Ruins of Zanarkand

Follow the path around the mountain. At the bottom of the mountain trail, you'll camp out for the night. When you are ready, head north into the ruins.

In the first section, look for a chest with a Fortune Sphere on the left. Then next part you'll find a Spiritual Targe in a chest on the left.

Once you reach the dome, head down until you are in a partially covered section. At one of the corners, you are able to climb up to the top and backtrack to find a chest with 10000 gil. When you reach the center, there is a dead-end on the right with a Friend Sphere. Continue on and just before entering the next section, look for a ramp downwards that will lead you to a Lv. 3 Key Sphere.

When you enter the next section, you can get a Luck Sphere on the right just before the stairs. Go up the stairs to reach the Cloister of Trials.

  1. In the first chamber, examine the map and then step on the corresponding tiles to match up with the display.
  2. 6 pedestals will appear and the door to the second chamber will open.
  3. Push in the outer pedestals on both sides to activate the 4 different puzzles in the second chamber.
  4. Examine the map in the second chamber and then step on the corresponding tiles just as in the first chamber.
  5. After solving the 4 puzzles, take the Kilika Sphere from the left side of the map in the second chamber and place it in the left pedestal in the first chamber.
  6. Take the Besaid Sphere from the right side of the map in the second chamber and place it in the right pedestal in the first chamber.
  7. When you enter the second chamber this time, you'll fight the Spectral Keeper.
  8. You must return to the Trials later to find the hidden treasure.
  9. To get the Destruction Sphere, solve the final puzzle which involves finding all square blocks in both chambers.
  10. Once you have the Destruction Sphere, place it in the slot on the right of the map in the second chamber to reveal the treasure which is a Magistral Rod.

Continue on past the Chamber of the Fayth. After reaching the Great Hall, go forward to start your battle with Yunalesca. Once the battle is over, search for the Sun Crest at the top left and then leave. Once you exit the dome, the airship will pick you up.

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