Location: Draw from Iguion boss during the Sorceress Assassination (or from Krysta in Ultimecia's Castle if you missed it)
Element: none
Summon: Ruby Light - casts Reflect on all allies
Ability AP Prerequisite   Ability AP Prerequisite
HP-J 50 HP+20% 60 HP-J
Vit-J - (initially learned) HP+40% 120 HP+20%
Mag-J 50 Vit+20% 60
ST-Atk-J 160 Vit+40% 120 Vit+20%
ST-Def-J 100 Vit Bonus 100 Vit+40%
ST-Def-Jx2 130 ST-Def-J Counter 200
Abilityx3 - (initially learned) Auto-Reflect 250
Magic - (initially learned) GFHP+10% 70
GF - (initially learned) GFHP+20% 140 GFHP+10%
Draw - (initially learned) GFHP+30% 200 GFHP+20%
Item - (initially learned) Recov Med-RF 30
Notes: Only really useful for the Status Junctions. Counter can also help during long fights.