Chapter 1: Luca (Prologue)

The game starts with a battle: Rikku and Paine vs. ???? and 2 Goons. After a few rounds, ???? will flee. Chase her around the docks while battling hordes of Goons and She-Goons. The longer you take, the more battles you'll have to fight. At Dock 2 you can find a crouching moogle. Examining it will restore your HP and MP.

When you reach the 3rd dock, Yuna will join you for a battle with Logos (Luca) and Ormi (Luca). Afterward Leblanc (Luca) will give you the Songstress dressphere and reveal herself. You get your first Mission Complete!

Chapter 1: Celcius (Introductions)

Talk to everyone onboard the Celcius to get introductions. Buddy will give you an Al Bhed Primer and Brother will give you 3 more when you talk to them. Talk to Shinra and view the entire Using Garment Grids tutorial to receive the Vanguard grid. Talk to him again and view the Journey's Start Treasure Sphere.

Go to the Cabin and speak to the Hypello Barkeep and choose to Rest. When you wake up, return to the Bridge and head to the front.

Chapter 1: Gagazet (Floating Ruins)

Follow your teammates and pickup the Yellow Ring in the chest below the ledge. Go down the stairs past the save sphere and take the elevator down.

Hop down past the waterfall and go left to find a chest with an Elixir. Climb up the right side to meet up with Leblanc again. After defeating Ormi (Floating Ruins), Logos (Floating Ruins) and Leblanc (Floating Ruins) the Outrun the Leblanc Syndicate! mission will begin. Upon completion, go back outside to return to the Celcius.

Chapter 1: Celcius (First Treasure Sphere)

Talk to Shinra to recieve the Black Mage dressphere. You'll now be able to visit locations in any order you'd like. There will be two initial hotspots at Besaid and Zanarkand Ruins.

Chapter 1: Kilika

You can explore the town, but you will not be able to go past the gate into the forest until later chapters. On the upper left side of the Residential Area, you'll find Dona's house. After Bartello runs out, go inside to get reaquainted with Dona.

On the lower right level of the Dock is a women with a Squatter Monkey who wants you to help her collect more. Speak to her to begin the Find the Monkeys sidequest. You cannot complete it now however, because you can't yet get into the forest.

In the southeast corner of the Residential Area is a cameraman. Talk to him and choose "Okay, thanks." to look at the new Youth League base (this will help you get a rare accessory later in the game).

Chapter 1: Luca

Upon arriving you'll immediately begin the Behind the Scenes mission. After completing it, you can return to pick up a few treasures.

Go down into the right basement of the stadium to greet Rin who will give you an Al Bhed Primer. Leave and go to the left basement. Talk to the little guy with the funny mask and choose "Tell me the rules!". He'll give you Helm x5, Zurvan x5, Coyote x5 and Flan x5 coins to start you off and then go through a tutorial.

Chapter 1: Mi'ihen

Not much to do here except pick up treasure chests.

Chapter 1: Mushroom Rock

Go forward until Yaibal speaks to you. When he asks if you want to help, answer "Sure, we're game." Be sure to speak to Clasko and then proceed to the Ravine Path where the Foggy Fiend Frenzy! mission will begin. When it is complete you'll be at the HQ Lift.

Ride the elevator up to Youth League HQ. Go all the way forward and speak to Lucil twice. On the right, talk to Maechen who is sitting on the ground and choose "By all means." When he's done talking choose "Of course" to shake his hand.

Return to the south end of Mushroom Rock and speak to Clasko again. When he asks to ride on your airship answer "The more the merrier!" Return to the Celcius, speak to Shinra and view the new Crimson Report 1 treasure sphere. Go to the Cabin and talk to Clasko once more.

Chapter 1: Djose

Wait for your turn in the line on the right. Go inside the hut and choose "I want to dig!" after talking to the guy at the counter. The guards at the temple will let you in now.

Inside the temple, Gippal will ask you to follow him and you'll get an Al Bhed Primer. Go out and south until you run into Gippal again. Answer "We're sure." when he interviews you and he'll give you the Letter of Introduction.

Chapter 1: Moonflow

You have some choices to make for this section. If you are shooting for 100% story and the Mascot dressphere (Mascot - Moogle, Mascot - Cait Sith, Mascot - Tonberry), you must speak to Tobli and then compete the Shave the Hypello? mission perfectly. If you want to obtain Minerva's Plate, you must complete Shave the Hypello? mission before speaking to Tobli. If you want to obtain Enterprise, you must not even attempt the mission or speak to Tobli at all.

Assuming you are going for 100% story: Speak to Tobli who's running around to the right. Go south until you see a Hypello with a cart. Speak to the Hypello to start the Shave the Hypello? mission. After completing it, you'll be able to ride the shoopuf.

Chapter 1: Guadosalam

The only thing to do here is visit the entrance to the Farplane. You will never be able to enter it through here however.

Chapter 1: Thunder Plains

Nothing to do here except loot chests, but you must at least visit it to get the story percentage.

Chapter 1: Macalania

Go forward and listen to Bayra speak about the woods. Take a right from here and then go northeast. At the crossroads, go south to the Springs and speak to Donja.

Return to the entrance and walk up the shining path on the left this time. When you come to the end of the path, go south into the woods and follow the path until you meet Pukutak.

Return to where you got off the shining path and head north, taking the right fork. At the spring, approach Trommell and then speak to him three more times until he gives you the Full Throttle dressphere and Unerring Path grid.

Go back to the fork and take the northwest path to reach the travel agency. After a scene with some Al Bhed you'll recieve an Al Bhed Primer. O'aka will appear and then flee back into the woods. When you go back into the woods the Follow That O'aka! mission will start.

Afterward if you didn't turn O'aka in, when you return to the Celsius, he'll be in the Cabin. He'll have a hefty debt that you'll need to pay off before the end of Chapter 2. If you do, then he'll drastically reduce his prices. This allows you to buy from him and sell to the Barkeep for a hefty profit (effectively granting you an unlimited supply of free gil).

Chapter 1: Bikanel

Follow Rikku until you are picked up by the Al Bhed and taken to the camp where you'll receive an Al Bhed Primer. There's a merchant next to the save sphere.

If you have the Letter of Introduction, head to the upper right and then go left a bit to where there are two Al Bhed facing each other. Speak to them both twice and Nhadala will arrive. Talk to her and give her the letter. Afterwards, you'll start the Can You Dig It? mission.

From now on you can return here to dig for more items. It is best to avoid doing much digging until Chapter 5 as it may cause you to lose some story percentage.

Chapter 1: Bevelle

Enter the city and head towards the temple. After meeting Baralai, enter the temple and ride the elevator up to the next level. Speak to Baralai again and he'll give you a Tiara.

Chapter 1: Calm Lands

There are several games to be played here. Lupine Dash is in the southwest, Sky Slots is in the north, and Reptile Run is in the northeast. At any one of these spots, speak to one or the other of the persons there, choose "Publicity Menu" and sign up to start the PR portion of the PR Campaign / There Goes the Bride sidequest.

Go to the travel agency in the center. You can ride the hover there, but it'll cost you 10 credits If you ride the hover 10 times, you'll recieve the Calm Lands Discount Pass which gives you a 5 credit discount on hover rides. Speak to the man to the right of the counter and answer "Do I ever!" then "Why not!" to begin the Bride portion of PR Campaign / There Goes the Bride sidequest.

Chapter 1: Gagazet

During the first scene with Kimahri and Garik choose "We'll take care of Lian and Ayde." Afterward, speak to him twice more and choose "You have to learn to deal with these things!" If you do not choose the correct responses when speaking to Kimahri you will not get the Trainer dressphere (Trainer - Kogoro, Trainer - Ghiki, Trainer - Flurry) later on.

Speak to the rest of the Ronso there using the following responses when appropriate: "Leave it to the Gullwings!", "I can imagine how you must feel...", "I will never forget their sacrifice.", "I'm sure you're right.", "I wouldn't forgive them, either." Take the teleporter to the Fayth Scar and speak to the Ronso there, answering: "A change for the better, I hope." If you answer them differently, then the Battle Blockade mission in Chapter 3 will be a little harder and events will turn out a little differently in Chapter 5.

Chapter 1: Besaid

Head into town and after speaking to Wakka, you can explore the town. If you ask the shopkeeper "Any rare finds?" she'll offer to sell you the Besaid Key for 900000. If you don't have the money for it now, you can obtain it later. In the middle house on the right, speak to Lulu.

After chatting, go back to her house, speak to her again and answer "Yes, I'd love to." When you wake up, find Lulu outside and speak to her once more. Answer "We're on the case!" to begin Where's Wakka? mission.

You can also do the Besaid Search sidequest if you bought the Besaid Key, however it can be done at any point in the game.

Chapter 1: Zanarkand

The Claim the Treasure Sphere! mission will start automatically when you arrive. As soon as it's finished you'll return to the Celcius.

Chapter 1: Kilika (Awesome Sphere)

Once you have completed Where's Wakka?, and Claim the Treasure Sphere! you'll be sent immediately to Kilika. When you go to the gate to the woods, you'll be let through automatically and the Awesome Sphere Heist! mission will begin.