Al Bhed Primers

Obtaining all of the Al Bhed Primers enables you to understand the Al Bhed language spoken by various characters in the game. Unlike in the previous Final Fantasy, each specific primer is not always obtained at a certain location. Since the game is not as linear as other Final Fantasies you may receive them at different locations each time you play.

Here are the locations where you can find all of the Primers and how many there are at each location:
Location Chapter(s) Number Notes
Celcius 1 4 Speak to Buddy and Brother after completing your first mission and before heading off to the Floating Ruins
Luca 1 1 After you finish Behind the Scenes, speak to Rin in the hall below the stadium
Bikanel 1 1 You receive one upon your first visit
Djose 1, 2 1 Sign up with Gippal for digging in Bikanel
Macalania 1, 2 1 Speak to the Al Bhed woman in front of the shop at the lake before you begin Follow That O'aka!
Celsius 2 1 Speak to Shinra at the beginning of Chapter 2
Djose 2 1 Speak to Gippal in the temple
Djose 3 1 Speak to Gippal in the temple before completing Protect Besaid Temple! and Pest Control
Djose 3 1 You receive one as soon as No Way, Djose! starts
Macalania 3 1 You receive one just before you begin Secure the Agency!
Celsius 4 1 Speak to Paine on the Deck then go to the Bridge at the beginning of Chapter 4
Celsius 4 3 Watch the first and sixth events through the Djose CommSphere and the first event through the Macalania CommSphere
Djose 5 1 Defeat the Experiment at least once
Thunder Plains 5 1 Complete A Fallen Genius?
Celsius 5 1 Watch the scene between Brother and Buddy on the Deck after meeting Leblanc in the Farplane
Bikanel 1, 2, 3, 5 6 While digging in the desert you may come across Primers

On subsequent times through the game after you complete it the first time, you will not receive any Primers if you have already collected them all.

PR Campaign / There Goes the Bride

To start the PR Campaign, visit any of the game locations in the Calm Lands. Speak to one or the other representative and choose to help them promote their company.

You must speak to various people through out Spira, using the [square] button to either promote the company you're supporting or convince them to give the bachelor a chance (ladies only). The PR Campaign must be started in Chapter 1 or you will not be able to get enough points to get Episode Complete. The Bride sidequest is completely optional as it does not contribute to your story percentage or towards the Episode Complete for the Calm Lands.

Pitch numbers
Number Pitch
PR Campaign - Open Air
1st Fun awaits you at Open Air!
2nd Take to the Air. Open Air.
3rd Open Air. Get your Air on.
4th I lost 30 pounds with Open Air!
5th Shee yoo at Open Air, yesh?
PR Campaign - Argent, Inc.
1st Fun awaits you at Argent!
2nd Argent, at your service!
3rd For a good time, call on Argent!
4th Argent. Fun you can rely on.
5th Would you like to hear about Argent,Inc.?
Response point values
Response Points
PR Campaign
They seem totally pumped! 5
They seem pretty psyched. 3
They seem mildly intrigued. 2
They don't seem the least bit interested. 1
They seem put off. 0
There Goes the Bride
She seems really excited! 5
You've piqued her curiosity. 3
She doesn't seem interested. 2
You've turned her off. 1
You couldn't have offended her more if you tried. 0
Location of people and their optimal pitches for PR Campaign and There Goes the Bride
Location Person PR Bride
Chapter 1
Village Lady on the right near entrance 2nd 3rd
Village Lady walking her dog 4th 4th
Village or Great Hall Boy running around the temple with a little girl 3rd
House Man in first house on right side 1st
Shop Lady behind counter 5th 3rd
Lodge Keepa in second house on the left side 1st
Dock, left side Man talking to lady next to boat 5th
Dock - right side Man in blue vest staring at new Youth League base 4th
Residential Area, left side Man in green shirt just as you enter 4th
Residential Area, left side Man in blue vest walking around 5th
Residential Area, left side, upper level Man at hut where boys are jumping 5th
Residential Area, right side Lady talking with man by bridge stairs 2nd 3rd
Outskirts Lady sitting on a bench alone 3rd 2nd
Outskirts Lady sitting on a bench with a man 5th 3rd
Square Boy near the stand 4th
Square Man in brown seated on bench 5th
Stadium Entrance Man in green randomly walking 3rd
Stadium Entrance Lady sitting on the bench above the counter 2nd 2nd
Dock 3 Lady walking to the left 4th 2nd
Dock 3 Man walking at north end 1st
Mi'ihen Highroad
South End Lady in blue dress in front of statue, facing toward road 1st 1st
South End Lady in white dress in front of statue, facing away from road 2nd 5th
South End Man standing in right side area in north part 3rd
Central Lady next to sled machine in south 4th 2nd
Central Man in right side area next to hover in north 2nd
Agency, Front Man at the cliff 1st
Agency Lady seated on left 2nd 4th
Agency Man seated on right 3rd
Newroad, North Lady standing on the bridge 4th 1st
North End Boy standing near gate to Mushroom Rock 5th
Oldroad, North Man in purple shirt 2nd
Oldroad, South Lady standing to the left of a machina 4th 1st
Oldroad, South Man on right/top at dead end 1st
Oldroad, South Man on left/bottom at dead end 3rd
Djose Temple
Djose Temple Lady standing beside save sphere 3rd 4th
Djose Temple Lady in bikini outside hut 1st 5th
Djose Temple Man on the left in green talking with old guy 2nd
Pilgrimage Road Lady in red walking around 3rd 5th
Pilgrimage Road Man in green shirt facing left 5th
Pilgrimage Road Man in orange shirt with green sleeves 1st
Pilgrimage Road Man in yellow shirt 4th
Pilgrimage Road Lady in purple facing left 3rd 5th
South Bank Road Lady standing at south end 3rd 1st
South Wharf Girl walking around near the save sphere 5th 2nd
South Wharf Boy beside stairs at shoopuf 5th
North Wharf Lady south of shoopuf 5th 4th
North Bank Road Lady at north end 1st 5th
Guadosalam Boy just to the right of the save sphere 1st
Data Dealer Man at the counter 2nd
Guadosalam Hypello outside house on the far right 3rd
Shop Man browsing 4th
Shop Man behind the counter 2nd
Macalania Woods
South Guado to the right of the save sphere 1st
Campsite Guado on the right 4th
Chapter 2
same as Chapter 1
cannot enter
same as Chapter 1
Mi'ihen Highroad
same as Chapter 1 except, you must do the two people inside the Travel Agency last or some of the others will become unreachable
Djose Temple
same as Chapter 1
same as Chapter 1 except without the Lady at the south end of South Bank Road
same as Chapter 1
Chapter 3
same as Chapter 1 except the lady to the right of the entrance is now inside the first tent on the right and Keepa is not there
Dock Lady next to man on right side 5th 1st
Dock Man next to lady on right side 5th
Dock Man in blue vest on far right side 4th
Residential Area Man in green shirt facing man in blue shirt in lower left side 4th
Residential Area Man in blue shirt facing man in green shirt in lower left side 5th
Residential Area Man standing outside of hut on upper level in lower left side 5th
Residential Area Lady speaking to a guy in the lower right 2nd 3rd
Outskirts Lady in yellow shirt to the right of the save sphere 3rd 2nd
Outskirts Lady in pink shirt to the right of the save sphere 5th 3rd
Bridge Man facing north on right side 1st
Bridge Boy running around waving his arms in the middle 4th
Bridge Lady in yellow shirt and orange skirt facing north in the middle 4th 2nd
Bridge Man in yellow shirt randomly walking across 5th
Stadium Entrance Lady sitting on the round bench above the counter 2nd 2nd
Stadium Entrance Man in yellow shirt randomly walking through 3rd
Mi'ihen Highroad
Same as Chapter 1 except the boy at the gate to Mushroom Rock will disappear after the Machina Mayhem! mission
Same as Chapter 1
Same as Chapter 1
Same as Chapter 1
Chapter 4
Same as Chapter 1 but can only be done during Where's Tobli?
Chapter 5
Village Lady in first tent on the right 2nd 3rd
Village Man in first tent on the right 1st
Village Shopkeeper in first tent on the left 5th 3rd
Village Lady walking the dog 4th 4th
Village Boy running around with the girl near the temple 3rd
Beach Keepa 1st
Dock Man standing with lady on right side 5th
Dock Lady standing with man on right side 5th 1st
Dock Man in blue vest on far right side 4th
Residential Area Man in green shirt in front of gate to the woods 4th
Residential Area Man in blue vest in front of gate to the woods 5th
Residential Area Lady standing on the bridge facing the gate to the woods 2nd 3rd
Residential Area Man standing in front of some balloons on far left side 5th
Stadium Entrance Boy with blitzball next to counter 4th
Dock 2 Lady in white walking around the boxes 2nd 2nd
Dock 3 Lady walking past in the foreground 4th 2nd
Dock 3 Man in gray walking around 1st
Dock 5 Man on the left of the two men behind the boxes 3rd
Square Man seated on bench on far left 5th
Outskirts Lady seated next to a man on a bench 5th 3rd
Outskirts Lady seated alone on a bench 3rd 2nd
Mi'ihen Highroad
Same as Chapter 1 except the lady on Newroad, North will be at the north end instead of on the bridge
Same as Chapter 1 except most of the people have moved slightly
Same as Chapter 1
Guadosalam Hypello standing outside Tobli Productions 3rd
Guadosalam Boy standing in line outside Tobli Productions 1st
Data Dealer Man behind the counter 2nd
Shop Man behind the counter 2nd
Shop Man browsing 4th

In Chapter 5, if you have obtained at least 400 points for one of the rival companies, by beaming down to the Calm Lands, you will get Episode Complete! If you have not gotten enough points by then, you can earn more by playing the mini-games. Your reward is that all prizes for the company you worked for become available for purchase with your credits. This is the only way to obtain the Disaster in Bloom (Open Air) or Flash of Steel (Argent). Also a new mini-game and more transit stations will become available for your pleasure.

For completing There Goes the Bride, if you got 0-29 points, the father gives you an Elixir. If you got 30 or more points, he gives you a Speed Bracer.

Besaid Search

After obtaining the Besaid Key, you can find another site of ciphers that will open up a new passage in the Besaid cave. Open the locked chest in the temple to obtain the Search Sphere which will allow you to discover the ciphers.

Once you go outside the temple a blue orb will appear in the lower right. If you hold the [Circle] button, a meter will show up beside it. It will start pulsing if you are close to finding a special commsphere. The stronger the pulse the closer you are. When it flashes red, hit [X] to dig up the commsphere. Hit [X] again to use the commsphere to search for the number.

  1. Village, in the small area behind the shop - look at the roof of the temple
  2. Village Slope, at the far left - look at the top of the ridge above the trees
  3. Waterfall Way, just to the left of the first bridge - look under the 2nd waterfall
  4. Valley, in the upper left corner - look at the lone palm tree across the water

Go to the Cave and head right. Enter the code you just found to open up the new passageway. You can now reach the chests that you couldn't get to before, particularly the one at the top of the ridge that holds the Raging Giant grid.

Digging in the Desert

After speaking to Gippal at Djose and obtaining the Letter of Introduction you can go to Bikanel and dig for treasure. To begin a dig, speak to the hover pilot and choose a destination.

Digging Locations
Location Chapters Requirements
Western Expanse 1, 2, 3, 5 No requirements
Southern Expanse 2, 3, 5 Complete Water We Doing Here? at the Oasis
Eastern Expanse 3, 5 Begin The Cactuar Connection at the Cactuar Nation
Northern Expanse 3, 5 Begin The Cactuar Connection at the Cactuar Nation
Central Expanse 5 Send a chocobo here from the ranch in the Calm Lands

Digging procedure involves chasing down the white and yellow "X"s that appear on the screen. When you reach one press [X] to dig. The goal to dig up the yellow "X" and return to the hover before time runs out. The white "X"s may turn out to be items or a fiend encounter. You may also find up to 6 Al Bhed Primers to fill out your collection.

For each successful dig, you will receive some compensation gil. You can return to the Djose Temple and take an evaluation test. Each answer is worth 0, 1, or 2 points. Generally, you just answer as if digging were the most important thing in the world. If you pass the test, your wages will go up. If you fail, you must go back to Bikanel and dig some more before you're allowed to retake it.

Wage chart
Chapter Passing Score Starting Wage Maximum Wage
1 5+ 100 150
2 7+ 150 200 + (Wage at end of Chapter 1 - 100) x 2 = 300 max
3 8+ 200 250 + (Wage at end of Chapter 2 - 150) / 3 + (Wage at end of Chapter 1 - 100) x 2 = 400 max
5 11+ 300 500 + (Wage at end of Chapter 3 - 200) / 2 + (Wage at end of Chapter 2 - 150) / 3 + (Wage at end of Chapter 1 - 100) x 2 = 850 max

You can also gain ranks that will grant you a new digging title, but they have no effect on the game. Your rank will raise after completing 15, 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, and 180 digs if you have more successful digs than unsuccessful at the time. There are 4 ranks: Sandbox League, Beach Comber, Sand Blaster and Zen Master of Digging.

If you are trying to get 100% story completion, then it is best to avoid digging too much until Chapter 5 (see Masterpiece Theatre).

Find the Monkeys

In Kilika, there is a woman on the right side of the Dock that wants Squatter Monkeys. You'll need to search the woods to find enough monkeys for her.

While you are in the woods, listen for the monkeys' noises and when you hear them press [X] to search. Once you have found all 13 of them, return to the woman who will give you the Chaos Maelstrom grid.

Lightning Rod Towers

The Thunder Plains Lightning Rod Towers are in need of calibration. In order to calibrate them, you will have to enter a series of commands in the form of button presses. You will be allowed 2 misses per try, upon the 3rd miss you will have to start over. In general, the southern towers are easier than the northern ones. There are 10 towers with 3 types to deal with: 3 for Rikku, 3 for Paine and 4 for Yuna.

Rikku's Towers
Instructions: hit the button shown on the screen before it disappears. At Tower 7, you'll have to hit 2 buttons simultaneously.
Tower Screen Position Possible Buttons
Tower 1 middle [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square]
Tower 4 random [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad]
Tower 7 random [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad] [L1] [R1]
Paine's Towers
Instructions: hit the 1 out of 3 buttons that flashes as they fall down the screen.
Tower Number of Hits Speed Possible Buttons
Tower 2 0-10 Slow [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square]
11-15 Slow [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad]
16-25 Medium [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad]
26-30 Fast [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad]
Tower 5 0-5 Slow [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square]
6-10 Slow [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad]
11-15 Medium [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad]
16-30 Fast [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad] [L1] [R1]
Tower 8 0-5 Slow [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad]
6-15 Medium [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad] [L1] [R1]
16-25 Fast [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad] [L1] [R1]
26-30 Very Fast [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad] [L1] [R1]
Yuna's Towers
Instructions: repeat button sequence in the correct order. You cannot walk to Tower 10 but you can do a remote calibration by going to a spot on the left side just below the shelter.
Tower Number of Hits Number in Sequence Possible Buttons
Tower 3 0-10 2 [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square]
11-25 3 [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square]
26-30 4 [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square]
Tower 6 0-10 2 [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad]
11-25 3 [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad]
26-30 4 [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad]
Tower 9 0-10 2 [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad] [L1] [R1]
11-20 3 [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad] [L1] [R1]
21-25 4 [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad] [L1] [R1]
26-30 5 [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad] [L1] [R1]
Tower 10 0-10 2 [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad] [L1] [R1] [L2] [R2]
11-15 3 [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad] [L1] [R1] [L2] [R2]
16-20 4 [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad] [L1] [R1] [L2] [R2]
21-25 5 [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad] [L1] [R1] [L2] [R2]
26-27 6 [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad] [L1] [R1] [L2] [R2]

Speak to the Al Bhed in the Travel Agency to check on your progress. Once you have attempted every tower and perfectly calibrated at least 5 of them, he'll give you the Samurai's Honor grid.

This sidequest is only available in Chapter 2 and Chapter 3. The prizes that are obtained in Chapter 5 during A Fallen Genius? are dependant on how well you do in this sidequest, so try to calibrate as much as you can.

Rewards (Chapter 5)
# of calibrations
Tower 0 - 5 6 - 14 15 - 24 25 - 29 30
Tower 1 Ether Ether x2 Turbo Ether Turbo Ether x2 Elixir
Tower 2 X-Potion Mega-Potion x2 Elixir Elixir Megalixir
Tower 3 Mega Phoenix Mega Phoenix Elixir Elixir Megalixir
Tower 4 Power Wrist Black Belt Hyper Wrist Power Gloves Champion Belt
Tower 5 Silver Bracer Hypno Crown Gold Bracer Pixie Dust Regal Crown
Tower 6 Yellow Ring Lightning Gleam NulShock Ring Ochre Ring Electrocutioner
Tower 7 Blue Ring Watery Gleam NulTide Ring Cerulean Ring Short Circuit
Tower 8 Red Ring Fiery Gleam NulBlaze Ring Crimson Ring Freezerburn
Tower 9 White Ring Icy Gleam NulFrost Ring Snow Ring Subliminator
Tower 10 Tetra Band Tetra Gloves Tetra Guard Tetra Bracelet Ribbon
Operation: Monkey!

The object is to pair up all the monkeys. For each monkey there is another with a name that "matches" in some way. Grab one of the monkeys and pair it with its match.

Name Location <-> Name Location
Birch The Beyond <-> Sequoia Chamber of the Fayth
Spring Great Hall <-> Autumn Cloister of Trials
Dusky Corridor <-> Dawne The Beyond
Rosemary Great Hall <-> Tyme Cloister of Trials
Terran Cloister of Trials <-> Skye The Beyond
Minni Great Hall <-> Maxx Cloister of Trials
Summer Chamber of the Fayth <-> Winter Corridor
Peke Cloister of Trials <-> Valli Chamber of the Fayth
Canis Great Hall <-> Felina Corridor
Arroh Cloister of Trials <-> Quivrr Corridor
Golde Chamber of the Fayth <-> Sylva Corridor
Luna Corridor <-> Sol Great Hall

Once all monkeys have been paired up, you'll receive Soul of Thamasa.

Data Dealer

In Guadosalam go to the Data Dealer (formerly the Inn) and speak to the man behind the counter. Ask "Got any data?" and then answer "Sounds good, I'll take it." to buy some bogus data for 10000. The Data Dealer will give you a clue about who to sell it to. You can ask him for more data and he'll give you a second clue if you like.

Approach the person you wish to sell the data to and press [square] to try and get them to buy. You get three tries to find the correct person, however the profit amount drops for every wrong person you try. You only get one shot at this, you cannot try again.

List of the people to sell to based on the first clue
First Clue Person Max Sell Price
He is someone loafing about indoors. Hypello in Tobli Productions 25000
The person is a woman. Woman in green outside the door on the far left that won't open 25000
The guy you're after is just sitting around. Man in red shorts just to the right of the save sphere 25000
It's someone right next to a door. Man just outside door to Tobli Productions 30000
This man bears himself with confidence. Man wearing helmet just outside door to Data Dealer 25000
It was someone rather young, yes. Woman with red bandana outside the door on the far left that won't open 30000
This individual can be found indoors. Man browsing in the Shop 30000
It's someone sitting down. I wonder what he's doing there? Man in blue shirt outside the door on the far left that won't open 40000
I believe it's someone interested in joining the syndicate. Woman standing to the right of the Chateau entrance 40000
It's a guy sitting down. Boy sitting behind man wearing helmut just outside the door Data Dealer 50000
It's someone near the door that will not open. Man with blue cap to the right of the door on the far left that won't open 50000
I haven't the slightest clue what this guy is doing. Hypello wandering around 50000
It's someone by the entrance to town. Man by the exit to the Thunder Plains 60000
It is a woman. Woman in blue hood just outside door to Tobli Productions 70000
This guy's in a place you wouldn't expect. Man behind the counter in the Shop 80000
It's the last person you'd expect, no question. Data Dealer himself 100000
Sphere Break Tournament

To start, you'll receive a set of 5 Reptile, 5 Bird, 5 Wasp and 5 Ahriman coins. Your goal is to win against 3 opponents without losing more than twice.

You can get the White Signet grid from the girl and dog sitting in the square, but only after you have 2 wins already. During the game, if one of the border coins has an Item attribute and you use it to get a Core Break, there's a good chance you'll obtain the grid. If you do manage to get it, deliberately lose the game so that you can save, otherwise you'll be catapulted into the final round immediately.

During the final round, you may get the Treasure Hunt grid if you manage to use an Item coin in a Core Break. If you win, you receive the Lady Luck dressphere.

If you do not win, you'll have another chance to win the dressphere later, but it will be much more difficult.

Rin's Mystery

This sidequest involves helping Rin to solve the mystery of why the machina malfunctioned. When you first connect to the CommSphere in Mi'ihen in Chapter 4, answer "Certainly" to begin. There are several ways to resolve the mystery:

  • Section 1
  • Switch to Comm 3 and wait until a machina appears then call Rin.
  • Switch to Comm 4 and call Rin.
  • Section 2
  • Switch to Comm 5 and wait until several machina show up, then call Rin.
  • Switch to Comm 7 and call Rin. If he finds nothing, continue this section. If he does, then skip to the next section.
  • Switch to Comm 1 and wait until a monster appears, then call Rin.
  • Switch to Comm 2 and call Rin.
  • Switch to Comm 4 and wait until you see a monster chasing a hover, then call Rin.
  • Section 3
  • Switch to Comm 1 and call Rin.
  • Switch to Comm 2 and call Rin. If the man on the roof doen't fall then continue.
  • Switch to Comm 5 and call Rin.

In Chapter 5 when you visit the Mi'ihen highroad an Al Bhed woman will approach you. Answer "Not at all." to collect your reward.

  • If you followed the instructions carefully, the culprit should turn out to be Rikku, you receive the Ragnarok, gain the ability to ride Chocobos on the highway and receive Episode Complete!
  • If the culprit turned out to be the chobobo eater or Calli, you gain the ability to ride Chocobos on the highway and receive Episode Complete!
  • If the culprit turned out to be Rin, you receive Gippal's Sphere, gain the ability to ride Chocobos for free and receive Episode Concluded
  • If the culprit turned out to be the prophet, you receive only Episode Concluded
  • If Rin cannot figure out who the culprit was, you just receive an Ether
Den of Woe

You must have collected all 10 of the Crimson Spheres to be able to unlock the door to the Den of Woe.

Ignore the side paths and follow the curving corridor forward until you reach the large square room. There, after a lengthy scene, Yuna must battle alone against Rikku then Paine. After those two battles, the girls will join together to take on Baralai then Gippal and finally, Nooj. There are no breaks between any of the battles.

Winning the battles nets you the Supreme Light grid and another Episode Complete!

Via Infinito

Go forward to find Pacce and Hana and to find out a little more about this dungeon. Afterward pick up the Crimson Sphere 6 on the ground, select "I can't wait" to watch it now.

There are 100 more floors to this dungeon, with a boss on every 20th floor.

Cloister Boss Enemy Reward
Cloister 20 Aranea Crimson Sphere 8
Cloister 40 Black Elemental Moon Bracer, Shining Bracer, Speed Bracer, Recovery Bracer, Cat Nip
Cloister 60 Concherer nothing
Cloister 80 Chac nothing
Cloister 100 Paragon then Trema Iron Duke
Fiend Colony

When you first enter, you'll find a chest with an S-Bomb and also get some instructions on how to navigate this dungeon. Weak walls need 5 S-Bombs (or 1 M-Bomb or L-Bomb) to destroy, medium walls need 5 M-Bombs (or 1 L-Bomb) and strong walls need 9 L-Bombs. You can check to see if a wall can be destroyed by standing next to it. If Yuna's skirt sways as if in a wind, the wall can be blasted.

After blasting through the first two walls (using 5 S-Bombs apiece), you'll come to a cross. Down the right corridor is a weak wall with an Epitaph behind it. Go forward and blast through 2 more weak walls to find a Mega Phoenix.

Go back to the cross and go left. Blast through one weak wall and turn right. On the left side, check for a weak wall that can be blasted. Behind it is a Black Tome.

Go back and forward again. Turn right at the fork (you can see some chests on the right, but ignore them for now). Check for a weak wall on the left that can be blasted. Go through and blast the weak wall in the center of the passageway to find a White Tome.

Go back and keep going right. Blast through a weak wall and then follow a jog to the left. Blast through a medium wall to find an Elixir.

Go back all the way to where you saw the chests. They're all empty, but you can blast the weak wall behind them. Go to the end and blast the weak wall on the left. Turn right to find yourself looking down a long hallway.

Check the right-hand wall for a medium wall to blast through. Blast through a weak wall at the end of the revealed tunnel to find a Elixir.

Back in the long hallway, a short ways forward there's a weak wall on the left. The chest behind it just contains fiends. A little ways further is a medium wall with a weak wall behind which is hiding another Epitaph.

Back to the hallway and just a few steps forward on the left is another weak wall. Behind it is a Mega Phoenix.

Continue further down the hallway and blast a medium wall on the left to find a Elixir. At the very end of the hallway, blast a weak wall on the right and another weak wall to find another Epitaph.

Backtrack a little down the hallway checking the right side for a medium wall. At the end of this passage is a strong wall. Blast through it to come to another 4-way cross. Before going forward, blast the weak wall on the right side before you reach the cross to find a Sword Tome. Blast the walls around this area to obtain gil or random items of which one may be a Bushido Tome or a Nature's Lore.

Turn left at the cross and then right. Blast through a weak wall to find a Turbo Ether. Go straight through the cross and blast a weak wall to find a Epitaph.

Turn right at the cross, go past a left-hand passage and take the next. Blast the weak wall there and continue on. Go forward, jump over a pit and blast a weak wall to face another Epitaph.

Backtrack and jump over the pit on the left. Blast the weak wall on the right for an Arcane Tome.

Jump across another pit and then blast through a weak wall then a strong wall. Behind it is King VERMIN!. Defeating it nets you the Font of Power grid and teleports you back outside.

New Cave

The first time you enter, your primary goal is to find Cid. Follow the red arrow on the mini-map to locate him. When you find him, you'll have to defeat Machina Panzer. Your reward is an Al Bhed Primer and Episode Complete!

There's more to do in the cave: Still to do...

Ruin Depths

Once you have discovered the secret dungeon at the chocobo ranch, it will appear marked in green on the mini-map.

Take the first right as you enter to reach Turbo Ether x2. Take the first left to find Poison Fang x2.

Go back to the middle and go forward. Jump down and search for a hidden chest on the left with Wizard Bracelet. Go forward some more and take the next left. Continue until you come to a pit then turn left again. Jump down to find a Cat's Bell.

Now go back and jump across the pit. Just on the other side is Mana Spring x2. Go right from here and make another right. Jump down to the chest to get Mega Phoenix x2.

Keep going forward and then circle around to the right until you are back to where you jumped down to the chest. Don't jump down this time, but instead jump on the platforms to get to the ledge on the left. Go forward until you must turn right then jump up to the floating platform with the chest to get AP Egg.

Jump down and continue all the way forward then turn left. Jog to the right and continue on. Turn right and go forward. Jump down to find a chest with Stamina Spring x2.

Since you cannot go forward anymore, go back and retrace your steps until you come to where you jogged to the right. Go forward instead of right this time and follow the wall around until you can turn left. Jump across the pit here and then jump down to find a chest with Blessed Gem x2.

Climb up the other side and turn right. Jump across the pit and turn left to find a chest with Mega-Potion x2.

Go back across the pit and forward this time. Jump down where the next to last chest was and circle back around again. This time instead of jumping across the pit on the left, go right and then left. Jump across a very long pit. Turn left and jump down to get a chest with a Mythril Bangle.

Upon finding the amazing chocobo, you receive the Higher Power grid. Episode Complete!

Fiend Types and Oversoul

In order to obtain the final garment grid: The End you must oversoul every enemy in the game that is capable of being oversouled. The game will keep track of which ones you have done in the fiend section when talking to Shinra on the Celcius. Once every blank has been filled, speak to Shinra to receive The End.

Each fiend that can be oversouled belongs to a certain type. After defeating a certain number of that type, the next one you meet will oversoul. As long as you do not defeat the oversoul fiend, the next fiend of that type that you meet will still oversoul. (Of course by not defeating the fiend, it means you've run away and thereby eliminated the incentive for obtaining this grid in the first place.)

Fiend types
Type Number that must be killed before next one oversouls
Adamant 9
Arachnid 8
Armor 18
Basilisk 10
Behemoth 20
Bird 12
Blade 14
Bomb 14
Cephalopod 8
Chimera 12
Coeurl 14
Defender 14
Dinofish 16
Dragon 6
Drake 18
Eater 6
Elemental 16
Evil Eye 10
Flan 20
Fungus 12
Gel 22
Geo 4
Haizhe 14
Helm 14
Hermit 7
Iron Giant 10
Lupine 22
Malboro 24
Ochu 12
Ogre 8
Plant 12
Reptile 18
Roc 8
Ruminant 12
Sacred Beast 10
Sahagin 12
Spirit Beast 6
Tonberry 16
Vermin 12
Wasp 18
Weapon 10
Worm 24