Shumi Village

Part 1

When you first enter there's a Ultima DP blocked by 3 shumis. You can pay 5000 GP to draw from it. Go down the elevator to the main part of he village. There's a Timber Maniacs either in the Inn or the Artisan's residence.

Visit the workshop which is the house furthest to the left. Speak to the Sculptor and agree to go see the Elder. Go to the house with the moomba outside and listen to the Elder. Return to the workshop, speak to the Scupltor again and agree to help him find some stones.

bluethe rough stone behind the statue
windthe rocks to the left of the inn
lifein the roots of the tree to the right of the elder's house
shadowtake the elevator up and examine the circular formation on the right
waterin the sink of the Artisan's residence

After you find each stone, bring it back to the Sculptor who will tell you the next stone to get. Once you've found all the stones, go visit the Elder again. You'll receive the Phoenix Pinion as a reward.

Part 2

After some time has passed, return to Shumi Village and speak to the Elder's Attendant in the workshop and then the Elder. Talk to the moomba outside the Elder's house and go back to the workshop. After the moomba talks to the Attendant, go back and speak to the Elder again. Return to the workshop and speak to the Attendant again. Visit the Artisan and then the Elder once more.

Go to Fishermans Horizon and speak to the Grease Monkey. He'll give you his moomba doll. Return to Shumi Village and deliver the doll to Artisan. After you leave, Artisan will agree to work on the statue. Speak to the Elder before you leave to receive a Status Guard for your efforts.

Centra Ruins

Part 1

When you enter, a timer will start. You will have 20 minutes to reach your goal or else it is Game Over. It is highly recommended to use the Enc-None for this part.

Go forward along the path until you ride a lift up to a couple of ladders. Take the left one and climb up until you reach an opening. Inside, examine the pedestal to activate it. Go back down the ladder and examine the now blue pedestal at the bottom to reveal a staircase on the right. Go up until you come to a circular landing. Climb up the short ladder on the left and take the red eye from the statue. Continue up the circular stair until you reach a green dome. Use the ladder on the left to climb up it and find another statue. Put in the red eye you collected earlier to get a random numeric code. Take both eyes out of the statue now and go back to the first statue. Put both eyes in and then enter the code. Go in the door that opens to find Odin.

Once you have defeated Odin, he will randomly show up at the beginning of battle (except for boss battles) and instantly kill all enemies. During your final battle with Seifer (IV), Odin will be destroyed but Gilgamesh will take his place. Gilgamesh also appears randomly during battle, but he can appear at any point in the battle and can even show up during boss fights. He has 4 different attacks instead of 1 and randomly chooses one at each appearance.

  • Zantetsuken - kill all enemies (same as Odin's attack)
  • Masamune - large damage to all enemies
  • Excaliber - medium damage to all enemies
  • Excalipoor - 1 damage to all enemies

Part 2

After getting Odin, return to the Centra Ruins and run around the area near the broken fountain. After killing (not Carding) over 20 Tonberrys there is a chance that the Tonberry King will appear after each Tonberry battle. Defeating it gets you the Tonberry GF.

Winhill's Missing Vase

Go talk to the mayor who is inside the northernmost house standing on the stairs. 1st Piece: Examine the suit of armor in the house with Irvine in your party. When the chicobo runs away it will leave a Vase Piece on the floor. 2nd Piece: Follow the old lady into the flower shop at the 3-way crossing. Examine the flower and then answer "Yes" that you like flowers. Examine them again to get another Vase Piece. 3rd Piece: At the chocobo crossing sign, a chicobo will be running back and forth. Try to catch it and it will drop another Vase Piece. 4th Piece: Go to the pub that Raine used to own. Talk to the new owner upstairs until she mentions white flowers and then go down to the bar. Examine the tables until Raine's image appears. When it turns into the cat, examine it to receive another Vase Piece.

Once you have retrieved all 4 pieces, the mayor will give you a Holy Stone.

Deep Sea Research Facility

Part 1

When you enter, you'll see a glowing cylinder. Advance toward it only when the light goes out to avoid being attacked. When you reach it you must fight a Ruby Dragon. After defeating it, answer "Never" to fight another Ruby Dragon but this time with a back attack. Afterward, you'll have 2 choices, pick the 3rd invisible choice to battle Bahamut. Defeating it gets you Bahamut GF.

Part 2

After defeating Bahamut, leave and return to find a hole in the floor where the glowing cylinder used to be. Bring Zell along to make this easier. Descend down and examine the panel next to the hatch. Using 4 of your 20 RSP units, the computer will open the hatch for you.

On the 2nd Level, examine the panel and use 2 units to open the next hatch.

On the 3rd Level, examine the panel on the right and use 1 unit to open the next hatch.

On the 4th Level, examine the panel on the right and use 1 unit to open the next hatch.

On the 5th Level, examine the panel on the right and use 1 unit to activate the lift.

If you have Zell in your party, he can repair the machinery on the 6th level without using any units.

Continue down the stairs until you reach the bottom. Examine the red terminal (you must have at least 4 units of RSP remaining) to fight Ultima Weapon. You can Draw Eden from it.

Chocobo Forests

In each of the little round forests, you'll find the Chocoboy. The first time, you'll have to pay him 1000 gil to get the ChocoSonar and ChocoZiner. Press [Square] to bring up a menu where you can equip the ChocoSonar, equip the ChocoZiner, get a hint, or halt your search.

Your task is to wander around the forest, using the ChocoSonar to find spots where it reacts. Use the ChocoZiner at those spots to cause a certain number of chicobos to appear. Use it again in the same spot to make them disappear. Your goal is to have only one chicobo remaining. Once you have it, examine it to get the mother chocobo to appear. If you speak to it, you can ride it out from there or remain in the forest.

After the mother chocobo appears, use the ChocoSonor to find a new hot spot, use the ChocoZiner there and the mother chocobo will dig up a reward for you. After you've collected the reward, there will always be a chocobo waiting for you there at that forest.

The first time you find the large chocobo, you'll get a new pseudo GF "Boko" that you can summon in battle by using Gysahl Greens. You can only power up Boko by playing a minigame on a Pocketstation attachment.

Name Location Reward
The Beginner's Forest Winter Island (just outside Shumi Village) Aura Stone
The Basics Forest Trabia - Sorbald Snowfield (west of Trabia Garden) Flare Stone
The Roaming Forest Trabia - Bika Snowfield (northeast of Trabia Garden) Shell Stone, Holy Stone
The Forest of Solitude Centra - Nectar Peninsula (northeast of Centra Ruins) Protect Stone, Meteor Stone
The Forest of Fun Lenown Plains (southeast of Edea's House) Meteor Stone, Flare Stone, Ultima Stone
The Enclosed Forest Talle Mountains (south of Kashkabald Desert) Meteor Stone, Holy Stone, Ultima Stone

Once you have collected the items from each of the previous forests, ride a chocobo from the forest near Trabia across a shallow part of the sea to the Grandidi Forest to find another chobobo forest hidden there. After the big chocobos do their dance, speak to the chicobo to receive the Chicobo card.


There are 4 locations around the world where you may run into a flying saucer: Mandy Beach (near Timber), Winhill Bluffs (near Winhill), Trabia Heath Peninsula (island near Trabia), and Kaskabald Desert. You can encounter it even with Enc-None equipped, so you can use it to complete this sidequest quickly if you wish. The UFO will appear on the battle screen carrying something and then disappear.

After you have encountered it in all 4 locations, land on the cliffs just north of the Grandidi Forest for a final encounter, where you must actually defeat the UFO. After it explodes, go to Balamb where you will encounter the alien PuPu. You can choose to feed it 5 Elixirs to receive the PuPu card, or you can defeat it to get the normal battle rewards.

Obel Lake

There's a peninsula jutting into Obel Lake northwest of Timber. Examine the lake at the tip of the peninsula and try humming a few times until you are asked to find Mr. Monkey. Search the forest in Hasberry Plains west of Dollet until you find it. Pick either option and then return to Obel Lake to report Mr. Monkey's location. Now try throwing rocks until you get it to skip "many, many times".

The shadow will give you hints about various locations. There are 4 rocks with writing on them at these locations:

  • Balamb - Rinaul Coast
  • The forest in Hasberry Plains where you found Mr. Monkey, throw a rock at him until he throws one back (you must have already done the skipping part earlier for this event to happen)
  • Timber - Mandy Beach, on the skinny island just north of the bridge)
  • Galbadia - Monterosa Plateau, on top of the cliffs just south of where Galbadia Garden was near the waterfall (you'll have to fight 2 Thrustaevis to obtain it)

Arranging the letters on the rocks in sequence gives you this code:


Reading top-down, right to left gives you MORDRED PLAINS HAS TRAEASURE. Go to Mordred Plains, past the mountains north of Esthar. In the middle, if you examine the ground you'll find talking colored rocks. Go the opposite direction the red-faced ones tell you and ignore all others. When a red-faced one tells you the treasure is not here, examine it again to receive a Three Stars.

Another location to visit is Trabia - Eldbeak Peninsula (westernmost tip of the Trabia Continent). Examine the tip of the peninsula for this message: TRETIMEASUREATMINOFFDEISLE. Subtract TIME OFF to get TREASURE AT MINDE ISLE. Find Minde Island southwest of Esthar and search it to find a Luck-J Scroll.