Swim to the right to find a chest with the Moon Crest in it. Head to the left side of the beach to find a chest with 2 Antidotes in it. Go to the group on the beach. After talking with Wakka, talk to the rest of his team to obtain items and gil.

Follow Wakka until he pushes you off a cliff. Head south to find an underwater Phoenix Down and north to find a Hi-Potion. Follow the curve around to the southeast to find a chest with 2 Antidotes.

Once out of the water, head down the path to reach the village. Get the Phoenix Down in front of the first hut on the left. Behind the hut are 3 chests where you'll get 2 Potions, 400 gil and a Hi-Potion. When done exploring, head north to the temple and talk to the guy near the stairs. Afterwards, go back to the village and find Wakka in the middle house on the right. Take a nap and then head back to the temple.

Touch the glyphs to get inside the Cloister of Trials. Down the stairs, grab the Glyph Sphere and keep going. Put it in the door to open it, then take it back once you're through. Go around the corner and put it in the wall to open up an alcove. Inside is a Destruction Sphere, but don't take it just yet. Keep going until you find a pedestal. Touch the symbols opposite it to open a chamber. Grab the Besaid Sphere inside and put it in the pedestal. Don't push the pedestal yet, instead go back and get the Destruction Sphere and stick it where you got the Besaid Sphere. Go around the corner to find the revealed treasure which is a Rod of Wisdom. Now go back and push the pedestal straight back to open the way to the Chamber of the Fayth.

Go back outside and head to the center of the village where Yuna will summon her new aeon: Valefor. After talking to Yuna, talk to Wakka and tell him you want to sleep. When you wake up the next morning, pick up the Al Bhed Primer II and head outside. Wakka will give you the Brotherhood sword and then you'll be outside the village. Lulu and Yuna will be in your party now.

Before heading out, go back into the village and talk to the Item Shop lady (you don't have to buy anything). Go to the northeast hut and talk to the dog to get Valefor's second Overdrive: Energy Blast. Leave the village. While heading up the hill, you'll be given some basic battle tutorials. At the top of the hill, head northwest. When you start up the path, Kimahri will attack you. After you beat him, Kimahri will join you.

Continue along the path for some more battle tutorials. When you reach the ship, talk to the people there to see you off to get 3 Phoenix Downs, a Seeker's Ring, an Ether, a Remedy and 400 gil.

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