror.

Caladbolg Tidus Finish Chocobo Racing then go down the ramp in the northwest corner of the Calm Lands
World Champion Wakka Return to the Cafe in Luca after you get the airship and speak to the bartender (you must have won a number of games of Blitzball in order before the bartender will hand it over)
Nirvana Yuna Capture every fiend in the Calm Lands then open the chest at the Monster Arena
Masamune Auron Obtain the Rusty Sword in the ravine north of the Calm Lands, go to Mi'ihen Highroad and insert it into the statue of Lord Mi'ihen, examine the glyph that appears
Onion Knight Lulu Search the south side of the underwater pool outside the entrance to Baaj Temple
Spirit Lance Kimahri Activate 3 Qactuar stones in the Thunder Plains then go to the south part of the Thunder Plains and follow the Qactuar ghost into a tower on the right
Godhand Rikku Input the password GODHAND on the airship and visit the unlocked location

Once you have obtained the weapons the only ability they will have will be No AP. In order to unlock each weapon's powers you will need to power them up by obtaining the celestial tokens.

Celestial TokenCharacterObtain
Sun Crest Tidus Zanarkand Ruins in the place where you fought Yunalesca
Sun Sigil Tidus Get a score of 0:0.0 while racing against the trainer during Chocobo Training
Jupiter Crest Wakka Check the lockers in the Auroch's locker room in Luca
Jupiter Sigil Wakka Win in Blitzball game after obtaining Attack Reels, Status Reels, and Auroch Reels Overdrives
Moon Crest Yuna In a hidden cove on the beach in Besaid
Moon Sigil Yuna Defeat all of Belgemine's aeons at Remiem Temple including all hidden ones
Mars Crest Auron Found on the Mi'ihen highroad
Mars Sigil Auron Unlock 10 monsters at the Monster Arena
Venus Crest Lulu Return to Guadosalam after getting the airship and search the Farplane for it
Venus Sigil Lulu Dodge 200 lightning bolts in a row at the Thunder Plains
Saturn Crest Kimahri Between the columns on Mt. Gagazet after defeating Seymour Flux
Saturn Sigil Kimahri Complete the butterfly catching mini-game
Mercury Crest Rikku Found in a sand whirlpool in Sanubia Desert West
Mercury Sigil Rikku Complete the Cactuar Village sidequest and search their village

After obtaining the weapons and tokens, return to the place where you obtained the Celestial Mirror and perform the ritual once for the Crest and again for the Sigil for each weapon to unlock its true power.

Revisiting the Temples

After obtaining the airship, you can return to the temples you have already visited and enter the Chamber of the Fayth in each to obtain some very valuable items.

Besaid TempleEvasion Sphere, 2 Potions, Hi-Potion, Elixir, Wht Magic Sphere
Kilika TempleLuck Sphere, Accuracy Sphere, Defense Sphere, Agility Sphere
Djose TempleLuck Sphere, Magic Def Sphere, Agility Sphere
Macalania TempleMagic Sphere, Accuracy Sphere, Magic Def Sphere
Cavern of the Stolen FaythStrength Sphere
Remiem TempleDefense Sphere
Monster Arena

On the right side of the Calm Lands you'll find the Monster Arena. Here you can buy weapons that will allow you to capture monsters to be sent here. Once you catch them, they are available for you to fight anytime for a price. The owner will create his own unique monsters for you to fight after you have caught certain combinations of monsters for him.

Area Creations

These are unlocked by capturing at least 1 of each fiend listed for that area.

Besaid Island

Dingo24 gil
Condor18 gil
Water Flan27 gil
Prize:Stamina Tonic x99


Dinonix40 gil
Killer Bee34 gil
Yellow Element49 gil
Ragora72 gil
Prize:Poison Fang x99
Creation:Malboro Menace

Mi'ihen Road

Mi'ihen Fang49 gil
Ipiria69 gil
Floating Eye66 gil
White Element72 gil
Raldo63 gil
Vouivre90 gil
Bomb105 gil
Dual Horn157 gil
Prize:Soul Spring x99

Mushroom Rock

Raptor72 gil
Gandarewa93 gil
Thunder Flan75 gil
Red Element82 gil
Lamashtu108 gil
Funguar63 gil
Garuda210 gil
Prize:Candle of Life x99

Djose Road

Garm132 gil
Simurgh109 gil
Bite Bug93 gil
Snow Flan139 gil
Bunyip145 gil
Basilisk187 gil
Ochu780 gil
Prize:Petrify Grenade x99

Thunder Plains

Melusine162 gil
Aerouge216 gil
Buer198 gil
Gold Element160 gil
Kusariqqu168 gil
Larva495 gil
Iron Giant900 gil
Qactuar4000 gil
Prize:Chocobo Wing x99
Creation:Cactuar King

Macalania Woods

Snow Wolf288 gil
Iguion207 gil
Wasp213 gil
Evil Eye307 gil
Ice Flan282 gil
Blue Element270 gil
Mushussu247 gil
Mafdet258 gil
Xiphos330 gil
Chimera1455 gil
Prize:Shining Gem x60

Sanubia Desert

Sand Wolf337 gil
Alcyone360 gil
Mushussu405 gil
Zu1800 gil
Sandworm1500 gil
Prize:Shadow Gem x99
Creation:Abyss Worm

Calm Lands

Skoll630 gil
Nebiros480 gil
Flame Flan672 gil
Anacondaur1125 gil
Shred552 gil
Coeurl1650 gil
Ogre1170 gil
Malboro1650 gil
Chimera Brain1500 gil
Prize:Farplane Wind x60

Mt. Gagazet

Bandersnatch1320 gil
Ahriman975 gil
Dark Flan1620 gil
Grenade810 gil
Grat780 gil
Grendel1095 gil
Bashura1095 gil
Mandragora1800 gil
Behemoth2025 gil
Splasher300 gil
Achelous630 gil
Maelspike495 gil
Prize:Blossom Crown

Inside Sin

Exoray1260 gil
Wraith1605 gil
Gemini (A)1666 gil
Gemini (B)1666 gil
Demonolith2205 gil
Great Malboro2250 gil
Barbatos2325 gil
Adamantoise3300 gil
Behemoth King2775 gil
Prize:Lunar Curtain x99

Sunken Cave

Yowie720 gil
Imp915 gil
Dark Element780 gil
Nidhogg903 gil
Thorn795 gil
Valaha1080 gil
Epaaj1425 gil
Ghost1215 gil
Tonberry3000 gil
Prize:Silver Hourglass x40
Creation:Don Tonberry

Omega Ruins

Zaurus1425 gil
Floating Death1897 gil
Black Element1560 gil
Halma1545 gil
Puraboros1455 gil
Spirit1950 gil
Machea2175 gil
Master Coeurl3045 gil
Master Tonberry3600 gil
Varuna2670 gil
Prize:Designer Wallet x60

Once you have completed any 10 of the Areas, the owner will give you the Mars Sigil.

Species Creations

These are unlocked by capturing a certain number of fiends of the same species.


Mi'ihen Fang3
Snow Wolf3
Sand Wolf3
Prize:Chocobo Feather x99


Prize:Stamina Spring x99


Prize:Mega Phoenix x99

Flying Insects

Killer Bee5
Bite Bug5
Prize:Mana Tonic x60

Floating Wizards

Prize:Mana Spring x99

Flying Eyeballs

Floating Eye5
Evil Eye5
Floating Death5
Prize:Stamina Tablet x60


Water Flan3
Snow Flan3
Ice Flan3
Thunder Flan3
Dark Flan3
Prize:Twin Stars x60
Creation:Jumbo Flan


Yellow Element3
White Element3
Red Element3
Gold Element3
Blue Element3
Dark Element3
Black Element3
Prize:Star Curtain x99
Creation:Nega Elemental


Prize:Gold Hourglass x99


Prize:Purifying Salt x99


Prize:Healing Spring x99
Creation:Sleep Sprout


Prize:Turbo Ether x60
Creation:Bomb King

Horned Beasts

Dual Horn5
Prize:Light Curtain x99


Iron Giant10
Gemini (A)10
Gemini (B)10
Prize:Mana Tablet x60

Original Creations

These are unlocked by a variety of things.

Earth Eater
Capture:Complete 2 Areas
Prize:Three Stars x60
Creation:Earth Eater
Greater Sphere
Capture:Complete 2 Species
Prize:Supreme Gem x60
Creation:Greater Sphere
Capture:Complete 6 Areas
Prize:Door to Tomorrow x60
Capture:Complete 6 Species
Prize:Gambler's Spirit x99
Capture:Complete all Areas
Prize:Winning Formula x99
Ultima Buster
Capture:5 each of every enemy
Prize:Dark Matter x99
Creation:Ultima Buster
Capture:2 each of all underwater enemies on Mt. Gagazet
Prize:Megalixir x30
Capture:10 each of every enemy and defeat all unlocked monsters at the arena
Prize:Master Sphere x10

After defeating Nemesis you will receive the Mark of Conquest from the owner.