Farplane Wind
Description: Casts Death on all enemies
Type: Battle
Drop: Don Tonberry
Steal: Coeurlregina, Espada, Sleep Sprout, Varuna, Wraith, Yunalesca (3rd)
Bribe: Ahriman, Epaaj, Wraith
Find: none
Obtain: Monster Arena
Teach: cannot use for teaching aeons
Customize: 60 to customize Deathstrike on a weapon
60 to customize Deathproof on an armor
Mix Combos:
Abaddon Flame Bomb Core, Fire Gem
Aqua Toxin Fish Scale
Brimstone Bomb Fragment
Calamity Bomb Chocobo Feather, Chocobo Wing, Candle of Life, Dream Powder, Farplane Shadow, Gold Hourglass, Petrify Grenade, Poison Fang, Silence Grenade, Silver Hourglass, Sleeping Powder, Smoke Bomb, Healing Spring, Hypello Potion, Light Curtain, Lunar Curtain, Mana Spring, Musk, Purifying Salt, Shining Thorn, Soul Spring, Stamina Spring, Star Curtain, Three Stars
Chaos Grenade Accuracy Sphere, Amulet, Blk Magic Sphere, Clear Sphere, Defense Sphere, Door to Tomorrow, Evasion Sphere, Attribute Sphere, Blessed Gem, Farplane Wind, Shining Gem, Supreme Gem, Friend Sphere, Gambler's Spirit, HP Sphere, Lv. 1 Key Sphere, Lv. 2 Key Sphere, Lv. 3 Key Sphere, Lv. 4 Key Sphere, MP Sphere, Magic Def Sphere, Magic Sphere, Master Sphere, Pendulum, Return Sphere, Skill Sphere, Special Sphere, Speed Sphere, Strength Sphere, Teleport Sphere, Underdog's Secret, Warp Sphere, Wht Magic Sphere, Wings to Discovery, Winning Formula
Dark Rain Dragon Scale, Water Gem
Electroshock Electro Marble
Final Elixir Elixir, Healing Water, Megalixir, Tetra Elemental
Final Phoenix Mega Phoenix, Phoenix Down
Freedom Ether
FreedomX Turbo Ether, Twin Stars
Hazardous Ice Antarctic Wind
Hazardous Shell Ability Sphere, Agility Sphere, Frag Grenade, Grenade, Mana Sphere, Map, Power Sphere, Rename Card
Hyper Mana Mana Tablet, Mana Tonic
Hyper Vitality Stamina Tonic
Krysta Arctic Wind, Ice Gem
Mega Vitality Stamina Tablet
Megalixir Antidote, Echo Screen, Eye Drops, Hi-Potion, Holy Water, Potion, Soft
Miracle Drink Designer Wallet, Fortune Sphere, Luck Sphere
Nega Burst Shadow Gem
Super Elixir Ability Distiller, Al Bhed Potion, Mana Distiller, Mega-Potion, Power Distiller, Remedy, Speed Distiller, X-Potion
Thunderblast Lightning Gem, Lightning Marble
Trio of 9999 Dark Matter