This section is optional but it will gain you some very nice rewards. You can only complete it if you have already aquired Yuffie. If you don't have her, none of the events that follow will happen but you will still be able to enter the town and shop at the stores.

Head west in the Tiny Bronco and land at the beach then head north. At the bend in the path, Yuffie will appear and then 2 Attack Squads will attack. Afterwards, you'll discover Yuffie has stolen all your materia and run off. Keep heading north until you come to Wutai.

Yuffie is there when you enter, but she runs off again. Head to the back of the village and go in the big house on the right pagoda and talk to the sleeping Lord Godo 4 times. Yuffie appears but he chases her off. There's a fake wall in the room to the right of Godo's that leads to a secret passage with a Hairpin.

Go inside the Turtle's Paradise and talk to the Turks. Go into the materia store and get the MP Absorb from the chest. Yuffie drops out of nowhere and steals it from you. Go to the house at the entrance to Wutai and check behind the screen to find her hiding. Check the large jar next to the entrance of Turtle's Paradise and punch it a few times to make her pop out. This time you corner her and she agrees to give you back your materia.

Yuffie takes you to her house. Follow her down to the basement. She tells you to pull the left switch, but it doesn't matter which one you pull because they both trigger a trap. Flip the switch again to release your companions, but she has already split again.

Head to the back of the village again and this time, enter the doorway on the left and ring the big bell. This reveals a doorway that leads underneath. Inside you find that Don Corneo has captured Yuffie and Elena as well. Grab the Swift Bolt and Elixir from the chests before giving chase. In the next room, you'll get attacked by 3 Attack Squads.

Outside, talk to Reno and then head to the mountain where the Da-chao statue is. Follow the Turks and search the statues until you find Corneo. Corneo unleashes his new pat Rapps on you. After defeating it and rescuing the girls, Yuffie will give you back all your materia and rejoin your party.

The people in the village are friendlier now and you can buy things at the Weapon shop. You can go up the stairs in the cat house (underneath Yuffie's house) to get the HP Absorb. In the cave on Da-chao statue, you can get the Dragoon Lance. You'll have to return later once you have acquired the Leviathan Scales to get the Oritsuru and the Steal As Well in that same cave.

Obtain: Enemies:
Notes: The island of Wutai is a great place to stock up on items, most of the enemies drop good ones.