HP: 550000 Strength: 76 Defense: 33
Overkill: 10000 Magic: 58 Magic Def: 27
MP: 999 Agility: 47 Luck: 0
AP: 8000 Evasion: 0 Accuracy: 0
Gil: 0 Boss: Yes
Enemy Skills: none
Drop: Three Stars, Dark Matter (rare)
Steal: Healing Spring x3, Stamina Tonic (rare)
Bribe: cannot bribe
Elements: normal
Number of Slots: 3 - 4
Number of Abilities: 2 - 4
Possible Weapon Abilities: Darkstrike, Deathstrike, Poisonstrike, Silencestrike, Sleepstrike, Slowstrike, Stonestrike, Zombiestrike
Possible Armor Abilities: Darkproof, Deathproof, Poisonproof, Silenceproof, Sleepproof, Slowproof, Stoneproof, Zombieproof
Location: Monster Arena
Notes: Unlocked at the Monster Arena by capturing 1 of each fiend from Mt. Gagazet and Zanarkand Ruins