Destruction of Zanarkand

Once you are in control, talk to the fans waving at you. Head to the stadium to get to your blitzball game. After Sin's initial attack, Auron will show up and give you a Longsword. Punch your way through the Sinscales. You don't get anything for any of your fights here so don't worry about how many you kill.

Along the way, you'll have to battle Sinspawn Ammes along with 4 Sinscales. The final battle is a legion of Sinscales that don't ever stop coming. Follow Auron's instructions to win the battle.


You'll wake up alone, swimming in some submerged ruins. Swim to the west side to find an Al Bhed Compilation Sphere and a chest with 2 Potions. On the east side is an Al Bhed inscription and a chest with 200 gil. Head north to get to the next area.

Take the left path at the fork to get a Hi-Potion. When take the north path, it crumbles and drops you into the water. You'll be attacked by 3 Sahagin. After defeating 2 of them, Geosgaeno will swallow the last one and then attack you. After 3 turns, you'll flee the battle.

After your escape, head north to a large room. Head to the right and through the door and search to find the Flint. Head north and up the stairs and grab the Withered Bouquet at the top. Continue through the door and around the balcony to get a Hi-Potion. Use what you have found to make a fire. Suddenly, Klikk attacks you. After a few rounds, a group of Al Bhed show up and one of them joins you in your battle. Afterwards, they take you prisoner.

Salvage Ship

You'll find yourself onboard the Al Bhed's ship. Talk to the guy on the left to get 3 Potions, then go to the far right corner to find Al Bhed Primer I. When ready, talk to the girl to get a tutorial on the Sphere Grid and then again to continue.

Head down into the water to reach the underwater ruins. Keep heading east until you reach what looks like a power core. When you go back, you'll have to fight Tros. Afterwards, head to the south and back to the ship. Sin shows up shortly and you're sucked off into the sea.


Swim to the right to find a chest with the Moon Crest in it. Head to the left side of the beach to find a chest with 2 Antidotes in it. Go to the group on the beach. After talking with Wakka, talk to the rest of his team to obtain items and gil.

Follow Wakka until he pushes you off a cliff. Head south to find an underwater Phoenix Down and north to find a Hi-Potion. Follow the curve around to the southeast to find a chest with 2 Antidotes.

Once out of the water, head down the path to reach the village. Get the Phoenix Down in front of the first hut on the left. Behind the hut are 3 chests where you'll get 2 Potions, 400 gil and a Hi-Potion. When done exploring, head north to the temple and talk to the guy near the stairs. Afterwards, go back to the village and find Wakka in the middle house on the right. Take a nap and then head back to the temple.

Touch the glyphs to get inside the Cloister of Trials. Down the stairs, grab the Glyph Sphere and keep going. Put it in the door to open it, then take it back once you're through. Go around the corner and put it in the wall to open up an alcove. Inside is a Destruction Sphere, but don't take it just yet. Keep going until you find a pedestal. Touch the symbols opposite it to open a chamber. Grab the Besaid Sphere inside and put it in the pedestal. Don't push the pedestal yet, instead go back and get the Destruction Sphere and stick it where you got the Besaid Sphere. Go around the corner to find the revealed treasure which is a Rod of Wisdom. Now go back and push the pedestal straight back to open the way to the Chamber of the Fayth.

Go back outside and head to the center of the village where Yuna will summon her new aeon: Valefor. After talking to Yuna, talk to Wakka and tell him you want to sleep. When you wake up the next morning, pick up the Al Bhed Primer II and head outside. Wakka will give you the Brotherhood sword and then you'll be outside the village. Lulu and Yuna will be in your party now.

Before heading out, go back into the village and talk to the Item Shop lady (you don't have to buy anything). Go to the northeast hut and talk to the dog to get Valefor's second Overdrive: Energy Blast. Leave the village. While heading up the hill, you'll be given some basic battle tutorials. At the top of the hill, head northwest. When you start up the path, Kimahri will attack you. After you beat him, Kimahri will join you.

Continue along the path for some more battle tutorials. When you reach the ship, talk to the people there to see you off to get 3 Phoenix Downs, a Seeker's Ring, an Ether, a Remedy and 400 gil.

S.S. Liki

Go below decks to meet O'aka. If you loan him money now, when you meet him later, his prices will be lower and he'll have rarer items. In the room on the right, there's a Remedy. You can also get Potions sometimes if you kick the suitcase on the right. In the engine room to the south you'll find the Al Bhed Primer III.

Go back onto the deck and talk to Wakka and then Yuna. You'll be interrupted and have to fight Sin (Fin) along with unlimited Sinscale (II)s. Afterward, Tidus and Wakka will battle Sinspawn Echuilles along with unlimited Sinscale (III)s.


Head west from the dock to watch Yuna's sending and then go to bed. Head west from the inn and save the little girl from the collapsing structure. To the right is a destroyed house with a chest containting 3 Potions. Go to the bar where you can open the chest containing an Ether. There's also the Al Bhed Primer IV on the counter. Now go east from the bar to meet Wakka.

Head north to reach the woods. Head east from the Save Sphere to find a chest with 2 Mana Spheres. Go back and then west and north to get a Scout. Going north from there, you'll run into some Crusaders. Talk to the one who stays to get a Remedy. Head east from there to find more Crusaders. Talk to the one who stays to get a Hi-Potion. Go north from there to find a chest with a Luck Sphere. If you defeat Lord Ochu in the center of the woods, talk to Luzzo just to the south to get an Elixir.

Head east then north and follow the path around to get to some stairs. Halfway up the stairs, you'll have to fight Sinspawn Geneaux.

  1. Once inside the temple, talk to Wakka and then go in to the Cloister of Trials.
  2. First take the Kilika Sphere from the pedestal and put it in the slot next to the door.
  3. Take it back out and head through the now open doorway.
  4. Insert the sphere into the slot at the far end to make a Glyph appear.
  5. Take the sphere back out and put it in the the left wall.
  6. Take the Glyph Sphere from the pedestal and put it in the right wall.
  7. Go back and touch the glyph to open the way to the next section.
  8. Touch the glowing tile on the right side to move the pedestal into the room.
  9. Take the Kilika Sphere from the right wall and put it in the pedestal.
  10. Go back to the previous room, get the Glyph Sphere from the right wall and put in the spot where you just removed the Kilika Sphere.
  11. Now push the pedestal onto the glowing tile, then go down the stairs and get the Kilika Sphere from the section of wall that was just revealed.
  12. Go forward and put it in the slot next to the door to the north.
  13. Before going further, go back and get the Destruction Sphere from the alcove that you opened with the Glyph Sphere on the right and put it in the spot where you just removed the Kilika Sphere to open the secret chamber and get a Red Armlet.
  14. Go back to the north doorway and remove the sphere to open the way to the Chamber of the Fayth.

After you talk to Wakka and then try to exit, Yuna will appear, having obtained Ifrit. Return to the dock to board the ship for Luca.

S.S. Winno

Once you leave your cabin, you can talk to O'aka again and lend him more money if you want. Head to the bridge to pick up the Al Bhed Primer V. At the back of the boat, you'll meet the Goers and Yuna. If you try to go to the upper level you can eavedrop on Wakka and Lulu talking (you'll have to go up several times to hear the whole thing).

Once you touch the blitzball near the front of the ship you'll have to do the Jecht Shot Challenge. If you can do the shot successfully, you'll be able to use it in blitzball.


After landing, head northeast to see Maester Mika debark. Lulu shows up after your blitzball tutorial and takes Tidus to look for Auron.

Go down the stairs to the left of the ones going up. Get the 2 Hi-Potions from the chest and pickup the Al Bhed Primer VI behind one of the players on the left.

Go back out and down the stairs. Take the left path to circumnavigate the stadium in a clockwise fashion. On Number 1 Dock you can get 600 gil and a Tidal Spear. You can also meet O'aka here who will actually sell you stuff now. On Number 2 Dock you can get 2 Phoenix Downs in the chest there. On Number 5 Dock there's a Magic Sphere and HP Sphere hidden behind the crates in the back.

When you get back to the stadium entrance, head south. Head east from the bridge to reach the Square. From there, take the stairs on the right. Get the 1000 gil in the chest and then go back down and into the bar at the north end of the square. After Yuna's disappearance, Tidus, Lulu and Kimahri will have to track her down while Wakka plays blitzball.

Go back to the stadium and head left. You'll have to battle some Workers on the way. When you reach the Al Bhed ship, you'll have to fight Oblitzerator. Afterward go to the locker room and talk to Wakka to start the blitzball against the Goers.

After the game, Tidus and Wakka will be attacked by a number of Sahagin Chiefs while in the sphere. Then you'll be in control of Auron and must defeat a Vouivre. After that all 3 must fight a Garuda (Luca) together.

Follow Auron to where the others are waiting. Talk to Yuna and you'll be free to go your way with Auron now a member of your party. Go back into Luca and visit the Theater to find the Al Bhed Primer VII

Mi'ihen Highroad

Talk to everyone you meet as you travel along the Highroad and most will give you items including: 2 Antidotes, a Hi-Potions, and a Hunter's Spear. You can also find an Ice Brand in a chest behind a monument on the left side. You'll find Belgemine on the right side who you can challenge in an Aeon only battle. If you beat her she gives you a Echo Ring otherwise she'll give you a Seeker's Ring.

On the next stretch of road, there's a chest with a Remedy on the right side. A running man will give you a Red Ring if you can catch him.

The next section, someone will give you a Lv. 1 Key Sphere, 4 Antidotes, an Ether, a Hi-Potion and 600 gil. Talk to the boy before you examine the blitzball to get 3 Softs. There's 2000 gil on the right side in a chest. At the end of the section you can get 3 Eye Drops in the chest.

At the Inn, head outside to talk to Yuna. In the morning, someone will give you a Lv. 1 Key Sphere. When you try to leave, Rin will show up and give you the Al Bhed Primer VIII and 2 Mega-Potions. Once you step outside you'll have to battle Chocobo Eater. If you manage to push it off the cliff, you'll recieve 2 Lv. 1 Key Spheres. Afterward, you'll be able to ride a chocobo for free so get one and continue on.

Keep a lookout for a yellow feather on the left side of the road. Your chocobo can jump from there to reach the Heat Lance on the cliff. Just after that, you'll find the Al Bhed Primer IX lying on the road.

When you get to the North End of the highroad, you can pick up 2 Hi-Potions in a chest. Head southeast from there on your chocobo down to the valley. Jump from the feather to reach a Thunder Blade and Scout. Near the save sphere is a small trail that you can jump up with your chocobo to reach a Fortune Sphere. At the end of the road, you'll find the Mars Crest.

Go back to the north gate and talk to the people there. The guard on the left is taking donations for Operation Mi'ihen, if you give him gil, he'll give you stuff in return - 100 gil: Scout, 1000 gil: Ice Lance, 10000 gil: Moon Ring. Talk to the guard on the right about Operation Mi'ihen. When you go back, Seymour will show up and get you through.

Mushroom Rock

Talk to the people on the road to get a Tough Bangle, Ether, Hi-Potion, and 2 Phoenix Downs. Go north and talk to the person there to get a Hi-Potion. Ride the platform up and follow the path until you come to a man who will give you 10 Potions and a chest with 1000 gil. Continuing on, you'll find a chest with a Remedy on the right side. Along the way you can talk to Shelinda who will restore you if you talk to her several times. You'll next find a chest with a Hi-Potion hidden behind a pillar. Take the platform up to the next level.

Talk to the guys there to get an X-Potion and 400 gil then take the platform on the left down to get a Serene Armlet. Go back up and north. There's a small ledge just east of the next lift where you'll find the Al Bhed Primer X. Take the lift up and talk to the guard just before the last platform to get a Mega-Potion. Take the big lift to get to the ridge.

Walk past the cannons to reach the Command Center where Gatta will greet you. When you talk to Gatta again, your responses will determine whether he or Luzzo will die in the upcoming battle: choose the 2nd response both times to have Gatta die, anything else to let Luzzo die. After talking to Maester Kinoc, open the 2 chests near Yuna and Lulu to get a Serene Bracer and a Mega-Potion. When you're ready, talk to the guy on the right and shortly you'll be battling Sinspawn Gui. Afterward, Seymour will join Auron and Yuna to battle the revived Sinspawn Gui.

In the aftermath of the attack, pick up the Hi-Potion on the left side of the beach and then move on to the next section.