Name↑ Description  Type 
Auto-Life Automatically revive once if killed Beneficial
Berserk Attack enemies uncontrollably Harmful
Confusion Attack enemies or allies randomly Harmful
Curse Cannot switch dresspheres Harmful
Darkness Decreases accuracy Harmful
Death Instant death Harmful
Doom Die when timer reaches zero Harmful
Haste Increases speed of ATB bar Beneficial
Invincible Take no damage from any attack Beneficial
Itchy Must switch to another dressphere Harmful
Null Magic Take no damage from magic attacks Beneficial
Null Physical Take no damage from physical attacks Beneficial
Petrification Turned to stone Harmful
Pointless Gain no EXP or AP Harmful
Poison Gradually lose HP Harmful
Protect Take half damage from physical attacks Beneficial
Reflect Reflect most spells back at the caster Beneficial
Regen Periodically restores small amount of HP Beneficial
Shell Take half damage from magic attacks Beneficial
Silence Cannot use magical abilities Harmful
Sleep Fall asleep Harmful
Slow Descreases speed of ATB Harmful
Spellspring Use no MP for any ability Beneficial
Stop Paralyzed Harmful