Spectral Keeper
HP: 52000 Strength: 36 Defense: 100
Overkill: 8000 Magic: 1 Magic Def: 100
MP: 500 Agility: 36 Luck: 15
AP: 12000 Evasion: 0 Accuracy: 8
Gil: 7000 Boss: Yes
Enemy Skills: none
Drop: Lv. 4 Key Sphere
Steal: Ether, Turbo Ether (rare)
Bribe: cannot bribe
Elements: normal
Number of Slots: 2 - 3
Number of Abilities: 1 - 3
Possible Weapon Abilities: Firestrike, Icestrike, Lightningstrike, Piercing, Waterstrike
Possible Armor Abilities: Fireproof, Iceproof, Lightningproof, Waterproof
Location: Ruins of Zanarkand
Notes: Use the trigger command to move your characters before the mines go off and to avoid its attacks, attack from behind it whenever possible