Magic +10%
Description: Increase Magic by 10%
Type: Weapon
Customize: Blk Magic Sphere x1
Enemies: Abadon, Achelous, Chimera, Chimera Brain, Chocobo Eater, Dark Flan, Iron Giant, Master Coeurl
Weapons: Ace Wizard, Basara Blade, Brunhilde, Djinn Blade, Eldritch Lance, Faerie Staff, Force Knuckles, Force Lance, Force Rod, Force Saber, Mage's Staff, Magic Knuckles, Magic Lance, Magician Mog, Mana Mog, Master Djinn, Matoya's Blade, Moomba Force, Moomba Mage, Ovation, Over the Top, Runemaster, Shining Staff, Sorcerer Sword, Sorcerey Rod, Space Mage, Spiritual Blade, The Ogre, Titan Lance, Trickster, Valkyrie, Virtuoso, Warlock, Wizard Lance, Wizard Sword