Prima Vista

You begin onboard the Prima Vista as Zidane. After striking a match search the room for 47 gil and a Potion.

When you enter the next room a Masked Man attacks the crew.


Enter Alexandria as Vivi. Search for 2 Potions in the first screen.

In Grandma's House search for 9 gil, a Potion, and a Fang.

Go back a screen to Memorial Square and search for a Potion, Zombie, Lizard Man, and Sahagin.

Go up until you get to the street in front of the Morning Star. Search for 33 gil and a Goblin.

Go inside the Morning Star and search for a Potion, Flan and 27 gil.

Go into the item shop and find 38 gil.

Go to the ticket shop and talk about your ticket. The Ticketmaster will give you Goblin, Fang and Skeleton.

Talk to Hippaul about his secret stash of cards, search directly across from him to find a Phoenix Pinion.

Search for an Ether at the synth shop.

Search for a Remedy in front of the arrow sign inside the armor shop.

Go into the alley on your left. Rat boy offers to get you into the show. Accept. If Alleyway Jack appears, talk to him before he can mug you and he'll teach you to play cards.

Follow the rat boy to the bell tower. In a house near the bell tower, search for an Eye Drops. Talk to the girl inside then go back outside and wait for the girl to run out, then go back in and upstairs to search for 3 gil.

Talk to Tom at the docks about his lost cat. Agree to look for the pet. Return to Memorial Square, near the entrance and speak to the cat. Return to the docks and talk to Tom for a Bomb.

In the bell tower, talk to the moogles and search for a Tent and Potion. Follow Puck up the ladder. Find stashes of 29 gil, 63 gil, and 92 gil on the rooftops.

During the play as Zidane, defeat King Leo, Benero and Zenero. Blank and Zidane will then have a mock swordfight. Follow the instructions, as fast and accurate as you can. The better you do the better the reward. If you impress all 100 nobles and the queen you receive 10000 gil.

Alexandria Castle

As Zidane, go up the stairs and talk to the princess.

After an episode with Zorn and Thorn, you'll get to name Steiner. As soon as you gain control of Steiner, talk to the Queen to receive an item based on the number of nobles you impressed during the mock swordfight:

Number of Nobles Impressed:Prize
80-99Silk Shirt

Go into the knights quarters and talk to the 2 knights (Blutzen and Kohel)there. Grab a Phoenix Down near the door. Go out and north to the main hall, follow the balcony to the right and enter the dining hall. Give Mullenkedheim the order and then exit. Catch Dojebon as he runs around the balcony. Go downstairs and into the left library. Talk to Laudo and then head outside to the courtyard. At the canal, talk to Haagen and the head to the right. Talk to the knight at the gate there and then head back left. Pull Weimar away from the girl and then head into the left gate. Go up the spiral stairs to find Breireicht. Talk to him a second time and if you found all the Knights he'll give you an Elixir. Continue to the top of the tower.

After the dramatic chase scene, you'll be Zidane on the Prima Vista. Chase the princess down to the meeting room. After jumping down to the engine room, turn the wheel to the left and to the right, then go down the stairs and pick up the two items that fell: a Phoenix Down and Phoenix Pinion.

When you enter the next room, Steiner (I) will catch up and Zidane has to fight with the help of Cinna and Blank. After the battle, Zidane, Garnet and Steiner will do a little improv onstage. Then Vivi runs onto the stage and another battle with Steiner (II) ensues, this time Zidane gets help from Garnet (Dagger), Vivi and Marcus. After the second battle is over the Prima Vista takes off, but the Queen launches harpoons and a Bomb to stop it. A third battle with Steiner (III) starts. After a few rounds he finally notices the Bomb just as it explodes, causing the Prima Vista to crash into the forest.

Evil Forest

As Zidane, search the cargo outside the ship for a Phoenix Down. Check your equipment and then head into the forest.

You'll meet up with the others as a Prison Cage (1st) monster is trying to kidnap Garnet. Zidane and Steiner attack with Zidane automatically going into Trance. Don't bother stealing yet, just don't let it kill Garnet. It will escape with Garnet. Another Prison Cage (2nd) will show up and grab Vivi. Zidane and Steiner must fight once more. Same fight as before, but don't let Vivi die.

After the battle, Vivi and Steiner will be infected and find themselves back on the Prima Vista. As Zidane, open the treasure chest on the right for a Bronze Gloves. Go downstairs and into Vivi's room on the right. After talking to Vivi search the room for an Ether and 116 gil. After a little talk with Blank, you can open the chest there to find a Wrist. Go left and search for an Ether. Go down the stairs and search the north part of the room for a Rubber Helm. Go south and open the chest for a Leather Hat. Go back and to the right this time and talk to Baku. After talking with him, open the chest for a Potion, then follow him. When you talk to him again, you'll have to fight Baku one on one.

After defeating him, go up to Steiner's room and recruit him to help you find Garnet. Go back into his room to get an Ether from the chest, then go to Vivi's room to convice him to join as well.

Head back into the forest, along the way, you'll find a spring that will restore your HP and MP. A little further and you'll meet the Plant Brain. Blank will join you in the middle of the fight.

After the battle you'll have to run to escape the Plant Spiders.

Mist Continent

Head as far west as you can to visit the east side of North Gate and pick up a Potion and Eye Drops.

Head back and south to enter the Ice Cavern.

Ice Cavern

On the first screen grab a Tent then go up.

On the right, Vivi can burn through the wall to obtain an Ether. Pick up the Potion from the chest and go on.

In the next chamber, pick up an Elixir, Potion, and Mage Masher.

On the next screen, get a Leather Wrist and Phoenix Down.

After going up, go left at the fork to meet Mois the moogle. Go back and right to continue on.

The entire party will fall a asleep and only Zidane will wake up. Go forward to fight Black Waltz No. 1 and Sealion.

Nolrich Heights

You can visit South Gate and rest there for 100 gil.

Go to Observatory Mountain at the edge of the cliff to meet Morrid and grab a Hi-Potion and 135 gil.

Village of Dali

Search the Inn for a Potion and an Antidote.

Search inside the windmill for the Aries Stellazzio.

Talk to Dagger at Eve's shop and Vivi in front of the windmill then return to the Inn.

After Dagger joins you, head to the windmill. Go down the hatch inside the windmill. Pick up 156 gil, a Potion and an Eye Drops.

Continue to the next room where you'll find Kumop the moogle, a Potion and an Ether.

In the next room you can pick up a Leather Wrist and Iron Helm.

In the next room, you'll get Vivi back and can pick up 95 gil. If you choose to open the door, you can pick up a Phoenix Down, a Potion and a Phoenix Pinion, but you'll unleash the monsters and have to fight random battles.

After the 3 run into trouble, you'll flash to Steiner at the Observatory Mountain. Go down and talk to Morrid once he goes into his shed.

When you leave you'll end up at the landing area and eventually have to fight Black Waltz No. 2.

After the ship gets underway, Black Waltz No. 3 (Cargo Ship) will attack. You'll only have Zidane, Steiner and Vivi for this fight but Vivi will start with Trance.

Lindblum Grand Castle

Follow Minister Artania and meet with Regent Cid. Zidane will take off on his own and meet up with Freya.

The next day, you can explore the city as Zidane. Downstairs at the Inn, you can find 163 gil. Go north to the market and enter the door to next the fish shack to find the card freak. Open the chests to find a Hi-Potion and Echo Screen. Go north towards the church. Outside under the tree find a Tent, inside find a Leather Plate. Go back and follow the street to find the shops. Inside the synth shop pick up the Silver Gloves.

Go back to the terminal and fly to the Industrial District. Pick up a Leather Wrist just outside the terminal. Go up the stairs and search next to the pub for a Bronze Vest. In the house further north find a Mimic and a Steepled Hat.

Go back to the terminal and fly to the Theater District. Outside the terminal search for 127 gil. Proceed onward to the Tantalus hideout to find 68 gil Gil, 97 gil, 282 gil and the Mini-Burmecia. Go down the stairs to see Lowell. After he appears, a guy in a moogle suit comes out and leaves. Follow it back to the artist's house in front of the terminal and Lowell will be there. He'll give you his Autograph and you can search for the Moogle Suit and some Ore.

Go back to the terminal and fly to Lindblum Castle. Go up the stairs on the right this time to visit the guest room. After Steiner leaves, search the room for an Ether, a Glass Armlet and Mogki the moogle. Go back down the stairs, but when you try to get on the lift a guard stops you. Go back upstairs and talk to the sleeping guard outside the guest room. Now you can go up the lift. Go up the stairs on the left to find Dagger.

The Festival of the Hunt commences. After the Hunt, take the lift to the Base level and then the right trolley to the Serpent's Gate to pick up Wyerd. Then take the trolley to the Dragon's Gate to meet Moonte the moogle. You can buy items from the man standing there and then head out.

Eunoris Plains

Before you go anywhere else head to Qu's Marsh and pick up Quina.

After that go east and cross the river to find the Chocobo Forest where you learn to call and ride chocobos.

Just a little further east is South Gate where you can find a healing spring, the Moccha Coffee and an Ether.

Qu's Marsh (Mist Continent)

Go north until you get to the frog pond. Catch a frog for Quina and after talking with Quale at the hut at the far north, Quina will join your party.

Gizamaluke's Grotto

As you enter, head to the right and get the Gizamaluke's Bell (1) from the Burmecian soldier. Use the bell to open the door and continue.

Zorn and Thorn will send 2 Type A black mages to attack. After that, pass under the bridge and attack the wandering Type A black mages to get another Gizamaluke's Bell (2). Go up the steps and open the left door. Follow the wall around, pick up a Bronze Vest and then talk to the defeated Burmecian soldier to get your next Gizamaluke's Bell (1). Go back down the stairs and open the door to the far right.

As you traverse the stairs, pick up a Mythril Gloves and a Magus Hat. Give the moogle your Kupo Nut to get the him out of the big bell and then pick up another Gizamaluke's Bell (2) from the treasure chest. Use the bell to open the right-hand door to find Mogmi and Moguta. Talk to Moguta and tell him you like Kupo nuts. As you go back out, Moguta will give you the Holy Bell.

Go back out and use the bell to open the other door. As soon as you enter the next room, you must fight Gizamaluke.

Grand Citadel

After Steiner enters the gate, talk to Part-time Worker Mary and console her to get her to move. Talk to the Worker in front of the gate and then to the Earnest Young Man to get him to move. Pick up the Multina Racket in the chest on the left and then enter the alley (you won't be able to get the chest on top of the cart until much later). The guard will give you a Gate Pass before you go on.

At the cable car station, pick up a Potion in the chest. You can talk to Grimo the moogle here. When you're done here, board the cable car.

Burmecian Plains

Go east to find a Hi-Potion and Tent at North Gate.

Ignore the twister for now and go north to Burmecia.


Search the overturned cart for the Cancer Stellazio. Continue on and Zorn and Thorn will send some more Type A black mages to attack you.

Go up the stairs on the right. Behind the stairs inside is a Soft. The chest on the top of the stairs is a Mimic.

Go out to the left and past the big door and back inside. Cross the balcony to get the Germinas Boots in the chest (stay towards the back of the balcony). The balcony will break and fall when you cross back.

Go all the way back to the front of the building and in the door on the left. Grab a Potion and a Soft at the bottom of the stairs. The chest on the top is a Mimic.

Cross the balconies to get to the next room. Grab the Protection Bell under the bed and an Ether on the left. Go back to the big door on the top floor and use the bell to enter.

At the landing at the top of the giant staircase, go in the door in the center to rescue some Burmecians. Go back and up the staircase on the right and go across to the door on the left. Inside are two chests with a Phoenix Down and a Tent. The chest on the far side is a Mimic.

In the courtyard, go in the door on the left to find a Lightning Staff and Atla the moogle. When you leave, Stiltzkin will enter and offer you his goods. The door on the right contains a Mythril Spear.

When you go up the stairs, you'll end up battling Beatrix (Burmecia) so be prepared.