Name↑ Type  Element  Description 
Aero Thunder/Wind Wind Low Wind elemental damage
Apocalypse Other - Cataclysmic damage
Aura Support - Raises chances of getting Limit Breaks
Berserk Status - Target's Strength is increased but it attacks uncontrollably
Bio Status Poison Poison damage plus chance of poisoning target
Blind Status - Causes Darkness to target reducing its Hit rate
Blizzaga Ice/Water Ice High Ice elemental damage
Blizzara Ice/Water Ice Medium Ice elemental damage
Blizzard Ice/Water Ice Low Ice elemental damage
Break Status - Turns target into stone
Confuse Status - Target becomes confused and attacks randomly
Cura Life - Heals a medium amount of HP
Curaga Life - Heals a high amount of HP
Cure Life - Heals a low amount of HP
Death Life - Instantly kills target
Demi Time/Space - Reduces HP of the target by a percentage
Dispel Support - Removes spell effects that can't be removed by other means (i.e. Reflect)
Double Time/Space - Target can cast 2 spells (same spell) during a single turn
Drain Support - Takes HP from target and gives it to caster
Esuna Support - Removes most status effects
Fira Fire Fire Medium Fire elemental damage
Firaga Fire Fire High Fire elemental damage
Fire Fire Fire Low Fire elemental damage
Flare Fire Fire Extreme Fire elemental damage
Float Status - Target levitates, granting immunity to Earth attacks but weakness to Wind attacks
Full-Life Life - Brings target back to life with full HP
Haste Time/Space - Increases target's speed
Holy Life Holy Holy damage to target
Life Life - Brings target back to life
Meltdown Status - Reduces target's defense
Meteor Forbidden - Multiple meteors smash the enemies
Pain Status - Causes Poison, Darkness, and Silence to target
Protect Support - Target takes half damage from physical attacks
Quake Time/Space Earth Causes Earth damage to all enemies
Reflect Support - Magic attacks against target are reflected back
Regen Life - Target's HP goes up continuously
Scan Other - Displays info about the target
Shell Support - Target takes half damage from magic attacks
Silence Status - Target is unable to use magic
Sleep Status - Target falls asleep
Slow Time/Space - Reduces target's speed
Stop Time/Space - Target is frozen in time
Thundaga Thunder/Wind Thunder High Thunder elemental damage
Thundara Thunder/Wind Thunder Medium Thunder elemental damage
Thunder Thunder/Wind Thunder Low Thunder elemental damage
Tornado Thunder/Wind Wind High Wind elemental damage to all enemies
Triple Time/Space - Target can cast 3 spells (same spell) during a single turn
Ultima Forbidden - Most powerful magic
Water Ice/Water Water Water elemental damage
Zombie Life - Turns target into a zombie (undead)