Name↑ Location  Break Damage Weapon  Description 
Anima Baaj Temple not needed Seymour's aeon
Bahamut Bevelle Temple not needed Very powerful, but slow
Ifrit Kilika Temple World Champion Fire aeon, healed by Fire attacks
Ixion Djose Temple Spirit Lance Thunder aeon, healed by Thunder attacks
Magus Sisters Remiem Temple not needed Actually 3 aeons in one with each one acting independantly (the commands you can give are really just suggestions)
Shiva Macalania Temple Onion Knight Ice aeon, healed by Ice attacks
Valefor Besaid Temple Nirvana Flying aeon, has a high evade rate
Yojimbo Cavern of the Stolen Fayth Masamune Must pay gil for each attack, the more you pay the better the chance of a stronger attack