Description: Famous guardian, mysteriously appears to help
Overdrive: Bushido: Sword techniques using buttom combinations
Overdrive Description Requirements
Banishing Blade Major damage to an enemy and causes Power Break, Armor Break, Magic Break and Mental Break ([Up], [L1], [Down], [R1], [Right], [Left], [Triangle]) Find 3 Jecht Spheres
Dragon Fang Hits all enemies ([Down], [Left], [Up], [Right], [L1], [R1], [O], [X]) initially learned
Shooting Star Does major damage and ejects enemy from the battle ([Triangle], [O], [Square], [X], [Left], [Right], [X]) Find 1 Jecht Sphere
Tornado Hits all enemies ([X], [Right], [R1], [Left], [L1], [Triangle]) Find all 10 Jecht Spheres