Balamb Garden and Fire Cavern

After the intro, Squall wakes up in the Infirmary. After a bit, Quistis shows up. Follow her until you reach the classroom. After her lecture, examine the terminal and choose "(Turn on the power and...)" then "Tutorial" to receive your first 2 GFs: Quezacotl and Shiva. When you are done viewing, head to the front of the classroom and speak to Quistis.

As you head to the elevator, you'll bump into a girl. You can offer to give her a tour which will give some explanations of the various sections of the Garden. Before going down the elevator, talk to the guy standing near it to recieve a set of cards. You can explore Balamb Garden now. You can find Occult Fan I in the Library, although sometimes there is a student in the way. There are 2 draw points: Esuna in the Library and Cure at the Front Gate.

At the bottom of the elevator, head down from the directory to reach the front gate where Quistis is waiting. After a GF junction tutorial, she will join you. Leave the Garden. Head east to reach the Fire Cavern, where Quistis will give you a Magic junction tutorial. Speak to the guards and answer "Yes" then select a time limit - you should be able to get through it in 10 minutes easily.

Go forward through the cave. There is a Fire draw point halfway through. At the end, you must fight Ifrit. Defeating it gets you the GF Ifrit and Ifrit. Exit the cave and return to the Garden. Quistis will leave the party at this point.

Dollet Mission

Go to the Dorm and examine your bed to change into your uniform. When you leave the Dorm, you'll end up in the lobby. You are assigned to a squad with Zell and Seifer. Quistis also joins as your instructor. Drive the car along the road until you reach the town of Balamb. Board the ship waiting for you. When Seifer orders Squall to check outside, answer "... Okay." and go.

Once at Dollet, follow Seifer. You'll get attacked by groups of G-Soldiers. When you reach the fountain, check the northeast ally for another battle then speak to Seifer. Wait by the fountain until Seifer gets bored then follow him across the bridge.

While going up the steps, you'll have to fight a Anacondaur. At the top, Seifer will leave the party but Selphie shows up. Once you reach the Communication Tower entrance, she joins the party.

Inside, there is a Blind draw point on the left. Take the lift in the middle to the top of the tower. At the top, you'll engage with Biggs (I). Wedge (I) joins the battle shortly. In the middle of the battle, they'll both be blown away and Elvoret will attack. You can Draw Siren from it.

Immediately after the battle you'll have 30 minutes to make it back to the shore. Take the lift back down and head back the way you came. When you exit the tower, X-ATM092 will attack. After it collapses, run away and continue on. At the top of the hill, just run left to escape it. While going down the steps, walk slowly instead of running or it will attack again. On the bridge, run to the 4th lamppost until it jumps over you. Wait for a few seconds then run back to the previous lamppost to make it jump back over you, then run the rest of the way across the bridge. Run back through the city streets to reach the beach.

SeeD Inauguration

Once back in Balamb, you are free to explore the town. There is a Timber Maniacs that is usually on the table in the room at the Hotel, but is sometimes at the train station behind the red and white sign.

After exploring, head back to Balamb Garden. In the Hall, speak to Headmaster Cid who asks how you felt. Answer that you "Felt good." Head to the right and listen to Seifer get chewed out. A little while later an announcement instructs you to head to the 2nd floor hall. Take the elevator up and speak to the other students there. After a while a faculty member will show up and call Zell Squall.

Selphie, Zell, Squall and some guy named Nida are made official members of SeeD. Speak to Cid afterward to get the 'Battle Report' menu option which is buried in the Tutorial - Information - Information section. Once you leave head for the classroom. You'll be shown your test results and given your SeeD rank.

Go in your room and change to your dress uniform and speak to Selphie. At the inauguration party, answer "Yeah, I guess so" when Selphie asks you to help with the Festival Committee. After the party, change back into normal clothes and head to the Training Center.

Quistis joins you at the entrance. Inside, there's a Blizzard draw point on the right-hand path and some enemies. At the save point head through the door where Quistis and Squall have a talk. Return the way you came in, but as you leave, you'll need to rescue a girl by defeating Granaldo and 3 Raldos. Go back to the Dormitory after the battle.

Timber Mission Start

When you wake up, grab the Weapons Mon Apr on your desk, then head towards the garden entrance. After Cid briefs you on the Timber mission, speak to him and he'll give you the Magical Lamp. You can use the lamp anytime from the menu to bring forth Diablos. Defeat it to gain the Diablos GF.

Head to the town of Balamb and buy a train ticket to Timber for 3000 gil. Board the train and enter your cabin. Zell will find Pet Pals Vol.1. After a conversation about Timber, you all mysteriously fall unconscious.

Dream World Part 1

Instead of your regular characters, you are now in control of Ward, Laguna and Kiros. They mirror whichever characters you had in the active party on the train. Follow the trail (there's a Cure and a Water draw point on the way) until you find a vehicle.

Once in Deling City, head right until you reach the Galbadia Hotel. Go in and take the stairs down to the right. Speak to the waitress and answer "Alright, I'm there!" to get a table. After the performance, walk up to the piano then go back and speak to Ward and Kiros. Go up the stairs and speak to the receptionist. Ask "Which is Julia's room?" to be shown the way.

Timber Train Mission

You wake up on the train as yourselves again and arrive in Timber. When the guy on the steps talks to you, answer "But the Owls are still around." Follow him to another train. Onboard, you'll meet a couple of resistance members. Go up the stairs and into the last room on the right to wake up Rinoa. Speak to her and she'll introduce Angelo. Go back to the others and go over the mission plan.

Talk to Watts and answer "Yeah" when you're ready to start the mission. Jump to the train and Rinoa will lead you to the car to be decoupled. Go down, enter 3 codes, going back up temporarily if the guards get close. Do the same thing on the 2nd car, but this time you'll have to enter 5 codes.

After you've finished with the train cars, go to Rinoa's room and grab Pet Pals Vol.2 then speak to Rinoa and answer "Yeah" to fight Fake President. He'll morph into Gerogero after a few rounds.


After the battle, speak to Rinoa then form your party and speak to Watts. Inside Timber Maniacs you can find Girl Next Door, a Blizzaga draw point and a Timber Maniacs.

You can restore your HP in a residence on the outskirts for free by speak to the old man and answering "Yeah, kind of" then drinking from the sink. There is also a cupboard which if you examine it repeatedly, you'll find 500 gil. However, you will no longer be able to restore yourself for free there if you do this.

Go to the Pub to find a guy who's blocking the way to the back alley. Talk to him then Tell him about the card. He'll give you a Tonberry card and get the owner to move him out of your way. Go through the alley and take the stairs up to the TV station. Once the broadcast starts, enter the station and then follow Quistis and Seifer. Afterward, go back down and follow Rinoa to one of the houses.

While you are hiding out, speak to Quistis. As you leave, the homeowner gives you a Potion, Phoenix Down, Soft, Antidote and Remedy. Speak to the soldier just outside who turns out to be Watts in disguise. Follow your teammates east. A disguised Zone will give you tickets for the train, follow the team again and the Get on the train. Speak to Zell and then Leave him alone.

You can get off at the East Academy station or go on to revisit Dollet or back to revisit Timber. Get off at the East Academy station and head northwest. When you enter the forest situated in the pass between the mountain ranges, you'll enter the dream world again.

Dream World Part 2

Go forward to find a mine. You'll be attacked by Esthar Soldier (Human)s. Keep to the right as you head into the mine. Laguna will find an Old Key but immediately lose it. Continue on until you find 3 hatches in the ground. Examine the top right of the middle one and choose "Tamper with it." Go back to the room you just left to see a soldier fall in your trap. Return and try to tamper with the right hatch but it will be stuck.

Return to the mine entrance and take the left path. There will be a Confuse draw point on the right and a ladder in the middle. Go down the ladder. On the left side of the tunnel Laguna will find another Old Key and lose it as well. Continuing on you'll find the 3 hatches again, but if you already tampered with the middle one you're path is blocked.

Return to the mine entrance and go back down to where you found the first Old Key. Go north this time. Continue north until you find a detonator on the ground. Press the red button then the blue button. Continue north up some stairs and across a bridge. On the left of the cavern, you'll find a boulder. Push it to dislodge it and reveal a Cure draw point.

The next screen has a save point. Go north from here. When you reach the edge of the cliff you'll be attacked by soldiers. If you did not spring any of the traps in the mine, you must fight 5 battles in a row. If you sprung them all, it will only be a single battle. The last enemy will use Soul Crush to reduce Kiros and Ward's HP to 1 as it dies.

Galbadia Garden

When you wake up, make sure it cure whichever teammates are at 1 HP. Enter Galbadia Garden which is just ahead. Head to the 2F Reception Room. Speak to your teammates until Squall leaves.

Go back toward the entrance, talk to Raijin and Fujin and then find Quistis near the front gate. Follow your teammates out to the entrance. Talk to them until the Galbadian headmaster shows up. He'll give you a new mission and Irvine will join your party.

Leave the Garden and board the train just outside. Speak to your teammates again to get things moving.

Deling City and Tomb of the Unknown King

Once you reach Deling City, head to the street. When the bus pulls up, speak to the man in front of it to board. Get off at the first stop to reach Caraway's Mansion. The guard there will send you on a quest to the Tomb of the Unknown King to obtain a code.

Leave town and go northeast to find the dungeon. Just a little ways inside, there will be a blue weapon on the floor. Record the ID number (it's random). You can head back to town now or fight the optional boss at the center of the dungeon.

If you choose to go on, head to the eastern chamber (press [select] to see a map - your current location will be marked with an X if you bought the locator from the guard). There you'll fight Sacred. Cast Float on him to negate his healing. After taking enough damage, he'll flee.

Now go to the northern chamber and open the floadgate to let the water in. Head to the western chamber and pull the lever on the left to get the wheel turning. Approach the center chamber from the south. There will be a bridge there now. Inside the chamber you'll fight Sacred and Minotaur. Defeating them gets you the Brothers GF.

Assasination Mission

There's a Timber Maniacs on the floor of the bedroom in the Galbadia Hotel if you stay there.

Return to the city and repeat the ID code to the guard at Caraway's Mansion to enter. Once inside, speak to Rinoa. She will leave and Caraway will come in and start explaining the plan to assasinate the Sorceress. Follow him as he walks.

Return to the mansion after the briefing. You'll split into 2 teams. When you leave, follow Caraway to the arch. After the other teammates enter the arch, follow Caraway to the clocktower.

Once you are in control of Quistis's party, go back to the mansion. Rinoa will take off on her own. Use the manhole cover to go down into the sewer. A few screens to the left you'll find Weapons Mon May. Go back up and climb up the boxes. Keep climbing up to the roof of the building.

Back in control of Quistis, pick up one of the glasses in the cabinet next to the door, then place it in the hands of the statue just to the right of it. Head into the secret passageway and down to the sewer. Use the waterwheel to access the north passage.

You will switch back to Squall's party. After a few scenes, climb up the same boxes that you did as Rinoa. When you reach the top you'll have to battle 2 Iguions. You can Draw Carbuncle from one of them. Rinoa joins up with you after the battle. In the hallway just outside open the hatch in the floor on the right and grab the rifle on the ground.

Switching back to Quistis's party in the sewer, make your way forward. Make a right at the waterwheel and knock over the ladder you find. Continuing west from the ladder, turn and go north until you come to a pair of waterwheels. Go east to find a Zombie DP. Ride waterwheels while heading east and south until you come to the opposite side of the passage you started in. Go east then north to find a save point. Climb the ladder near it to exit the sewer. Climb it again to reach the top of the arch.

After the clock tower rises, hit the switch on the left. After Irvine makes his shot, Squall takes on Seifer (I) one-on-one. After defeating him, you'll take on Edea (I) with the rest of your party joining in this time. Eventually she'll use her limit break on you and end the battle.