Inside Sin

After leaving the airship, you'll enter a very large maze of pathways called the Sea of Sorrow. There are 5 chests to find in the maze. There are 3 on the left containing an Elixir, a Phantom Ring, and Special Sphere. There are 2 in the upper right containing a Wizard Lance and a Lv. 3 Key Sphere. At the far north there is a staircase leading up. At the top of the stairs, you'll have to fight Seymour Omnis.

Afterward, you'll find yourself in the next section: City of Dying Dreams. The first glyph you'll come to wants you to kill 10 fiends. After killing 10 enemies, return to the glyph and touch it to reveal another. You must kill 10 more to open the next door and then 15 to open the final one. After you have opened all 3 doors you'll find a chest with a Lv. 4 Key Sphere.

Continue forward along the path until you see a blue tile creating a brige. Stand on the tile and press [X] to make it rise so that you can reach the Four-on-One. A short ways further, you'll come to another tile. Stand on the tile and press [X] to reveal a chest with a Defending Bracer.

When you come to a larger open area check the west wall for a glyph that when touched, opens a section of the wall to reveal a chest with a Megalixir in it.

In the middle of the large open area is a ramp leading down to a chest with 20000 gil gil in it. Step on the blue tile to make it rise so you can reach a high ledge with an HP Sphere and Defense Sphere. Step on the other blue tile to get back down.

Further on, there's a small alcove on the right with a doorway behind the pillar. If you go in, you'll slide down to a lower level where you'll find a Laevatein. Climb back up the ledges to get out. At the top, you'll find yourself at a crossroads. Go north and touch the glyph on the tower to reach the next section.

You'll find yourself in a circular area. Run around and try to grab the small egg-like crystals that appear while avoiding the spike crystals popping out of the ground. If you touch a spike crystal, you'll be forced into a battle. The egg crystals disappear after a short time, so grab them quickly when they appear. Each one will give you an item: Stillblade, Prism Ball, Skill Sphere, Knight Lance, Mage's Staff, Infinity, Wht Magic Sphere, Attribute Sphere, Wicked Cait Sith, Hrunting.

After you have picked up all ten, you'll be transported to a place that looks like old Zanarkand and finally meet up with Jecht. After you talk with him, you'll have to battle Braska's Final Aeon. Once you defeat it, you must summon and then defeat all of your own aeons. Then, you'll enter your final battle against Yu Yevon. Enjoy the ending!

Armor: Weapons: Items: Key Items:
  • none
Notes: Once you enter the tower, you will have passed the point of no return. Make sure you are prepared.