Village of the Cactuars

There is a section on Bikanel Island that is protected by a sandstorm. It just happens to be the Village of the Cactuars and in order to get in you must find and defeat the 10 cactuar guardians.

To start the sidequest, examine the stone with the cactuar symbol on it to the south of the village. You'll get a series of clues to the location of the guardians. Once you find them, you'll play a little mini-game where you must sneak up on the cactuar while its back is turned. If you reach them before the time limit expires, you'll have to fight them. They won't run away, but they will use 10,000 Needles on you a lot. For winning the battle, you'll receive a sphere named after the guardian cactuar. If you don't reach it within the time limit, you'll get a Sphere del Perdedor instead. Either way, you must return to the stone each time to place the sphere in it and receive the next clue.

Clue Location Strategy
Tomay's Gone. Gone to fetch the water. Near the oasis Walk straight forward
Ravivea's gone walkabout. North of the Save Sphere in Sanubia Desert East Walk straight forward
Little Chava likes big numbers. Southwest part of Sanubia Desert West, find a sign that says 20% off Walk straight forward
Alek and Ajola play tag in the ruins of men. Ruins to the west of Sanubia Desert Central Walk straight forward
Vachella seeks the shining blue. Examine the Save Sphere in the tent in Sanubia Desert East Walk forward, watch for his 3 quick spins
O, Robeya's stuck inside. Inside a chest in the southwest corner of Sanubia Desert Central There are 3 chests between you and him, the back right one has 2 Shadow Gems, the front left one has a Shining Gem and the front right has a Blessed Gem; it's very difficult to get all 3 chests but 2 is doable
A fiery inscription--The lord of the hole is gone. Isrra thinks. Inside one of the sand whirlpools in Sanubia Desert - West Head down into the whirlpool; there is a passageway to the other whirlpool and he can't see you while you're down in there
Much-curious Elio has left on a journey. Enter the Oasis from the north to watch him disappear, go to the outer deck of the airship to find him again Watch out for the tilting ship; if you reach him, instead of fighting him, he'll fall off the edge
Flaile is always behind. As soon as you put in the 8th sphere, he'll pop up behind you Ignore the sounds and Needletime! flashing on the screen and just watch him to see whether he is looking or not

After you put the last sphere into the stone the whirlwind protecting the village will dissipate, allowing you to enter. Inside the village are two chests, one has the Mercury Sigil and the other has a prize dependant on how many named spheres you obtained from the guardian cactuars.

# of Named SpheresPrize
0 - 2Potion
3 - 5Elixir
6 - 7Megalixir
8 - 9Friend Sphere
  • none
  • none
Items: Key Items:
  • none