Assault on Reactor No. 1

After the opening sequence, Cloud finds himself jumping off a train. Search the two downed guards for 2 Potions.

On your way inside, you'll be jumped by 2 MPs. When you approach the others, you'll be able to name Cloud and Barret. After the conversation, proceed through the first room to the first bridge. Go up and you'll meet up with Barret and the others at which point Barret will join you. Talk to Biggs to have him open the doors. Talk to Jesse to open the next set of doors. Head to the right before talking to Jesse again to pick up a Phoenix Down. After having Jesse open the last door, press the elevator button to descend.

Go down the stairs and enter the doorway at the bottom. Talk to Jesse to learn how to climb ladders and then pick up a Potion just in front of her. Climb down to where you'll find the first Save Point of the game. Continue to the heart of the reactor and pick up the Restore. Just after setting the bomb, you'll engage in your first boss fight: Guard Scorpion.

As soon as you defeat it, the clock starts. You have 10 minutes to escape the reactor before it blows and the clock does not stop during battles. Return the way you came in, making sure to rescue Jesse or you won't be able to unlock the security doors at the top.

Getaway and Avalanche Headquarters

After you escape, the gang splits up. As you head to the rendezvous point, you meet a flower girl from whom you can buy a flower. Heading south, you'll find a Potion on the left side.

When you hit the street, you'll be accosted by soldiers. You can choose to fight or run, but as the enemies are all just MPs and Guard Hounds, it's an easy way to get a little gil and exp. Eventually you jump onto the train to escape and meet with the gang again. Talk to Jesse then Barret. After that, you'll arrive in Sector 7.

Sector 7 Slums

Follow the team into the town and then into the bar after Barret kicks everyone out. Inside, if you bought the flower earlier you can choose to give it to Tifa or Marlene. Barret calls a meeting downstairs, but you can take the time to buy a drink from Tifa before heading down. After the meeting, you get your payment of 1500 gil for the job and you agree to go on the next mission for a pay increase. You'll also gain the ability to use Materia. The next morning you can explore the slums.

Inside the Beginner's hall, you can learn some basics about the game and pick up an All and an Ether. Purchase supplies if you need it then head back to the train station and board the train.

Assault on Reactor 5

When you go to talk to Tifa an alarm will sound. Move up the train to avoid the lockdown. In the first car, talk to the bum at the back of the car to get a Phoenix Down. In the second car talk to the guy closest to the front and say "Yeah..." to get a Hi-Potion. In the third car, the walking dude will sometimes steal an item from you, chase him down and say "That's right" to get it back. The fourth car has nothing and once you reach the fifth car, the team jumps off the train. Which car you got to will determine how close to the reactor you'll be: If you get caught in the first car, you'll have to walk quite a long way.

Head forward and right. If you head backwards, you'll meet up with a force of Special Combatants. You can defeat them but they just keep coming back. When you reach the security sensors, check the hatch on the left and go down.

Pick up the Ether and then climb down. Both ladders to the left lead to the same place. Once there pick up the Potion, then climb down the ladder in the lower left. Pick up the Tent just in front of the Save Point and then climb up the ladder next to Biggs. Slide down the pipe and enter the door on the left just like in the previous reactor. Follow the way down like last time and set the bomb. Once the bomb is set, climb back up to the top, using the stairs this time. At the top you'll have to open a locked door by all 3 of you pressing a switch at the same instant. Going out, you'll come to a 3-way intersection at which you'll have to fight Air Buster. After the bomb explodes, Cloud falls down to the Sector 5 slums.

Sector 5 Slums

When Cloud wakes up, he meets the flower girl (Aeris) in the church. The turks show up to harass her and you flee up into the rafters, but Aeris gets stuck down below. You can prevent her having to fight them alone by pushing over barrels in this order: right-hand, center-rear, left-hand (or you can let her fight, the enemies aren't tough). After that you both escape out a hole in the roof and run along the rooftops to safety. Go northwest and then northeast to visit the sector 5 slums. Upstairs in the house at the east side, you'll find the Turtle's Paradise Flyer No. 1. Don't take the boy's hidden stash.

Go east to visit Aeris' house. In the garden to the right is an Ether and a Cover. Inside the house, talk to Aeris' stepmother. In the middle of the night, you'll need to try to sneak out. Take the package by your door of a Potion and a Phoenix Down. Just don't run and avoid getting close to Aeris' room when leaving to make it downstairs. When you leave the town and head west toward Sector 6, Aeris will meet you at the entrance.

After going through Sector 6, you'll come to a playground and catch a glimpse of Tifa on a Chocobo cart. Keep going on until you come to Wall Market.

Wall Market

Head right first to the Honey Bee Inn and talk to the men in front of it until you find the one that you can ask about Tifa. Then head back and all the way north to talk to the guard in front of Don Corneo's mansion. Aeris will suggest that you dress as a girl so you can both get in.

Go back down and go to the Boutique. The man there says that they can make a dress but you have to talk the owner into returning to work. Go north to the Bar and talk to the Clothing store owner (right-hand side). Choose "Something that feels soft", then "Something that shimmers" to get the Silk Dress (choosing clean and then shiny or shimmers will get you the Cotton Dress, choosing soft and then shiny will get you the Satin Dress). Go back to the Boutique and try on the dress. Aeris will tell you that you need a wig.

Head to the Gym and talk to Tiny. In order to get a wig, you'll have to defeat one of the guys there in a squat contest. If you win you'll get the Blonde Wig (a tie gets you the Dyed Wig and losing gets you a plain Wig).

The rest of the key items that you can get to complete Cloud's ensemble (Cologne, Underwear, Make-up and Tiara) are optional, but if you get all the correct extra items, the scene with Don Corneo will be more interesting.

To get the cologne, talk to the lady waiting outside the restroom in the Bar. Then head to the restaurant and order any meal (it'll cost 70 gil). When you're finished, tell them it was alright and they'll give you a Pharmacy Coupon. Go to the Pharmacy and exchange the coupon for the Digestive to get the Sexy Cologne (if you choose the Deodorant you'll get the Flower Cologne, if you choose the Disinfectant you'll get just plain Cologne). Go back to the bar and hand over the medicine to the girl in the bathroom to recieve the cologne.

To get the tiara, go to the Materia Shop. The man behind the counter want you to get something from the vending machine at the Inn. Go stay at the Inn. You'll get a choice of what to buy from the vending machine. Choose to spend 200 gil and the Materia store owner will give you the Diamond Tiara (100 gil to get the Ruby Tiara, 50 gil to get the Glass Tiara).

To get the underwear and make-up, head down towards the Honey Bee Inn. Talk to the man walking about just before you get to the club entrance to recieve a Member's Card. Now the man at the entrance will let you in the club. Inside you'll get the option of listening or peeking into the rooms on the right. On the left you can choose to enter the Group Room to get the Bikini Briefs or the &$#% Room and talk to the girl afterwards to get the Lingerie. Afterward, visit the dressing room at the top and talk to the girl on the left and ask her to apply some make-up.

When you have everything you want, head back to the dress shop and put it all on. Then go back to Corneo's Mansion and talk to the guard to get in. Once inside, go upstairs, left then down to the basement. You'll find Tifa and an Ether. Talk to her until the guard shows up, then head to Corneo's office. If you got the Silk Dress, Blonde Wig, Sexy Cologne, Diamond Tiara, either kind of underwear and the make-up, then Corneo will choose Cloud. Otherwise he will choose one of the girls. If Cloud is not chosen he will have to defeat Corneo's thugs to escape. Find the girl who was not chosen and then barge into Corneo's bedroom. If he is chosen, then he goes directly into Corneo's bedroom. After some banter, the girls will barge in and together you'll force Corneo to spill his guts. Check behind Corneo's bed for a Hyper. When you try to leave, Corneo will trick you into falling into a trap door.

The Sewers and Train Graveyard

After you wake up the girls you'll have to battle Aps. Afterward, pick up the Potion on the left and the Steal on the right. Head out down the hole and then climb the ladder in the next room and you'll end up in the Train Graveyard.

Go inside the first train car and you'll come out next to a barrel inside which is a Hi-Potion. Climb up on the first train car for another Hi-Potion. Go forward then down the bridge. Check the barrel at the top for an Echo Screen. Then head around to the next train car. Inside is a Potion. Exit out the other side and then weave your way up and around to the top where there's another Potion.

Go up to the next area and then left to pick up yet another Potion. Continue left to find a barrel with a Ether. Upwards, go in both train engines to move them and then climb up the train car between them for a Hi-Potion. Climb down on the other side and head left.

Keep heading left past the Sector 7 station to the pillar. After telling Aeris to take care of Marlene, Cloud and Tifa begin the ascent to the top of the pillar. At the top, talk to Barret. You'll be given a chance to check your equipment and then you'll have to fight Reno (I).

Sector 6 - Aftermath

After the escape from the explosion, grab the Sense in the lower part of the playground and then head down through Sector 6 and back to Aeris' house to check on Marlene. You can rest for free upstairs. Go back to the house on the right and talk to the boy there: if you didn't take his gil he'll now give you a Turbo Ether. Head back to Wall Market and visit the Weapon Shop. Talk to the owner and buy 3 Batteries from him for 100 gil each (300 gil total).

When you're ready, head up to the front of Corneo's mansion and then head right. Talk to the girl there and then climb the wire up to the top. Use the first battery to make the propeller spin to make a bridge. Use the second battery to activate a barricade and create another bridge. Before jumping the swinging bar, climb up to the next screen and then use the third battery to open a chest that contains an Ether. When you reach the top you'll be at the front entrance of Shinra Headquarters.

Shinra Headquarters

As you approach the building you'll be given the option of busting in or sneaking in quietly. It actually doesn't matter which you choose, only which way you go. If you want to sneak in head towards the left to take the stairs to the 59th floor. (That's a lot of stairs!) Along the way you can listen to the hilarious bantering of the characters and pick up an Elixir about halfway to the top.

If you want to bust on in, just go in the front entrance. You'll have to fight random encounters the whole time in addition to being attacked by a squad of Grenade Combatants as you enter. The second level has an item shop in the upper right with two chests that can't be opened yet. Enter the elevator at the far end of the building on any of the levels. Once inside the elevator an alarm will go off and the elevator will go out of control. Each time you attempt to stop it will result in a battle until finally you reach the 59th floor.

Attack the guards at the elevators on the right and afterward you'll find the Keycard 60. This allows you to get to the 60th floor in the elevator. Talk to Barret and Tifa in the elevator to move it along.

Once on the 60th floor, go into the room on the left and then sneak past the marching guards. Use the statues for cover and only move when they turn away. If they see you, you'll have to fight 2 Mighty Grunts in an attack from both sides. Once across, ascend the stairs on the opposite side to reach floor 61.

Talk to the man walking near the stairs and don't ask about Aeris. He'll give you the Keycard 62. Continue up the stairs to floor 62.

Go to the room on the left and talk to the mayor. He offers to give you his keycard if you guess his password. The password is different each time you play so you can pay Hart, the Deputy Mayor, for hints or you can just visit the libraries and look for the book that doesn't belong in each one. Match the number on the book with the letter in its title and once you have all the letters, unscrable them to find the password. If you get it right on the first try the Mayor will give you an Elemental along with his Keycard 65.

On floor 63 is an optional puzzle that allows you to get up to 3 items. Open the first door on the top and then the third door from the right. This allows you to get into the first room and grab the Coupon A. Climb into the air duct to get to the other room and grab the Coupon B. Open the door blocking the middle room to get the third Coupon C. Return to the computer and exchange the coupons for these items: Star Pendant, a Four Slots, and an All.

Floor 64 is a recreational area. You can rest for free in the room on the left. Check the lockers in the room at the top for a Phoenix Down and an Ether. You'll also find a megaphone, but you can't take it yet. When finished, head up the stairs to floor 65.

On floor 65, you'll have to fight random encounters. Open the bottom chest in the upper left room to get some Midgar parts. Go to the model in the center and place the parts. This unlocks the next chest. Get the rest of the parts from the chests in this order: lower chest in lower left room, upper chest in the upper left room, upper chest in the lower left room, chest in the upper right room. After you've finished placing all the parts, open the chest in the stairwell to get the Keycard 66.

On floor 66, go to the bathroom stall in the upper left and select "Climb Up". Crawl forward to the grate to listen in on the Shinra meeting. Go back down and follup Hojo up the stairs.

On the 67th floor, head to the room on the left to get your first looks at Jenova and Red XIII. Go up and pick up the Poison from the chest and then ride the elevator up to the 67th floor. There, you'll free Aeris and choose to send her with either Barret or Tifa. The remaining member of your team and Red XIII will join you to fight Sample:HO512 along with 3 Sample:HO512 opt. After the fight, you'll be given a chance to rearrange and reequip your party. Pick up the Enemy Skill that was left in the chamber. Go talk to Hojo's assistant to get the Keycard 68 and pick up 2 Potions. Follow him as he flees to grab 2 more Potions.

You can't go any further, so go back down to floor 66 and get on the elevator. But before you can escape, you'll be caught by the Turks. After meeting with the president you'll be imprisoned in the cells on floor 67. Go to the door and talk to each of the other characters and then take a nap.

When you wake up, the door is inexplicably open and the guard is dead. Wake Tifa and then use the guard's key to let out the others. After Tifa and Aeris join you, follow the trail of dead bodies and blood upstairs to the president's office. When Rufus's helicopter arrives, head outside to meet him. Cloud and Tifa will leave the party, the rest will head for the elevator. As soon as you press the button in the elevator, you'll have to fight Hundred Gunner and then Heli Gunner with no break between. After that battle, Cloud must battle Rufus and Dark Nation alone. After defeating them head down and find Tifa.

The scene switches to the others as they reach the 1st floor. Tifa joins them as Cloud busts out with a motorcycle. You'll have to do the Motorcycle Mini-game, then fight Motor Ball.

After the battle you'll leave the city of Midgar and head into the great wide world outside.

Cloud's Story

Head northeast to reach Kalm. Once there, head into the Inn and go upstairs. Cloud begins to relate his experience with Sephiroth and the scene flashes back to the past. Once Cloud and Sephiroth reach Nibelheim, enter the town and then go to Tifa's house (center one on the right). Answer "Yeah" to Tifa and go upstairs. Answer "Yeah" again to enter her room. At the piano choose to play "A Little" to hear a theme that you'll need to remember for later. You can also look in her closet for her Orthopedic Underwear. You can also visit Cloud's mother (the house to the left of Tifa's). Go to the Inn and upstairs to talk to Sephiroth. Tell him you're going to sleep and you'll wake up the next day.

Talk to Sephiroth again to get started. When the bridge snaps, climb up and right to reach a cave. Continue on until you get to the reactor. Follow Sephiroth to the core, examine the pod that he says is malfunctioning and then speak to him. After that, you're given a chance to rest and save, then Cloud continues his story.

Inside the mansion, go up the stairs and right. In the bottom right room, there's a door that leads to a spiral staircase going down. At the bottom, follow the passageway to the right until you find Sephiroth then go back out.

You'll wake up in another of the upstairs rooms. Head back down to the basement and then forward to the library where Sephiroth is waiting. When he leaves, follow him out of the mansion to find the town in flames. Check the house on the right and then you'll find yourself back at the reactor. Head to the core to find Sephiroth and wrap up Cloud's story. Back at the inn, head downstairs and Barret will give you the PHS which allows you to switch party members at almost any save point.


There's 2 Ethers, one in each of the 2 houses at the top. In the right one on the top on the upper floor is a Guard Source and up the spiral staircase is a Peacemaker. Another Ether is in the house on the far right.

Chocobo Ranch

Head east and south to reach the Chocobo Ranch. Talk to the chocobo at the fence and answer "Wark". The chocobos will do a dance and you'll receive a Choco/Mog. Head to the barn in the back and talk to Billy to find out how to catch a Chocobo. When ready to go, answer "Not Interested" and then buy a Chocobo Lure and some greens (Krakka Greens are probably the best choice at this point).

Wander around the ranch until you enter a battle with a chocobo in it. Feed the chocobo some greens to keep it from running and kill all other enemies, being careful not to hit the chocobo. Afterward, you'll capture the chocobo and be able to ride it. Head south and west, avoiding the shadow of the Midgar Zolom (if you don't you'll have to fight it) in the swamp until you reach the Mythril Mine. Dismount the chocobo and head towards the cave entrance. Just before entering, you'll find an impaled Zolom. Just keep going forward to exit and then enter the cave.

Mythril Mine

Head to the right and then climb up the vines on the left to find a Long Range. Then climb the stone stairs on the right to find an Ether and a Tent.

Go back to the other room and go left and down. In the lower right is a Mind Source. Keep going left into the next room.

After a brief meeting with the Turks, head up into another room to find an Elixir and a Hi-Potion. Go back, climb up to the exit on the left.

Fort Condor

Climb up into the fort and talk to the man sitting at the table. Agree to help them with their battle against Shinra. Now you'll be able to visit the stores and the inn. You can play the Fort Condor Mini-game but at this point it's optional.

Junon Harbor

Head down to the beach where you'll meet a little girl named Priscilla playing with her dolphin. Suddenly a monster attacks and you must rescue her. After defeating Bottomswell you'll have to do CPR on her. The higher the breath gauge when you exhale, the fewer breaths it will take to revive her.

After she is revived, go to the house at the entrance where the lady will let you sleep for free. In the morning, head to Priscilla's house where the others are waiting. Priscilla will give you the Shiva and tell you a way up to the city above. Follow Priscilla to the beach where Cloud must use Mr. Dolphin to launch him up to the tower so he can climb up.


When you reach the airport, use the platform on the left to get down and then head into the building at the bottom. Inside a captain forces you to change into a Shinra uniform and join the guards for the parade. Follow his instructions to get into step and copy what the others do. Depending on how well you perform, you'll get a prize based on the TV ratings:

under 30%Grenade
30-39%6 Potions
40-49%6 Ethers
above 50%5000 gil

After the parade, your commander forces you to practice for the send-off. After that you're free to wander through the city. Go into the 3rd lit door and then talk to the soldier there to go down to the Respectable Inn. Inside you'll find a Enemy Skill. You can also learn some informative things about the game here. Up the stairs, in the first room above the Respectable Inn you can find a Luck Source, a Mind Source, and a 1/35 Soldier. The next level up holds a Power Source and a Guard Source.

Go back outside and keep heading left to reach Lower Junon. Inside the barracks (the 3rd lit door) you'll find a Speed Source on the first floor and another 1/35 Soldier on the 2nd floor.

Keep heading forward outside to reach the dock where you'll have to perform the send-off. You'll recieve an item depending on how well you do:

0-50Silver Glasses
60-90HP Plus
100+Force Stealer

Afterwards, follow Rufus and Heidegger onto the boat.

Shinra Boat

Open the chest to find an Ether. Talk to everyone on board, then head to the front of the boat to find Barret. After talking to him twice and alarm will sound.

Head to the main deck to meet the rest of your teammates and then head down to the cargo hold. Be sure to pick up the All which is now accessible and then go through the doorway. Climb up the ladder to find a Wind Slash.

Once you talk to the guy standing there, you'll have to fight Jenova-BIRTH. After the battle pick up the Ifrit and leave.

Costa Del Sol

Inside the first house you come to, head to the basement where you can pick up a Fire Ring, a Motor Drive, and a Power Source. The man on the main floor will offer to sell the house to you for the low, low price of 250000 gil. If you purchase it, you can return here and rest for free.

Go down to the beach and talk with Hojo to learn that you must head west.

Mt. Corel

Head west and follow the winding path through the mountains to reach Mt. Corel. Follow the trail up and then down to the Mako Reactor. Head south from the reactor to reach the railroad tracks.

Follow the tracks and when they break, let yourself drop and hold either left or right while tapping [O] to get a Wizard Staff on the left and a Star Pendant on the right. On the tracks themselves, you'll find a W Machine Gun, a Transform and a Turbo Ether.

Take the upper track and cross to the other side of the river where, you can lower the bridge and allow your companions to cross. You can climb the bank on the right to find a bird nest and 10 Phoenix Downs, but if you take them, you'll have to fight a Cokatolis. Go back and then across the lower bridge.

Follow the track around and down underneath to find a hidden cave where you can pick up a Tent, a Mind Source, and a Power Source. Keep following the tracks until you come to the town of North Corel.

North Corel

As you enter, Barret gets an unfriendly welcome. When you're ready, head to the left to board the Ropeway to the Gold Saucer.

Gold Saucer

At the entrance, you'll have to buy a pass: 3000 gil for a one-day pass or 30000 gil for a lifetime pass. Buy whichever you can afford and go in. Choose one of your companions to explore with then head to the Speed Square. Talk to Dio, the owner to find out that someone matching Sephiroth's description was here.

Head to the Wonder Square and talk to Cait Sith until he joins your party. Head to the Battle Square where you'll find dead people all over. The evidence seems to point to Barret, so Dio captures you and throws you down to the Corel Prison.

Corel Prison

Head southeast and go into the small house to find Barret and talk him into joining up with you again. Head back to where you first entered the prison and go north through the gate where the dead body is. From there head right through a gap in the fence and then up. Barret will have to battle Dyne alone.

Afterwards, Ester will take Cloud up to the Golden Saucer join the Chocobo Race. In the meeting room, pick up the Ramuh. In a little while Ester will return and the race will begin. If you don't win, you'll have to keep trying until you do. After you win, Dio will free all of you and give you a Buggy so you can cross the desert.


Head due south until you reach something that looks like a burnt crater. Just after entering Gongaga, you'll have to battle Reno (II) and Rude (I). After defeating them, head to the right and then up to find a destroyed reactor. Tseng and Scarlet show up, so after they leave cheack where they were looking to find the Titan.

Go back to the trail and head left this time. Check the trail to the left to find the Deathblow, then head up to the village.

Go to the southernmost hut, then follow Aeris when she runs out. After talking to her, head to the northmost hut to find a White M-phone. The hut to the left of that one has an X-Potion. After you're done shopping, exit the village and head west in your buggy.

Cosmo Canyon

Drive your buggy just past Cosmo Canyon and it will break down. Go into Cosmo Canyon and folow Red XIII to the left. Climb the stairs all the way up and then the ladder to reach the observatory. Inside you'll meet Red XIII's grandfather, Bugenhagen. Go out and find one of your party members and make a party of 3 again, then return to Bugenhagen. After the show in the observatory, talk to Bugenhagen again, then head down to the fire in the center of Cosmo Canyon.

Talk to all your teammates around the fire, leaving Red XIII for last. When Bugenhagen shows up, pick 1 other teammate to accompany you and Red XIII to the Gi Cave. Follow Bugenhagen back up to the locked doorway. Inside, you'll descend a series of ladders and ropes to reach the Cave of the Gi.

Cave of the Gi

At the entrance head right. There are several holes in which breaking a rock will start a fight with 3 Gi Spectors, but the left top one opens a door to the next section.

Go up into the next section. Be sure not to run while on the golden sections of the floor or you will slide into the spikes and get hurt. Go right and then down to reach the ledge that you couldn't get to in the first section. Pick up the Added Effect and then head back. Go all the way to the top, then down the staircase in the middle. Heading all the way back down you'll find the Black M-phone, while heading up will gain you an Ether. Go back up the stairs and head up to reach the next section.

There are 5 tunnel entrances to choose from: the two on the far left and far right simply connect to each other. The middle one is a dead end. The middle right one leads to an X-Potion. The middle left one leads to the next section and you can pick up a Fairy Ring from a hidden path to the left and down, as well as a Turbo Ether on a hidden path to the up and left. Whenever you run into one of the spider webs across the path, you'll have to fight a Stinger.

As soon as you approach the big face in the next section, you'll have to fight Gi Nattak and its Soul Fires. After defeating it pick up the Gravity lying on the ground and follow Bugenhagen north. After Bugenhagen finishes his story, you'll find yourself back in Cosmo Canyon.

Make your party and leave. As you leave, Red XIII will decide to continue traveling with you and join you once again.


Head north until you come to Nibelheim. Check each of the houses and the inn for the black caped men. Talk to them to recieve 2 Luck Sources, Elixir, Turbo Ether, and a Platinum Fist.

Go into the mansion to the north of the buildings. Go into the right hand door and into the room to find a Silver M-phone. Back out, up, and right takes you to another room where you'll get a Twin Viper.

Go upstairs and left to find a chest with an Enemy Launcher in it. The room just to the right and up has a locked safe in it (the instructions for opening it are below). Go back and go to the right and up to find a chest with a Magic Source in it.

Opening the locked safe (Optional): In the room to the left of the entrance is a note with a letter. Reading it gives you 4 clues to the combination for opening the safe upstairs:

1.The lid of the box with the most oxygen.
2.Behind the Ivory's short of tea and ray.
3.The creek in the floor near the chair... then to the left 5 steps, up nine steps, left two steps, and up six steps.
(invisible)The fourth row is written in invisible ink... Dial (4) is (Right 97).

For clue 1, check the lid of the box upstairs in the room with the plants.
For clue 2, check behind the piano in the big room downstairs.
For clue 3, start from the chair in the lower right room upstairs and follow the steps. You'll end up in the hallway just before the doorway to the upper room.
For clue 4, it just tells you.
Putting it all together, the full combination is: Right 36, Left 10, Right 59, Right 97. The combination must be entered within 20 seconds without going past any of the numbers. As soon as the safe opens you are attacked by Lost Number. Check the safe afterwards to find the Odin and the Basement Key.

Head down the spiral stairs to the basement. If you got the key, you'll be able to open the door on the way to the library and talk to Vincent. In the library, you'll meet Sephiroth who will tell you that he's going north, to Mt. Nibel. Pick up the Destruct he leaves behind then leave the mansion and head north.

Mt. Nibel

Follow the winding path left and up. There's a side path that leads up to a chest with a Rune Blade in it. Continue on and just before the bridge, there's another side path that leads up to a Plus Barrette.

Cross the bridge and enter the cave. Inside is a series of tubes which you can slide down. Before going down any of them, climb down the stairs and ladders to the bottom floor to push down the folding ladder so you can get back up.
Chute #1 leads to the bottom floor.
Chute #2 leads to a rock where you can pick up the Powersoul.
Chute #3 leads to the middle level.
Chute #4 leads to a chest with an All in it.
Chute #5 leads to the middle level as well.
Once you've collected everything in the room, take the exit to the left of the big scorpion monster on the bottom level.

Drop down off the ledge and enter the small cave just below the exit. Follow the path up to the right and then go in the hole on the left, following the hidden passage down to reach the chest with the Elixir. Head out through the top exit.

Grab the Elemental by the fountain and then continue on. Inside this next cave, head up and left to find a Sniper CR in a chest. Exit to the right and down.

Take the left path and follow it around until you come to the Nibel Reactor. There's nothing to do inside this time so just go past it and enter the door behind it to return to the room with the chutes.

This time, confront the giant scorpion monster which happens to be the Materia Keeper. Grab the Counter Attack that it leaves behind and then leave through the exit it was blocking. This path takes you to the other side of the mountains.

Rocket Town

Head west then north to reach Rocket Town. Talk to the old man outside the item shop twice and look at the rocket when he asks you to. He'll give you the Yoshiyuki afterward. In the house on the far right, you'll find a chest with a Power Source. In the house just to the left of it, there's a Drill Arm in a chest. Head out the back door of this house to get a look at the Tiny Bronco and meet Shera.

Go north to the rocket and climb to the top. Inside you'll meet Cid. After talking to him, go back down to the house where you met Shera and talk to her again. Cid will show up and then Palmer. Go outside and talk to Cid and then go back inside. Go out the back to prevent Palmer from trying to steal the Tiny Bronco. The team takes off in the Tiny Bronco, but when the plane is shot, it crashes into the sea.


This section is optional but it will gain you some very nice rewards. You can only complete it if you have already aquired Yuffie. If you don't have her, none of the events that follow will happen but you will still be able to enter the town and shop at the stores.

Head west in the Tiny Bronco and land at the beach then head north. At the bend in the path, Yuffie will appear and then 2 Attack Squads will attack. Afterwards, you'll discover Yuffie has stolen all your materia and run off. Keep heading north until you come to Wutai.

Yuffie is there when you enter, but she runs off again. Head to the back of the village and go in the big house on the right pagoda and talk to the sleeping Lord Godo 4 times. Yuffie appears but he chases her off. There's a fake wall in the room to the right of Godo's that leads to a secret passage with a Hairpin.

Go inside the Turtle's Paradise and talk to the Turks. Go into the materia store and get the MP Absorb from the chest. Yuffie drops out of nowhere and steals it from you. Go to the house at the entrance to Wutai and check behind the screen to find her hiding. Check the large jar next to the entrance of Turtle's Paradise and punch it a few times to make her pop out. This time you corner her and she agrees to give you back your materia.

Yuffie takes you to her house. Follow her down to the basement. She tells you to pull the left switch, but it doesn't matter which one you pull because they both trigger a trap. Flip the switch again to release your companions, but she has already split again.

Head to the back of the village again and this time, enter the doorway on the left and ring the big bell. This reveals a doorway that leads underneath. Inside you find that Don Corneo has captured Yuffie and Elena as well. Grab the Swift Bolt and Elixir from the chests before giving chase. In the next room, you'll get attacked by 3 Attack Squads.

Outside, talk to Reno and then head to the mountain where the Da-chao statue is. Follow the Turks and search the statues until you find Corneo. Corneo unleashes his new pat Rapps on you. After defeating it and rescuing the girls, Yuffie will give you back all your materia and rejoin your party.

The people in the village are friendlier now and you can buy things at the Weapon shop. You can go up the stairs in the cat house (underneath Yuffie's house) to get the HP Absorb. In the cave on Da-chao statue, you can get the Dragoon Lance. You'll have to return later once you have acquired the Leviathan Scales to get the Oritsuru and the Steal As Well in that same cave.

Gold Saucer - The Keystone

Go back to the Gold Saucer (you can reach it quickly with the Tiny Bronco by following the river through the center of the continent) and go to the battle arena. Inside Dio's Showroom, you'll find the keystone. Dio agrees to let you have it if you fight in the arena. If you win all 8 battles, you'll get a Protect Vest and a Choco Feather but even if you lose you'll still get the Keystone.

Go back to the entrance. The tram is broken so you're stuck here for the night so Cait Sith gets you into the Ghost Hotel for free. During the night one of the girls will show up and force Cloud to take her out. First you take part in a play, then ride on the gondola. After the ride, you'll see Cait Sith stealing the Keystone. Chase him until he leads you to the Chocobo Racing, but before you can catch him he hands it over to Tseng. Back in your room, check the cabinet for an Elixir.

Temple of the Ancients

Head southeast from the Gold Saucer to a small island where the temple is located. When you go inside, you find Tseng who has been badly wounded. He turns over the Keystone. Examine the alter to continue on, but be sure you're prepared because the only way out is to go all the way through the temple.

You'll start at the beginning of a Escher-esque maze. Follow the little bearded guy around and pick up the Trident in a chest and a Mind Source on the way. He leads you to a small room where there's a Silver Rifle in a chest. The bearded guy turns out to be an Ancient and will sell you items, restore your HP and MP, and save your game.

Go back out and climb down the vines, but this time head forward through the archway to pick up the Turbo Ether sitting there. Continuing on, the next chest contains a Rocket Punch. You'll see another Ancient run into another doorway, but don't follow him just yet. Go through the arch and down, then climb up the vines to reach a Luck Plus. Now go in the doorway where the Ancient went.

Inside there are some rolling 'U' shaped boulders. With some timing, you can place yourself where the opening of the 'U' will be so you can advance without getting squashed. Pick up the Morph at the purple pool and keep going to the end until the boulders stop. Follow Aeris back to the pool to see a scene about the Turks and Sephiroth. Another Ancient will be waiting at the end of the path for you to rest and save.

The next room is a giant clock. Move the hands around to create a path to the various rooms:

Room I:Chest, if opened you'll fight a Jemnezmyand 2 Toxic Frogs.
Room II:Dead end
Room III:Chest, if opened you'll fight 2 8 Eyes
Room IV:Chest containing the Princess Guard
Room V:Outside to a chest containing a Ribbon
Room VI:Door maze
Room VII:Chest containing the Trumpet Shell
Room VIII:Chest containing a Megalixir
Room IX:Dead end
Room X:Back to the room with the purple pool
Room XI:Dead end
Room XII:Exit

If you get knocked off the clock by the second hand, you'll have to fight 2 Ancient Dragons but there's also a chest with the Nail Bat in it. The door in Room XII won't open yet, so go to Room VI when you're done getting the items from the other rooms.

In this room, you must catch the Ancient that holds the key to the door by entering the doorway that he will come out of. The first door he comes out of is the 2nd door from the right on the middle level. At the bottom of the room is a chest with the Work Glove in it. Once you catch the Ancient, he'll unlock the door and let you rest and save.

The next room is the corridor you saw in the flashback with the Turks and Sephiroth. At the end, Sephiroth explains his plan and you'll have to fight a Red Dragon. Pick up the Bahamut on the floor and then examine the alter at the end of the corridor again. Cait Sith volunteers to get the black materia, so head out to the exit in Room XII. Before you can get out you'll have to fight the Demons Gate.

After you exit, Cait Sith turns the temple into the Black Materia. But just as Cloud picks it up, Sephiroth shows up and forces him to hand it over. In a vision, you see Aeris in the Sleeping Forest with Sephiroth after her. When you wake up, you'll be in Gongaga.

Bone Village and the Sleeping Forest

Just south of Gongaga, you'll find the Tiny Bronco. Follow the coast up to the northern continent. In the forest there is a tiny village called Bone Village. It seems to be some sort of dig. Talk to the foreman and he'll offer to help you dig up the Silver Harp. Accept his offer and choose to search for the Silver Harp.

You can place up to 5 workers at 100 gil apiece to try to maximize your chance of pinpointing the harp. When you're done placing them, ignite the bomb. Each worker will face in the direction of where the harp is buried. It will be on the top level on the left. Set a digger on the spot where the workers are pointing and in the morning, the chest next to the foreman should contain the Silver Harp. Once you have it, head into the opening at the top level to enter the Sleeping Forest.

Walk forward through the trees. On the next screen, pick up the Kjata that is moving about the trees.

Continuing on, you'll find a Water Ring in a chest under a log. Go through the log and forward to find a winding path that leads downward into the Coral Valley.

Forgotten Capital

In the canyon, head to the large round thing just to the north. You'll find yourself on a pathway that branches 3 ways. Take the right path.

On the righthand side is a shell house with a Guard Source in it. Further on is another shell house with an Elixir in it and some beds where you can rest for free. Behind the beds there's a hidden Enemy Skill. Go back to the entrance and take the left path.

Inside the house on the left is a save point and a Magic Source. Go on into the large room with the glowing thing in the center. Down the stairs and around is a chest with an Aurora Armlet in it.

If you haven't already rested, go back to the house with the beds and choose to rest. Head back to the entrance and take the center path. Keep going forward until you come to a large shell house. Inside you'll find a Comet at the top of the spiral. Go back to where there's a break that allows you into the center of the spiral. This leads to a crystalline spiral stair that takes you down to a strange city.

Aeris is there, praying. Cloud approaches her alone but then Sephiroth takes control of Cloud again and attempts to force him to kill Aeris. Your teammates bring him back to his senses, but then Sephiroth leaps in and kills her himself. Sephiroth then flies off but leaves behind Jenova-LIFE for you to fight.