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Aura Increases chance of getting a Limit Break
Berserk Raise attack power but attack uncontrollably
Confuse Cannot be controlled, attack enemies and allies randomly Hit with a physical attack
Curse Unable to use Limit Breaks
Darkness Blinded, lowering physical attack hit percentage
Death Killed and cannot participate in battle End of battle
Doom Will be killed when the countdown reaches 0 End of battle
Double Can cast 2 spells in 1 turn
Float Float in the air, cannot be hurt by Earth attacks Effect expires
Gradual Petrify Will be petrified with the countdown reaches 0
Haste Take less time between turns Effect expires
Invincible Cannot be harmed Effect expires
Petrify Turned to stone and cannot participate in battle
Poison Take damage on every turn
Protect Take less damage from physical attacks Effect expires
Reflect Bounce most spells back to the caster Effect expires
Regen Regain some HP on each turn
Shell Take less damage from magical attacks Effect expires
Silence Muted, preventing spellcasting
Sleep Asleep and cannot perform any action
Slow Take longer between turns Effect expires
Stop Frozen and unable to perform any action Effect expires
Triple Can cast 3 spells in 1 turn
Zombie Spells that normally heal now cause damage instead