VincentVincent Valentine
Weapon: Gun
Description: Dark and mysterious, he feels responsible for the mistakes of his past and wishes to atone. His past connection with Shinra has made him into what he is.
Limit Notes: Vincent's limit transformation raises his HP in addition to granting him incredible powers, but you lose control of him for the remainder of the battle.
Notes: See the sidequest section on Getting Vincent.
Level Name Description Requirement
Lv 1Galian BeastBerserk Dance - double damage on single enemy
Beast Flare - high fire damage on all enemies
initially learned
Lv 2Death GigasGigadunk - high damage on single enemy
Live Wire - high lightning damage on all enemies
Kill 40 enemies
Lv 3HellmaskerSplattercombo - high damage on single enemy
Nightmare - cause all negative status effects on single enemy
Kill 95 enemies
Lv 4ChaosChaos Saber - double damage on all enemies
Satan Slam - instant death or high damage on all enemies
After killing the Ultimate WEAPON, use the submarine or a Green Chocobo to get to the isolated lake with the waterfall on the western continent. Find it inside the cave behind the waterfall.