Corral Valley Cave

When you head back to the fork in the path, you'll catch a glimpse of the way Sephiroth went. Follow him north and right into the cave.

There's a chest on the right with a Viper Halberd in it that can be reached by skirting the spiny shell. Use the spines of the shell to climb up to the top and then into the crack in the cliff.

Climb all the way to the top of the left crevice to get the chest with a Bolt Armlet in it. Head right and climb down to get the HypnoCrown. Climb up to reach a Megalixir. Go left and up to reach the tall ladder. At the bottom of the ladder there's a Magic Plus lying on the ground. Climb all the way up the ladder and enter the cave on the right.

Get the Power Source in the chest and continue on to exit the cave. You'll find yourself back on the world map in the snow.

Icicle Inn

Head west to the coast then head northeast until you come to the Icicle Inn.

The small house just behind the Weapon Shop has a Turbo Ether downstairs. You can also playback some recordings on the machine upstairs to learn about Aeris' mother and Professor Gast.

The large house on the right has a small room with a Hero Drink and a Vaccine in it. Also take the Glacier Map on the wall outside the small room. The upstairs room in the Inn has a X-Potion near the window.

When you try to exit through the back of the town, a man stops you. Tell him you're going anyway and suddenly Elena will shop up with some goons. She'll try to hit you but you can dodge it by pressing left or right. If you don't dodge it you'll wake up in one of the houses, but if you do, Elena falls and rolls down the hill.

Either way, head to the house in the center of town and talk to the little boy. He'll let you have his Snowboard. You can now exit out the back of the town and do the Snowboarding Mini-game. Depending on which direction you take at the forks on your downhill run, you'll end up in various sections of the glacier.

Great Glacier

After your landing, you'll be in the Great Glacier. Use your map (press [Square] to view it) to find your way around. You can exit the glacier and return to Icicle Inn by heading south at the big sign or by going through the cave south of the eastern mountain. You'll only be able to wander around the glacier for 1 game hour before you collapse from the cold. Mr. Holzoff will rescue you and bring you to his cabin in the far north. If you want all the items, you'll have to go back into the glacier for them.

In the forest northwest of the southern sign, there are some thick trees in which a Mind Source is hidden.

There's a frozen lake near the center with a Potion sitting on the ice. If you try to get to the middle of the lake, you'll have to jump across some floating ice blocks in a certain patter to reach it. Once you cross, there's a small cave with a Safety Bit inside.

At the hot springs just north of the frozen lake, touch the water.

On the east mountain there's a place where you can choose to go 4 ways: north, northwest, west, and south. Go north and pick up the hard-to-spot Added Cut by the side of the path (it can only be found by heading north from the mountain this way).

In the northwest section of the glacier there's a cave covered with snow in which you'll find an Elixir

In the big windy snowfield where you have to use markers to mark the direction you're traveling, there's a small hut in the middle. Inside is an All.

To the east of the windy snowfield is a small cave in a hillside. Inside is a Snow who attacks you if you touched the hotsprings. After defeating her, you can pick up the Alexander.

Gaea's Cliff

Head north from Mr. Holzoff's cabin to reach the cliff. If your temperature drops below 26 degrees while climbing, you'll pass out and awaken in the cabin again. Tap [Square] repeatedly to warm up while you're not climbing. After a few short climbs you'll reach a cave.

Head up to the next section of the cave, go up the stairs and then go down to reach the upper level the previous section. Cross over to the right and go through a hidden opening in the right wall to find a Ribbon. Then go up to find a Javelin in a chest.

Keep going up until you come out above the second section. Push the boulder there to open up the path on the lower level. Go back down to the lower level and follow the path to reach the next section of the cliff. Climb up the next section, making sure to keep your temperature up, until you reach the next cave.

Get the Elixir on the right then exit out the upper right. Follow the path around until you come to another cave. There is a chest to the right with a Fire Armlet inside. As you make your way toward the chest on the left, you'll fight 4 battles with 4 Evilheads and an Icicle. The battle ends when you've cracked the icicle, which then falls to the room below. You are given a chance to jump down after each battle, but don't until you've dropped all the icicles. The chest just beyond the icicles on the left has the 'Last Elixir' in it (which is actually a Megalixir). Now jump down to the room below.

Now you can reach the chest in the upper left and get the Speed Source in it. You can also jump on the ice flows to reach the exit in back. Follow the path around to the left and back through the cave where the icicles were to reach another set of cliffs to climb.

After you reach the next cave, you'll find a pool that will restore your HP and MP. The next room is a long corridor in which you'll see a Sephiroth clone die. When you reach the middle of the corridor, you'll have to fight Schizo (Left) and Schizo (Right). When you exit the corridor, climb up the last cliff to get your first view of the Crater.


Head down into the crater. When you reach the misty part, Tifa will join you if she's not already in your party.

In the next section, you'll find the Neo Bahamut lying on the ground. When you head left, you'll see Rufus and company arrive in a Shinra airship.

In the next section you must cross a windy cravasse. There's a couple of clones that when examined, leave behind a Hi-Potion and an Ether. You'll have to time it so that you cross when the wind isn't gusting. If you don't, you'll be knocked back and have to fight a Wind Wing.

The next section is a winding path that a number of clones are following. There's a chest with a Kaiser Knuckle at the first bend.

You'll find yourself having to cross another cravasse, but this time you'll have to avoid the wind and the green waves.

When you reach the next part, you'll run into Sephiroth killing off a few clones. He disappears and then descends from above. You'll have to defeat Jenova-DEATH. Afterwards Cloud recovers the Black Materia. Give it to either Red XIII or Barret and then talk to Tifa to continue on.

Pick up the MP Turbo on the ground and then head upwards. You'll see a Save Point and a chest with a Poison Ring in it. Continue up.

Now you'll have to cross yet another cravasse, avoiding not only the wind and the green waves, but lightning bolts as well.

After you reach the other side, you'll suddenly find yourself in Nibelheim, watching an altered version of the events from Cloud's story. Talk to Tifa and the illusion will jump to the big fire. When Sephiroth appears, talk to him and then to Tifa.

A few scenes later, Cloud and his companions will join the Shinra people at the center of the crater. There, Cloud will hand over the Black Materia once again to Sephiroth. After that all hell breaks loose.

Junon - The Execution

Tifa wakes up with Barret to find out that Cloud is gone and that Meteor has been summoned. Talk to Barret to find out that on top of everything you're both to be publicly executed.

As Barret follow Tifa and the guard to the execution chamber. There's a Save Point along the way. After Tifa is locked in the chamber, Cait Sith reveals himself and frees Barret. Together they battle 2 Attack Squads. When you try to open the door to the chamber, the Weapon attacks and the impact begins releasing the gas in the chamber. Barret and Cait Sith team up to find another way to get Tifa out.

When you exit the room, head to the right. There's long walkway with soldiers running along it. Keep heading left towards the reporter, which you find out is none other than Yuffie. Keep heading left after she joins up with you to reach the airport. Use the platform to get up to the upper level and head right towards the floating airship.

The scene switches back to Tifa. You'll have to do some contortions to reach the key on the floor and unlock yourself. The sequence is: ([X], [X], [Triangle], [X]+[Triangle], [Triangle]+[O], [O]). When you're free, hit the button beside the chair to shut off the gas then try the door. Just then the Weapon's attack cuts a hole in the chamber.

Climb out and down the front of the building and then run out to the end of the huge cannon. After a bitch-slapping contest with Scarlet, you'll get rescued by Barret and company who have taken control of the airship.

With your new vehicle, the Highwind, at your command you can fly all over the world. You can also save and rest for free in the Operations Room.


Go to the cockpit of the Highwind to find all your companions (except Yuffie who is always airsick) waiting for you. Talk to Red XIII and then to Cid. Talk to the pilot and then head to the Operations room and speak to the man there to form a party.

When you're ready, head back to the cockpit and talk to the pilot to take control of the Highwind. Fly to the island southeast of where the Temple of the Ancients used to be. In the middle of the forest there you'll find the town of Mideel.

Head to the center of the town where the dog is. You'll find that Cloud is here in the clinic. Tifa decides to stay with him, while the rest of the team decides to find the huge materia before the Shinra do.

As Cid, head to the Operations room and form a new party and head back to Mideel. Inside the house where the dog was sitting is an Elixir on the bed. In the materia store there's a baby chocobo running around. Talk to it and give it some Mimett Greens (the dialog refers to them as Samolen greens) and then scratch it behind the ears to make it give you the Contain (you'll only be able to do this if you actually have the greens in your inventory).

North Corel - Runaway Train

Head to North Corel and go to the Corel Reactor. There are a couple of Attack Squads defending the reactor. The train leaves before the team can stop it, but Cid steals another train to chase it.

You'll be under a time limit of 10 minutes to stop the train at this point. Alternate pressing [Up] and [Triangle] rapidly to catch up to the other train. When it's close enough, the team will jump to it.

On the first train car, you'll have to fight a Gas Ducter. The next car has 2 Gas Ducters. On the next car you'll have to fight Wolfmeister. The next one has the Eagle Gun. When you reach the front, there's one more Attack Squad and then you'll have control of the engine. Press [Up]+[Triangle], then [Down]+[X] to slow the train down.

If you succeed in preventing the train from reaching North Corel, you'll get the Huge Materia (yellow) and the boy will give you Ultima. If you fail to save the town, you'll not only lose the huge materia, but you'll have to pay the boy 50,000 gil for Ultima.

Fort Condor - Final Battle

Head to Fort Condor and go to the top. Talk to the guy there and say "Okay, ready" to start the battle. Purchase your units and place them strategically to defend the fort. If the enemy gets by your defenders, your team must battle the CMD. Grand Horn.

After the battle, the condor is killed and the egg hatches. Go outside to check on the baby condor and pick up the Phoenix, then go downstairs and talk to the man at the table to get the Huge Materia (blue).

Mideel - Cloud's Coma

Go back to Mideel and visit Cloud and Tifa at the clinic. Just then, the Ultimate WEAPON will attack the town and you'll have to fight it off. After doing enough damage to it, it'll fly away, but then the Lifestream erupts. Tifa tries to get Cloud out, but the town is destroyed and they both drop into the Lifestream.

You'll find yourself in the surreal world of Cloud's unconscious mind. Talk to the one at the top, then left, then right. Go back to the top again to find out the truth of what really happened at Nibelheim. After that, all of the Clouds will merge into one. Talk to him to one more time and then you'll leave the Lifestream and rejoin your companions.

Junon - The Underwater Reactor

Back on the Highwind, head for Junon. Pay the guy at the elevator 10 gil to get to Upper Junon. Head to the center of the town where you'll find a squad training in the tunnel. Follow them into the Underwater Reactor.

When you first get in the elevator down to the reactor, you'll have to fight 2 Submarine Crews. When you get off you'll have to fight 2 more Submarine Crews.

Keep going until you come to another elevator like the one to Lower Junon. Travel through the underwater tunnel to another elevator. Press the button to have it take you down to the reactor level.

Head through the chambers to the core of the reactor. You'll have to battle 2 more Submarine Crews and 2 Underwater MPs.

You'll reach the reactor just as the Shinra and extracting the huge materia. Follow it, but they load it on a submarine before you can get to it. Reno is there, but instead of facing you himself, he lets you fight Carry Armor.

While you were fighting, the red submarine got away. Go to the left to get the Battle Trumpet in the box, then head towards the remaining submarine. Grab the Scimitar and Leviathan Scales on the dock before boarding the sub.

After fighting 2 groups of 2 Submarine Crews, you'll be onboard. Inside you'll get ambushed by 3 Submarine Crews. In the cockpit you'll find the captain with a couple more crew. You can choose to fight them or have pity on them and take them prisoner. If you fight them, you'll battle 2 Submarine Crews and a Captain.

Sit in the seat and choose to start the mission to do the Submarine Mini-game. You'll have ten minutes to chase down the red sub. Afterwards you'll be able to use the sub as another vehicle to explore underwater.

You'll automatically dock the sub at Junon. Head back in and up the elevator. Head to the airport where you'll be just in time to see the plane take off with one of the huge materia inside.

Rocket Town - Into Space

Fly to Rocket Town and head for the rocket. You'll have to battle 2 groups of 2 Attack Squads and then 2 Attack Squads and a Senior Grunt. If Cid isn't in your party at this point, you're forced to take him along.

At the top of the ladder you'll have to beat 2 Attack Squads and Rude (II). Once inside the rocket, there's just one Senior Grunt.

Before the team can decide what to do, the rocket lifts off. Go right and climb the ladder to reach the huge materia. It's locked into the core which is protected by a code. You must crack the code within 3 minutes or you'll lose the huge materia. You can follow Cid's hints which aren't too helpful to try and figure it out to recieve the Huge Materia (green).

Head back down and out of the cockpit toward the escape pod. On the way, a faulty tank blows and pins Cid beneath a slab of metal. The others can't lift it off him, but then Shera appears and helps out. Follow her to the escape pod. You'll get a view of the rocket as it smashes into Meteor, but it fails to destroy it.

The Ancients' Machine and Diamond Weapon

Go to Cosmo Canyon and up to Bugenhagen's observatory. There, Bugenhagen will store the huge materia that you've collected so far. If you have Bahamut and Neo Bahamut, you can examine the blue one and "get closer" to recieve the Bahamut ZERO.

Bugenhagen will join you aboard the Highwind. Head back to the Forgotten Capital north of the Bone Village and take the left path at the 3-way fork. Head to the chamber at then end of the path where Bugenhagen will examine the machine there. It makes reference to a key somewhere that "sunlight can't reach".

Leave the city and go back to the Highwind. Land where you parked your sub and board it. Dive down and head southwest until you find the wreckage of the red sub in the middle of some undersea greenery. You'll recover the Huge Materia (red).

Head all the way north until you come to a small cave on the right. Inside you'll find the Key to Ancients. Return to the Forgotten Capital and go back to the strange machine. Bugenhagen uses the key and the machine reveals that Aeris summoned Holy which will stop Meteor, but Sephiroth is blocking it.

Leave the city again. Just as you're about to board Highwind again, a new weapon shows up and heads for Midgar. Land at the beach north of Midgar and wait for it. When the Diamond WEAPON arrives, you can fight it or let it go. If you fight it, it still keeps going anyway but you'll get a ton of Exp, AP and Gil. Shinra fire their huge cannon at it, but not before it fires on them. The cannon blasts through the Weapon and blows away the barrier over the crater protecting Sephiroth.

Head north to the crater to check it out. Before you can do anything however, Cait Sith reports that Hojo has taken control of the Sister Ray and is trying to fire it again. However, it is too soon and the resulting overload will destroy Midgar unless someone stops it.

Midgar - Assault on the Sister Ray

Fly over Midgar and the team will parachute down into the city. Cait Sith will lead the team down into the underground.

Go left down the ramp and then back. Go right to get an Elixir and then left to get a Megalixir. Go back and head down the stairs and climb down to the bottom level. Go left and back. Climb the ladder to the chest on the top level to get the Aegis Armlet. Climb back down and go right this time. The floor will break and drop the team down.

Go left and climb up the ladder on the pipe. Head left and take the chute down. Grab the Elixir and the Starlight Phone on the platform and then climb down to the lower platform and jump to the chute on the right.

Climb up the chute and then up the ladder to reach the Max Ray. Go back to the double platform and take the stairs up. Crawl through the tunnel to reach the train tunnels.

Head all they way south to get a Power Source, Guard Source, Magic Source, Mind Source, and the W-Item.

Go north and you'll run into the Turks. You can choose whether or not to fight them. If you choose to fight, you'll face Reno (IV), Rude (IV), and Elena together.

If you go all the way to the section 0 fork and then left, the exit takes you to Shinra HQ where you can get the Master Fist and Pile Banger in the shop on the 2nd floor, the Grow Lance on floor 63 and the HP Shout in the lockers on floor 64.

Go back to the section 8 fork and head left. After you climb up to the street you'll have to fight Proud Clod (and Jamar Armor). Keep heading north.

Get the Elixir and Mystile in the chests and then go up the stairs to reach the Sister Ray. Grab the Missing Score near the top (must have Barret in your party). When you reach the controls you'll have to fight Hojo (along with Bad Rap Sample and Poodler Sample) then Helletic Hojo (with Helletic Hojo Left Arm and Helletic Hojo Right Arm) then Lifeform Hojo without a break.

Ancient Forest

This section is entirely optional, however there are some great prizes to be obtained here. The Ancient Forest is east of Cosmo Canyon and is only accessible after defeating Ultimate WEAPON or with a Gold Chocobo.

In the first area pick up all 3 insects and put them near the pitcher plants. Feed them to the pitcher plants one at a time, standing on them to feed the next. On the other side, walk slowly onto the giant flytrap until you can grab the Supershot ST. Grab the springy stamen to jump to the right and grab the Spring Gun Clip.

In the second area, grab an insect and jump up to the ledge. A frog will pop out and eat the insect. Toss it into the pitcher plant and jump to the other side of the giant flytrap. Put the frog there into the left pitcher plant and stand on it until it spits the frog out, catapulting you to the beehive. Grab it and jump down. Toss it into the flytrap and grab the Slash-All lying beside it. Grab a frog and toss it into the right pitcher this time, using the catapult trick to get you to the other side of the other flytrap.

In the third area, find the two insects and put them in the pitcher plants on the left to jump up into the tree limbs. Head all the way to the right using the springy stamens to find the Typoon. Go back to where you jumped up and head down and left to grab the Minerva Band that you saw but couldn't reach back in section 2. Use the frog catapult trick to get back to section 3.

Use the two insects to get back up into the trees and then go right until just before the 3 springy stamens. Head behind the branch and down the rope to reach the right side of section 3. Use an insect on the pitcher plant to reach the beehive and then toss it into the giant flytrap. Use the other insect on the left pitcher plant to get back to the left side and grab another insect. Place it in front of the hollow in the tree to lure out a frog. Grab it and head back to the right. Use the frog on the right pitcher plant to catapult you to the next section.

Inside the cave you'll find an Elixir and the Apocalypse. The exit at the top of the cave leads out of the forest.

Crashed Gelnika

This section is entirely optional, however there are some great prizes to be obtained here. Once you have the Submarine, if you head west from the Underwater Reactor, you'll find a crashed Gelnika plane. Inside the first chamber, there's a chest containing Heaven's Cloud.

Go through the door at the top. Grab the Escort Guard and the Megalixir in the chests on the top level. On the bottom floor grab the nearly hidden Double Cut and Conformer.

Go back out and head left. If you haven't gone back to Midgar to stop the Sister Ray yet, Rude (III) and Reno (III) will be there in the hallway and attack you.

The hallway leads to the cargo room where you'll pick up a bunch of goodies: a Megalixir, Spirit Lance, Hades, Outsider, and the Highwind.