Outrun the Leblanc Syndicate!

Go right until you see a chest with a Mega Phoenix in it. Then cross the fallen pillar towards the central structure, but not the second one. Instead drop down the left ledge and then jump across the gap to reach a doorway. You'll be forced into a battle with 2 Goons and 2 Recoils and then you can enter.

Go forward until you come to a cross passage. Go left and climb up to find a button. Repeat for the right side. Go forward again and drop into the pit to find a chest with a White Ring. Now climb out and jump across the pit and the pillars following.

When you come to a passageway going right, take it. Keep going until you come to the outside again where you find aRed Ring. Return to where the passageway branched and continue going forward. Climb and jump your way along until you reach the outside.

Go down and left around the pillars until you meet Ormi who will send a She-Goon and 3 Recoils to slow you down. Climb up the central structure until you reach a narrow ledge that goes around it. Follow it to find a Star Pendant. Go back to where you climbed up and jump out to the pillar on the right side. Continue climbing until you find Leblanc and her sidekicks hanging around. Grab the Muscle Belt (if you beat the timer) then go up the stairs to reach the top.

You'll be attacked by Boris before you can do anything. Upon defeating it you'll retrieve the sphere. Mission Complete!

Behind the Scenes

Go down the stairs. At the bottom talk to the guy seated behind the cart and he'll give you the job of handing out balloons. Hand out all ten to the people in the square. You'll have to open up the window near the back of the square to find the last two people. Afterward, you'll receive the Healing Wind grid and view the rest of the story. Mission Complete!

Foggy Fiend Frenzy!

Follow the winding road northward. You'll soon spot Logos and Ormi ahead of you. Follow them down into the ravine. At the end of the canyon is a cave and save sphere. Inside, you'll surprise Logos and Ormi who'll flee but leave behind Crimson Sphere 9.

Leave and return to where you first jumped down into the ravine and continue northward from where you left off. When you get to the big Elevator, Elma will greet you. You're rewarded with a Glass Buckle and the Heart of Flame grid. Mission Complete!

Shave the Hypello?

Start out in front of the cart. When the first Bandit steals some cargo, chase him down and press [X] to catch him. After deafeating him the cargo will be returned to the cart. Go back to the front of the cart to get it going again. A set of two Bandits will come at you from the front. Kill them before they reach the cart or chase them down if they do.

Go north to the next section. The cart will continue on its own from here, so keep up with it, dispatching two more Bandits along the way.

If you reach the Moonflow without losing any cargo, Tobli will give you the Gun Mage, a Circlet and the Helios Guard grid. Mission Complete!

Follow That O'aka!

From the Lake Road, go south to chase O'aka all the way to the end of the path.

O'aka will be to the right of the save sphere, when you appraoch he'll flee again. Follow him east and until you come to the four-way crossroads and then go north. When you finally catch him, you can choose to let him stay on your airship or turn him in to the Al Bhed. Either way you'll get the Ice Queen grid. Mission Complete!

Can You Dig It?

Speak to the hover pilot and choose the Western Expanse. After choosing, you'll get some instructions on digging. Basically, you want to try to grab yellow X's before white ones and return to the hover before time expires. If you fail, you can always try again.

Once you have completed a successful dig (one where you obtained a Yellow X item) Nhadala will reward you with 100, the Still of Night grid, and an Elixir. Mission Complete!

Where's Wakka?

By speaking to the villagers you can gather clues about the locations of pieces of a code that will allow you to enter the cave where Wakka went. But all you need to do is examine each cipher to learn it and they're marked out in red on the mini-map.

The first one is on the Promontory on the right. The second is at the beginning of the Ancient Road, you'll have to jump onto the pillar to read it. Just before you get to the beach, climb up the cliff on the left to reach the round structure where the third cipher is. The last cipher is at the end of the beach near the pier. You'll have to climb up to reach this one as well.

Return to the Crossroads and input the code to open the locked door. Inside, you'll find Wakka. Go forward into the cave. Continue north until you come to a sphere just north of a save sphere. When you grab it you'll have to fight Flame Dragon. After defeating it, you'll obtain the White Mage.

Return to the entrance of the cave where you'll receive the Besaid Sphere and the Protection Halo grid. Mission Complete!

Claim the Treasure Sphere!

Head up the right side of the hill to meet Isaaru. Head north through the ruins. When you reach the dome, you'll start to encounter enemies. Avoid the monkeys you'll see througout the ruins as some of them will steal a few gil from you.

Make your way through the dome until you encounter a LeBlanc agent, he'll attack and you'll be forced to fight a Mr. Goon and 3 Flak Pythons. Continuing on you'll have to fight another Mr. Goon and 3 Flak Pythons. Through the doorway, you're forced to fight 2 Mr. Goons and 2 Ms. Goons.

When you reach the Cloister of Trials, descend to the Chamber of the Fayth and speak to Cid. Answer "You bet I do!" and then speak to the other man there to cause the monkeys to move out of the way.

When you reach The Beyond a mysterious voice will address you. If you answer "Is that you, Issaru?" you'll receive the Heart Reborn grid. Go down the stairs at the far end to reach the Treasure Chamber. At the end, you'll have to fight the Guardian Beast. Once defeated, you'll receive the Sphere Fragment. Mission Complete!

Awesome Sphere Heist!

At the first cross, go left and take the first right, heading north along the semi-hidden path. Keep going north until the path curves to the right. Keep going until some guards stop you then backtrack and go north. When you hear voices, choose "Just a little peek" then "More, more!" to learn the passwords. Go back to the cross and you'll be able to go east now.

Head north and around the corner to the stairs where you'll have to give the correct passwords:

  • 1st checkpoint: "Craven Monkey"
  • 2nd checkpoint: "Carved Monkey", receive Hi-Potion
  • 3rd checkpoint: "Craven Monkey", receive Ether
  • 4th checkpoint: "Carved Monkey" x2, receive Turbo Ether
  • If you get them all correct you'll receive the Menace of the Deep grid

At the top of the stairs you'll have to defeat YSLS-Zero. Chapter 1 complete!

Strip Search?

This mission is actually comprised of three other missions: Water We Doing Here?, Two Birds, One Stone, and Spring Into Action. Once all three missions have been completed (it doesn't matter what order you do them in), you'll be automatically transported back to the Celcius and receive the Bum Rush grid. You can now infiltrate the Leblanc Syndicate in Guadosalam.

Run the Gunner's Gauntlet!

After doing a tutorial or viewing the instructions, you must complete the gauntet within the time limit and score 500 or more points to complete the mission. However, once you have done that, you can continue playing to attempt even higher scores to collect more prizes.

Level Points Prize
1 < 500 nothing
2 500-749 Enigma Plate
3 750-899 Power Wrist
4 900-999 Silver Bracer
5 1000-1149 Titanium Bangle
6 1150-1299 Mortal Coil
7 1300-1399 Beaded Brooch
8 1400-1999 Diamond Gloves
9 2000-2799 Faerie Earrings
MAX > 2800 Adamantite

Each of the prizes can only be won once. For a much more in-depth look at the Gunner's Gauntlet search GameFAQs.com.

Cuckoo for Chocobos!

Part 1

Follow Rikku down the road, picking up feathers along the way. She'll stop a total of three times and point to the side. If you choose to "Sure!" then you'll get a chest that will have a prize dependant on how many feathers you picked up:

0 nothing
1-3 Chocobo Feather x2
4-14 Chocobo Feather x3
15-17 Chocobo Wing x2
18+ Chocobo Wing x3

You cannot raid the same chest more than once, but you can retry this section as many times as you like to get all the chests. When you reach the next section, you'll receive a prize depending on how many feathers you picked up:

0 nothing
1-8 Gold Hourglass
9-15 Chocobo Feather
16+ Chocobo Feather x2

Part 2

On this part, you must chase down the chocobo and then try to guess which way it will run. Try to guess incorrectly the first few times. Eventually the chocobo will lose its concentration and face in the direction it will go to make it easy for you. After guessing correctly several times, the chocobo will flee down the road again.

Part 3

Follow Rikku again (she'll be marked on the mini-map). After the 3rd stop, approach the chocobo and it will run off again. Go south and speak to the hover driver (marked on the mini-map) twice and choose "Please, yes!"

Back at the Travel Agency, head north. When you reach the road, you'll have 2:30 minutes to reach the bottom of the gorge. Once there, you'll have to defeat the Chocobo Eater after which you'll receive the Selene Guard grid. Mission Complete!

Who Needs an Invitation?

As you make your way to the lift, you'll be attacked by League Warriors, League Soldiers, League Rangers, and League Raiders in various combinations of 2.

There are also a couple of Drowsy Ochus on the the path. If you walk slowly past them, they will not attack.

Just before reaching the lift to headquarters, you'll have to fight 2 League Warriors along with Elma. For reaching the lift your rewards are a Kinesis Badge and the Shining Mirror grid. Mission Complete!

YRP, the Scalpers Three!

Note: If you did not speak to Tobli in Chapter 1, the base price for the tickets is 1000 gil instead!

There are 14 people that will buy tickets, but only you can only make a profit on 10 of them. Once you have pitched the tickets to someone you cannot try again. Here are the locations of the people to sell to and the amount to ask in order to make a maximum profit:

Location Person Ask
South Bank Road Woman at south end 1500
South Bank Woman wearing bandana 1500
South Wharf Woman just below Save Sphere 1500
South Wharf Man below dock 2000
South Wharf Man sitting on dock stairs 1500
North Wharf Boy near the stairs 2000
North Wharf Woman at the top of the ramp 2000
North Wharf Woman looking at the sign 2000
North Bank Road Man on left side of road at south end 1500
North Bank Road Man with old woman at north end 2000

After you have sold all 10 tickets or pitched to everyone, Tobli will give you any profits you made (12500 if you made the maximum). He'll also give you a prize based on how many tickets you sold:

Number of Tickets Sold Prize
0-5 Nothing
6-9 Seething Cauldron
10 Seething Cauldron and Muscle Belt

You will also receive the Gun Mage dressphere if you do not have it yet, but only if you sold more than 5 tickets! Mission Complete!

Track Down the Troupe!

There are two rings at the Spring where you start. Enter each of them to cause miniature versions of Donga and Pukutak to appear. Leave and go southwest into the North part of the woods.

Along the path, there will be a ring floating in the air. You'll have to jump off the path to go through it.

Go back to the Lake Road cross and take the southeast exit this time. Follow the shimmering path to a ring just where it branches to the dead end.

Continue along the path until you are back at the entrance to the woods where the save sphere is. Go right and then down to reach the other part of the Spring where the final ring is waiting.

You'll be transported back to where Bayra is waiting. Speak to him to get a Haste Bangle. Mission Complete!

Clean Sweep

Your goal is to locate the real fiend among the illusory ones. The illusions will all be facing in the direction of the real fiend. When you find the real fiend, you'll have to fight a battle. The locations of the real fiends are random.

1st battle Skink
2nd battle Queen Coeurl and Armet
3rd battle Skink and Armet
4th battle 3 Armets
5th battle Queen Coeurl and Skink
last battle 3 Blue Elementals

You receive the Alchemist dressphere and Highroad Winds grid after the final battle. Mission complete!

Two Birds, One Stone

Continue along the road. About halfway along it, you'll find the Floral Fallal dressphere beneath one of the pillars. As soon as you pick it up, you'll have to fight Ormi (Djose Highroad), Logos (Djose Highroad) and a Fem-Goon. For defeating them, you'll receive the Syndicate Uniform (S).

Water We Doing Here?

When you arrive at the Oasis, pick up the Machina Maw dressphere near the water. You'll be attacked by Logos (Bikanel) and 2 Fem-Goons. Defeating them gets you the Syndicate Uniform (M) and the Hour of Need grid. Mission Complete!

Spring Into Action

Climb the ledges until you reach the top. Go right past the cave entrance and jump to the pillar on the right for an Elixir. Go into the cave and follow it in.

While jumping on the stones, you can take a right and find a Hi-Potion. Return to the main path and follow it until you exit the cave.

You'll see one of the goons going off to the right. (If you want to see a slightly different version of events, you can follow her, however you'll get more story percentage the other way). Instead of following, continue climbing up. At the top, head left. Walk slowly to the edge and jump onto the floating rocks to obtain a White Cape.

Go back and right this time. On the left you'll find a small cave that has a Phoenix Down in it.

Past the cave, continue climbing up until you come to a rock that hangs out over a spring. You'll get the Syndicate Uniform (L) and a dip in the hotsprings. Afterward when you're leaving, just past the save sphere, you'll be attacked by 2 Fem-Goons and a Viper Sniper. Continue on and Ormi (Mt. Gagazet) attacks you by himself. You'll get the Stonehewn grid after you win. Mission Complete!

Faking and Entering

Once inside, enter the Living Quarters on the lower level and approach Logos and Ormi. Now head upstairs and enter the Private Quarters. You'll now have to do the Duty Calls mini-game. You must get her satisfaction up to 32 before 15 rounds are up. If you don't get it right the first time, just keep trying.

Go back down to the Living Quarters and find the switch on the left side of the wall in the back. As soon as you start down the corridor you'll be attacked by Ormi (Guadosalam Chateau - Entrance), Fem-Goon and Dr. Goon.

Continue down the passage. Inside the first door after the save sphere is a chest that contains either a Gold Hairpin if you managed to satisfy Leblanc on the first try or a Heady Perfume if not.

Further down the corridor is another door. Inside you'll find Crimson Sphere 10. But before you can leave, Ormi (Guadosalam Chateau - Logos' Room) and Logos (Guadosalam Chateau - Logos' Room) attack you.

Afterward, go north and then climb the ledge in front of you. Jump over the two pits. When you reach the far wall some spikes will pop out and the wall will advance. After fleeing, you'll appear next to the Security Override 1 switch. Activate it and then drop down.

Climb up the ledge again but this time, drop into the two pits and activate switches 2 and 3. Now when you approach the far wall, there will be a switch that opens an exit.

You'll now be able to reach a circular door. Once you enter, you'll have to fight Ormi (Guadosalam Chateau - End), Logos (Guadosalam Chateau - End), and Leblanc (Guadosalam Chateau - End). Your rewards for defeating them include the Reassembled Sphere and the Healing Light grid. Mission Complete!

Infiltrate Bevelle

If you gave the Awesome Sphere to the Youth League, you'll have to fight the guards here. If you gave the Awesome Sphere to New Yevon, you can just walk right in. Head up to the city and then into the New Yevon Headquarters. Take a right as soon as you're inside and climb on the stone there to open a path on the other side. Go back and head left this time. Climb through the opening you just triggered.

Examine the lower pedestal and then return the main chamber again. Take the lift down to the Trials. Once you have defeated the first set of fiends, take a right to find Remedy x3 and Remedy x3 at the end of two dead-ends.

Return and go left this time. Take the south path at the first cross and you'll find 3000 gil. Take the north path to reach another cross. Take a left here to get Hi-Potion x4. Take a right to find two chests with Potion x8 and Phoenix Down x4.

Continue on to find another lift then climb the stairs and go right to reach the Antechamber. Open the chest there to get a Chocobo Feather and then go right.

After jumping down the hole, approach the edge and then go up to jump down to the central platform. As you approach the first tower, you'll be attacked by 2 YAC-13s.

Behind 4 of the towers you'll find chains leading back up to the outer ledges. One leads back up to where you came down. One has 500. One has a Glass Buckle after defeating a YSLS-99 (alternatively you can sneak past it). Another has a Pearl Necklace after defeating a YSLS-99.

Go to the 1st tower (nearest the chain you slid down) to activate it. You'll have to defeat a YSLS-Zero. Afterward, a platform will appear in the center shaft and security lockout 1 of 3 will be disabled. Go to the 3rd tower (going counterclockwise) and activate it. After defeating another YSLS-Zero another platform will appear and security lockout 2 of 3 will be disabled. Continue going up, to the 5th tower and activate it. Defeat Precepts Guard. A third platform will pop out and you'll be informed that the security system has been disabled.

You can continue on from here, or you can stay and get the Ribbon but you must follow these instructions exactly:

  1. Go to the 6th tower and activate it, defeating a YSLS-99.
  2. Go to the 1st tower and fight Precepts Guard 4 times to move the platform to the correct position.
  3. Go to the 2nd tower and activate it, defeating another YSLS-99.
  4. Go back to the 1st tower and kill Precepts Guard 2 times.
  5. Go to the 4th tower and activate it, defeating Georapella.
  6. Go back to the 1st tower and kill Precepts Guard 3 times.
  7. You can now hop down all six platforms to the bottom where the Ribbon awaits.
  8. Note that you can fight Precepts Guard at the 1st tower and Georapella at the 3rd tower as many times as you like.

Jump to the middle platform and head into the corridor. Jump up on the pillars to open a chest with Ether x4. Continue on and after climb the next set of pillars and jump down from the ramp, there's a semi-hidden chest with Remedy x4.

Take a right at the fork. Step on the center of the ledge to make a lift appear. Ride it across the gap and grab the Downtrodder grid at the end. Go back and take a left at the fork.

Climb up one pillar and then the other to make the bridge extend. In the next room with the huge machine, go to the northwest corner to find Phoenix Down x5. Go to the southwest to find a huge floor switch that turns the machine on and off. Wait until it is aligned with you and the top of the piston drops down to nearly floor level, then stop it. Jump up onto the piston and go to the center.

Go to one of the ledges in the back so that you can signal Rikku. After the machine starts again, wait until the left-rear piston is at its highest position and the right-rear piston is at its middle position, then have Rikku stop it again. Jump to the right-rear piston and then around until you reach the left-rear piston. Jump to the ledge and on the left you'll find a Bloodlust. Signal Rikku again, and wait for the left-rear piston to be at its lowest level and the right-rear piston to be at its highest level. Climb over to the right-rear using the left-rear and go through the doorway to find a Wring. Signal Rikku once more and wait until either of the rear pistons are at the lowest level. Climb back to the piston you jumped up from and simply jump off it. Go left to reach the next part of the labyrinth.

As you approach the wall, it will descend revealing 3 lifts. Take the left lift and pick up the Hi-Potion in the chest. Go south to jump back down to where there are only 2 lifts now. Take the central lift and climb up to activate the switch there. Go back and take the right lift to the upper level again. Ride back down on the left lift and take the central lift again. You'll find another switch to activate. Go back to the upper level. Climb up both pillars to gain access to the lift at the north end which will take you to the next section.

Using the pillars that you raised with the switches, you can reach the chest with the Dark Knight. When you take the right path, you'll have to defeat Baralai. Continue on into a huge room. When you reach the central platform, you must fight Bahamut. Chapter 2 Complete!

Machina Mayhem!

It is best to start from the south end of the highroad (default if you beamed down from the ship). Machina to be destroyed are marked by green on the mini-map. The groups consist of Scout Machinas and Machina Rangers. There are 3 encounters in South End, 1 in South, 3 in Central, 3 in Newroad, North,

You receive a reward of 10000 and the Undying Storm grid whether or not you got more than the Al Bhed. Mission Complete!

Secure the Agency!
1st and 4th battles Rhyos and Vertigo
2nd and 5th battles Barbuta x3
3rd and 6th battles Flan Blanco and Barbuta

Winning all six battles in a row gets you Mission Complete! You receive the Pride of the Sword grid as a reward. Afterward in the Agency, an Al Bhed will give you the Berserker dressphere and an Al Bhed Primer.

The Cactuar Connection
Number Name Location
1 Lobivia Bikanel - Oasis
2 Toumeya Besaid - Beach
3 Lobeira Guadosalam - Chateau - Hidden Passage, in a chest
4 & 5 Areq and Arroja Calm Lands - Bridge
6 Islaya Thunder Plains - North, near the shelter
7 Chiapa Kilika - Woods, climb the tree
8 Erio Mt. Gagazet - Prominence, near the pillars
9 Bartschalla Kilika - Dona's house
10 Frailea Bikanel - Cactuar Nation, speak to Marnela to begin The Last Cactuar

Until Chapter 5, you will only be able to find the first 6 of the 10 gatekeepers.

Upon exiting the cave after finding Frailea, you'll be thrust into Showdown in the Sands. Episode Complete!

The Last Cactuar

The gatekeepers will let you into the Cactuar Hollow. A short ways down the passage, you'll run into a forced battle with a Sallet and a Cactuar. After the battle, you'll have to defeat a Heavy Sallet. Follow the passageway, picking up a Ether near a sandfall.

When you reach the room filled with sand, hurry through. If you're quick, you can get these item in chests on top of the pillars: Faerie Earrings, Mega Phoenix, Hi-Potion, Megalixir, Twist Headband, Ether, Mute Shock, Beaded Brooch, and Phoenix Down. Don't worry if you don't make it, you'll just be brought back to the first sandfall.

Continue down the passage until you run into Frailea. If you manage to beat Frailea in the shootout mini-game, you'll receive the Covenant of Growth grid. Afterward, you must defeat Jumbo Cactuar and Cactuar x2. Mission Complete!

Showdown in the Sands

Answer "Yes" to return to the Celcius so you can gear up and save. When you beam back down, you'll immediately begin the battle against Angra Mainyu. After defeating it, you'll get Mercurial Strike grid.

Tourist Trap

The tourists must be gathered in a certain order or you will not be able to save them all. Follow the instructions carefully to be sure you don't leave one behind.

  1. First Batch:
    1. Head into the cave and at the first fork go right to find a man (#1).
    2. Go back and forward to find a man sitting on the ground (#2).
    3. Continuing forward, pick up the woman (#3) at the next fork.
    4. Go left and pick up the guy rushing toward you (#4), if you miss him, backtrack until you find him.
    5. Go back to the first room to unload your first batch of tourists.
    6. You'll recieve Energy Core 1, Energy Core 2 and the Besaid Key if you don't already have it.
  2. Second Batch:
    1. Go back to the 2nd fork and go right this time to find 3 tourists (#5, #6, #7) and also to pick up the White Ring in the chest.
    2. Continue on into the cave and at the 3rd fork, find a woman (#8) in the alcove on the right.
    3. Go north to find 2 more people (#9, #10) and also a Blue Ring.
    4. Return to the first room to unload them and receive Energy Core 3 and Energy Core 4.
  3. Third Batch:
    1. Go back to the 3rd fork and go left this time.
    2. As you travel down the corridor, 2 kids will take off.
    3. When you reach the 4th fork, go left to find a guy hidden in the corner (#11).
    4. Go right from here to reach another chamber where the two kids ran (#12, #13).
    5. Bring them all back to the first room and receive Energy Core 5 and Energy Core 6.
  4. Fourth/Fifth Batch:
    1. Go outside the cave and speak to the guy on the right facing the cave to receive Energy Core 7.
    2. Teleport to the end of the cave and then teleport into the room on the right where you'll find a guy (#14) and a Lightning Gleam.
    3. Bring him back to the entrace to receive Energy Core 8.
    4. Teleport back and into the room on the left to find the last tourist (#15) and a Wall Ring.

After you have saved all the tourists, go back in and teleport into the Chamber of the Fayth to face Yojimbo. Upon completion of the battle, you'll find yourself back outside and you'll receive the Tetra Master grid if you saved enough of the tourists. Mission Complete!

Battle Blockade

You must climb to the top of the mountain. The teleporters are inoperable so you'll have some hiking to do. As you climb, you can reactivate the teleporters by stepping on them.

When you reach the Summit Region, you'll have to face Garik. If you spoke to the Ronso in earlier chapters and answered them correctly, your fight with Garik Ronso will include 1 Ronso Youth. If you did not speak to them or answered incorrectly too many times, you'll have to fight Garik Ronso and 2 Ronso Youth. Either way, for defeating them, you receive the Wishbringer grid. Mission Complete!

Protect Besaid Temple!

Simply make your way through the trials. Before you head to the lift, check the room on the right for a chest with Mana Spring x2. When you approach the lift, you'll find Wakka and then be sent down to the next level where you'll confront Valefor. Mission Complete!

Pest Control

Enter the temple and take the lift down. When you enter the next room, you'll be attacked by a Daeva. When you approach the blue flame another Daeva will attack.

In the next chamber, examine the right flame, then the left flame and finally the center one, defeating a Daeva each time to extinguish them. The next room has 2 Daevas waiting for you. Defeat them and continue on, but be sure to pick up the Samurai dressphere on the floor at the bottom of the stairs. When you enter the next room, you must defeat Ifrit. Mission Complete!

No Way, Djose!

You receive an Al Bhed Primer as soon as the mission starts. Check the back of the left-hand room before going on to find a Remedy. Continue on to the Trials.

Go all the way forward and jump across the pit to get a Stamina Spring from the chest. Go back and take the elevator up to the next level.

Get the Wristband from the chest then push the pillars until the electricity barring your way disappears. When you go up the stairs to the next floor, you'll have to fight Ixion. Your reward is the Unwavering Guard grid. Mission Complete!

Where's Tobli?

Head north, chasing after Tobli until you reach the South Wharf. Go back the way you came until you spot Tobli again. When he zooms past on a scooter, go back north again to South Wharf.

Cross the moonflow on the shoopuf and head towards Guadosalam. Just before reaching Guadosalam, you'll catch up with Tobli. Your reward is the Black Tabbard grid. Mission Complete!

Concert Clean-up

Follow the red arrow on the mini-map to a dungeon. Just outside the dungeon entrance is a hypello who will heal you if you speak to him.

When you enter the dungeon, take a right then left and go forward to find a chest with a X-Potion. Go back to the entrance and take a left this time then right to find a chest with a Haste Bangle.

Go back and climb on the boulder on the right. Jump across and then head north. At the four-way crossing, look right for a chest with Phoenix Down x2. Before climbing up to the next section, go right to find a chest with an Elixir.

When you climb up, you'll be able to see the fiend. Jump down to engage the Zalamander. After defeating it, there will be a chest where it stood with a Black Ring. When you exit the dungeon, you'll get Mission Complete!

Follow That Moogle!

Go down the stairs to the Square. Chase the moogle around and examine it to see more of Yuna's memories. Find it again on the Bridge to see yet another memory. Follow it again to Dock 2 at the gangplank of the ship to get Episode Complete!

Youth League Tournament!

Follow Lucil along the path to each battle. You'll be given a chance to heal after each the first four. The fifth, sixth and seventh rounds have no break between them.

  1. First round: Yaibal, League Warrior x2
  2. Second round: League Mage x2, League Veteran
  3. Third round: League Warrior, League Veteran x2
  4. Fourth round: League Slasher x2, League Master
  5. Fifth round: League Veteran x4
  6. Sixth round: Elma, League Veteran x2
  7. Seventh round: Lucil

Mission Complete!

Masterpiece Theatre

In order to get full story credit, you must beat the Experiment at least twice: once when its levels are all below five and once when they are all at 5.

After you defeat it the fist time, you'll be told about repair manuals and assemblies to repair and power up the Experiment so that you can fight it again. You'll also receive a Al Bhed Primer.

There are 5 repair manuals to find:

  • Djose - Trials, upper level: Speak to the man near the 5 pillars and when he asks for the password input MARNELA to receive The Spirit of Recycling.
  • Djose - Living Quarters, left side: Speak to the man there and he will give you How to Repair with Soul.
  • Djose Temple: Stand in the middle of the three monkeys on the right side of the entrance until they start jumping in unison, then press [X] to receive Repairing for Dummies.
  • Calm Lands - Ruin Depths: One of the chests inside has The ABCs of Repair.
  • Mi'ihen: Examine every machina, one of them is holding Everyman's Repair Manual.

To find the assemblies you must go digging in Bikanel. Every assembly type you find will contribute to the Experiment's levels:

Assembly Types
Points per Level
0 - 31
4 - 92
10 - 193
20 - 374

If you defeat the Experiment when all its levels are at 5, you get Book of Magical Dances II and Episode Complete!

A Fallen Genius?

There are 10 towers so you'll have to defeat 10 enemies. The first 9 are Rhyos, marked as white triangles on the mini-map. After you defeat each one, it will leave behind a chest. The contents of each chest depend on how successful your calibration attempts were in Chapter 3. For a detailed chart, see Lightning Rod Towers.

After the 9th tower has been cleared, a red arrow on the mini-map will point the way to the 10th tower. When you approach, answer "Let's check it out." to fight Humbaba. Once it has been defeated, you receive Valiant Lustre grid (along with the reward earned from Lightning Rod Towers). Mission Complete!