Balamb Garden and Fire Cavern

After the intro, Squall wakes up in the Infirmary. After a bit, Quistis shows up. Follow her until you reach the classroom. After her lecture, examine the terminal and choose "(Turn on the power and...)" then "Tutorial" to receive your first 2 GFs: Quezacotl and Shiva. When you are done viewing, head to the front of the classroom and speak to Quistis.

As you head to the elevator, you'll bump into a girl. You can offer to give her a tour which will give some explanations of the various sections of the Garden. Before going down the elevator, talk to the guy standing near it to recieve a set of cards. You can explore Balamb Garden now. You can find Occult Fan I in the Library, although sometimes there is a student in the way. There are 2 draw points: Esuna in the Library and Cure at the Front Gate.

At the bottom of the elevator, head down from the directory to reach the front gate where Quistis is waiting. After a GF junction tutorial, she will join you. Leave the Garden. Head east to reach the Fire Cavern, where Quistis will give you a Magic junction tutorial. Speak to the guards and answer "Yes" then select a time limit - you should be able to get through it in 10 minutes easily.

Go forward through the cave. There is a Fire draw point halfway through. At the end, you must fight Ifrit. Defeating it gets you the GF Ifrit and Ifrit. Exit the cave and return to the Garden. Quistis will leave the party at this point.