Description: Outcast Ronso that has protected Yuna since she was a child
Overdrive: Ronso Rage: Use learned enemy skills
Overdrive Description Requirements
Stone Breath Petrifies all enemies Anacondaur, Basilisk, Yenke Ronso
Mighty Guard Cast Shell, Protect, NulBlaze, NulShock, NulTide, and NulFrost on all allies Behemoth, Behemoth King, Biran Ronso
Doom Start a countdown on an enemy - kills when it reaches 0 Biran Ronso, Ghost, Wraith
Self-Destruct Give up all HP to deal massive damage to all enemies Biran Ronso, Bomb, Grenade, Puraboros
Thrust Kick Strong single attack that may eject an enemy from the battle Biran Ronso, YKT-11, YKT-63
Aqua Breath Water damage to all enemies Chimera, Chimera Brain, Yenke Ronso
White Wind Restore some HP to all allies and heals status effects Dark Flan, Spirit, Yenke Ronso
Fire Breath Fire damage to all enemies Dual Horn, Grendel, Valaha, Yenke Ronso
Seed Cannon Single attack that sometimes causes Confusion Grat, Ragora, Sandragora
Bad Breath Cause multiple status ailments to all enemies Great Malboro, Malboro
Nova Massive damage to all enemies Omega Weapon