Talk to your companions and explore the ship. When you return to the bridge, talk to the pilot to find out where Yuna is. Head for the top level of the airship, when you reach the cabin, talk to the Al Bhed on the left to receive 4 Al Bhed Potions. Go to the back of the cabin and ride the elevator to the top deck where you'll have to fight Evrae.

Once you reach Bevelle, fight your way forward to reach Yuna. After the confrontation, flee down the stairs to the Cloister of Trials. Be sure to pick up the Al Bhed Primer XXII just before entering the Cloister.

  1. At the first intersection, wait until the arrow is pointing right and then press [X] to go that direction.
  2. At the bottom of that path, take the Bevelle Sphere from the wall and insert it into the pedestal (there should now be 2 spheres in the pedestal).
  3. Return to the top level, take a right and then right again at the first intersection you come to.
  4. Take one of the spheres from the pedestal and place it in the slot there to make a new section appear.
  5. Push the pedestal back onto the track to continue, use the next glyph spot to do a 180 and then use the next glyph to turn right (you should be directly across from the spot you were just at).
  6. Take the Bevelle Sphere from the wall and put it in the pedestal, then return to the beginning.
  7. Take a right at the beginning intersection and then a left at the lower intersection.
  8. Pass up the next two intersections and take right at the last one before the edge.
  9. Take one of the spheres in the pedestal and place it in the slot there to create a bridge to another slot.
  10. Get back on the tram and let it wrap around, and take a right at the next to last glyph.
  11. Take the Glyph Sphere there and go back to the last intersection on this level where you just created the bridge.
  12. Insert the Glyph Sphere in the slot on the other side of the bridge to reveal a new section where you can grab a Destruction Sphere.
  13. Take the Destruction Sphere, return to the next to last intersection and place it in the slot where you got the Glyph Sphere.
  14. Go to the last intersection and back take the Bevelle Sphere that you used to make the bridge (you should now have 2 Bevelle Spheres again).
  15. Go to the 2nd intersection on this level now (you havn't been there yet) and push the pedestal onto the next section to continue on to a new area with some stairs.
  16. In the chest on the right at the top of the stairs is an HP Sphere.
  17. Step on the revealed glowing tile to bring the pedestal up here.
  18. Take one of the Bevelle Spheres and place it in the slot at the top to activate the path on the left.
  19. Push the pedestal on the path to reach the other chest which contains a Knight Lance (remember that you must have a Sphere in the pedestal or it won't budge).
  20. Follow the right path to the Chamber of the Fayth.

After Yuna receives Bahamut, you're captured and thrown into the Via Purifico.

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