Bone Village and Midgar Slums

Towards the end of Disk 2 go back to the Bone Village. If you choose to search for "Good treasure" you can find the Buntline and the Mop. If you choose to search for "Normal treasure" you can find the Key to Sector 5. It will allow you to return to Midgar and revisit the slums. Go to Wall Market and check the vending machine to get the Premium Heart and then visit the Weapon Store owner (who sold you the Batteries) to buy the Sneak Glove for 129,000 gil.

Chocobo Breeding

You can only start breeding chocobos after you have aquired the Highwind. To get started, go to the Chocobo Ranch and to purchase all 6 stalls from Choco Bill at 10000 gil apiece (60000 gil total). Purchase some of the cheaper greens, then equip the Chocobo Lure and go out to catch some chocobos at the various chocobo tracks on the world map.

The type of chocobos you'll find depends on where you're looking:

WeakNear the Chocobo Ranch, Near Icicle Inn
PoorNear the Chocobo Ranch, Near Junon
MediocreNear Rocket Town
AverageNear Gold Saucer, Near Wutai
FairNear Junon, Near Wutai
GoodNear Gold Saucer
GreatNear Mideel (must be in front of 2 Spirals)
WonderfulNear Icicle Inn (must be with 1 or 2 Jumpings only)

To breed a Green or Blue chocobo catch a Good and a Great chocobo and make sure they are of opposite sex. Feed them 10 Sylkis Greens apiece and then race them until you get them to the highest class they can get to. Mate them together using a Carob Nut. You may need to try several combinations of Good/Great Male/Female to obtain a Green and a Blue chocobo of opposite sex. A Green chocobo allows you to cross mountains, a Blue chocobo allows you to cross rivers.

Feed the Green and Blue 10 Sylkis Greens apiece and race them to the highest class they can get to. Mate them together using a Carob Nut to get a Black chocobo. A Black chocobo allows you to cross mountains and rivers.

Catch a Wonderful chocobo of the opposite sex as your Black chocobo and feed them both 10 Sylkis Greens. Race them both to S class and then breed them together with a Zeio Nut to get a Gold chocobo. A Gold chocobo allows you to cross any terrain including oceans. Feed your Gold chocobo 25 Sylkis Greens to get an unbeatable racing chocobo.

Racing your chocobos to a higher class increases the chances of getting a special chocobo. If you don't get the chocobo you want when you breed, you can either reset the game or go do other things then come back and try again after the chocobos have had a chance to recouperate.

Chocobo Sage

Northwest of Bone Village in the mountains is a small hut that can only be reached with the Highwind or a Green or better chocobo. Inside is the Chocobo Sage. He provides hints on breeding chocobos and sells some high quality nuts and greens: (Chocobo Sage Vegetable Store). Talk to the green chocobo and it will drop an Enemy Skill.

Defeating Emerald WEAPON

You may run into the Emerald WEAPON underwater anytime after you have acquired the submarine. Normally, you have a 20 minute time limit in which to defeat it. Equipping the Underwater removes the limit. Its Aire Tam Storm attack does 1111 damage per materia equipped to all your characters. Either cut down on the number of materia or use the Final Attack - Revive/Phoenix combination to prevent game over.

The easiest way to kill it is to use W-Summon with Knights of Round and have the other 2 characters Mime it until it dies. Make sure to keep your MP up to allow your characters to revive themselves if they die. Defeating it gets you the Earth Harp.

Defeating Ruby WEAPON

The Ruby WEAPON appears in the desert once Ultimate WEAPON has been destroyed. It is invincible until it has buried its claws in the sand, which it will only do after two of your characters have been killed or removed from battle with its Quicksand attack. The best way to handle this is to kill off two of your characters beforehand, wait until it buries its claws, and then cast Phoenix to revive your dead comrades. If you use Knights of Round on it, it will retaliate with Ultima. Alternatively, you can use Quadra Magic paired with Bahamut ZERO. Defeating it gets you the Desert Rose.

Defeating Ultimate WEAPON

After you fight the Ultimate WEAPON in Mideel if flies off. Afterward, you'll find it hovering over the crater lake near Junon. If you run into it with the Highwind you'll enter into battle with it. It can only be hit by long range attacks at this point. After doing a few thousand points of damage it will fly off again.

You'll have to fly around to find it again. Chase it down and keep ramming it with the Highwind until it stops and hovers so that you can fight it again. Some of the locations it stops at, it will be on the ground and you can hit it normally, but most times it will be flying.

Continue chasing it down and fighting it until it stops over Cosmo Canyon. You can now finally defeat it, whereupon it falls and explodes, opening a path for you to reach the Ancient Forest.

Enemy Skills Collecting

Most of the Enemy Skills are easy to get, however there are a few that make getting a completely filled Enemy Skill a challenge. Some of the enemies will never use the skill unless you use Manipulate on them and do it for them. Some of the enemies will not have the skill in the command list when you Manipulate them and for those, you'll just have to wait until they use it on their own.

Chocobuckle: This is arguably the hardest skill to get.

  1. You must have the L4 Suicide already and have at least 3 Mimett Greens
  2. Find a Level 16 Chocobo - they appear only rarely on the tracks near the Chocobo Ranch (use Sense to check their level)
  3. Feed it 3 Mimett Greens and then use L4 Suicide
  4. The Chocobo will counter with Chocobuckle
Getting Vincent

In the Shinra Mansion, obtain the Basement Key. Go down and open the door in the basement before the lab. Inside is a casket with Vincent inside. Talk to him 3 times and then leave the room. When you leave the mansion, he'll join you.

Getting Yuffie

Roam around in the forests between Fort Condor and Junon. Eventually you'll enter a battle with a Mystery Ninja. After defeating her, you'll find yourself in a small field with her and a Save Point. Do NOT use the Save Point.

Talk to her and answer with: "Not Interested", "Petrified", "Wait a second!", "That's right.", "Let's hurry on." Afterward, Yuffie will join your party.

Gold Saucer - Battle Arena

At the Battle Square in the Gold Saucer, you can test your fighting skills against a variety of opponents. Each time you enter you must pay 10 GP. Only a single fighter can participate and will fight up to 8 battles in a row with all damage and effects from each round carrying over to the next one. At the end of each round, you're given a random slot effect that applies at the beginning of the next round:

All Materia BrokenEffect is as if all your materia are unequipped
Command Materia BrokenEffect is as if all your yellow materia are unequipped
Independant Materia BrokenEffect is as if all your pink materia are unequipped
Support Materia BrokenEffect is as if all your blue materia are unequipped
Summon Materia BrokenEffect is as if all your red materia are unequipped
Magic Materia BrokenEffect is as if all your green materia are unequipped
MiniMini is cast on you at the beginning of the next round
FrogFrog is cast on you at the beginning of the next round
PoisonPoison is cast on you at the beginning of the next round
SpeedYour battle turn gauge charges at half speed
Sword BrokenEffect is as if your weapon is unequipped
Armor BrokenEffect is as if your armor is unequipped
Accessory BrokenEffect is as if your accessory is unequipped
Item Command SealedYou can no longer use items
1/2 HPYour maximum HP is cut in half
1/2 MPYour maximum MP is cut in half
1/2 HP & MPYour maximum HP and MP are cut in half
Zero MPYour maximum MP is set to 0
10 Levels DownYour level is reduced by 10
5 Levels DownYour level is reduced by 5
Time x30 DamageYou take damage equal to 30 times the amount of time on your gauge at the end of the round (if this is more than your current HP, reduces your HP to 1)
CureYou are restored to full HP at the beginning of the next round
Lucky 7No effects

The amount of Battle Points you earn depends on the severity of your handicaps and the number of rounds you won. You can quit after any round. If you beat all 8 rounds you're given the Tissue consolation prize. Once you have accumulated enough points you can trade them in for some items at the prize counter here:

Enemy Lure250
Right Arm500
Reagen Greens2000
Speed Plus4000
Championship Belt16,000

Once you have obtained Omnislash and W-Summon you'll have the option to enter the Special Battle. The opponents are much harder and the amount of BP you get remains the same, however if you beat all 8 rounds, you get the Final Attack as a prize.

Gold Saucer - Chocobo Racing

Once you have captured at least 1 chocobo, you can become a chocobo jockey and enter the chocobo races. Go to the Chocobo Racing section of the Gold Saucer and talk to Ester to register.

For every 3 races you win racing your chocobo, it will move up a rank to the next class: C, B, A, and finally S class. Each time you win you'll get to choose whether to accept the prize item or its equivalent in GP.

To get an edge on the competition, switch to manual control and hold down [R1]+[R2] during the race. This will recharge your chocobo's stamina (or decrease the drain if you're running at top speed).

If you win around 10 races in S class, Ester will give you a bonus: Sprint Shoes, Cat's Bell, Chocobracelet, Precious Watch, and Counter Attack.

Gold Saucer - Speed Square

At the Speed Square in the Gold Saucer you ride on a roller coaster and try to shoot down targets at the same time. If you can get over 3000 points, and you still have Aeris in your party, you get the Parasol. If not then you'll get the Flayer for Cid.

Gold Saucer - Wonder Square Prizes

There are several ways to obtain GP at the Gold Saucer. You can play the mini-games in the Wonder Square, bet on the chocobos at the chocobo square or race your own chocobo and collect GP instead of the prize. There is also a man that sometimes appears outside the entrance to the Gold Saucer in the ropeway station that will exchange Gil for GP at the rate of 100 gil for 1 GP. Once you have enough GP, you can visit the booth at the Wonder Square and exchange your GP for prizes.

Potion1 GP
Ether20 GP
X-Potion80 GP
Turbo Ether100 GP
Gold Ticket300 GP
Carob Nut500 GP
Gil Plus1000 GP
EXP Plus2000 GP
Gold Saucer - Wonder Square Games
GamePlay CostDescription
Arm Wrestling 100 gil Tap [O] quickly to beat the two wresters. You get 1 GP for the first one and 2 GP for the second.
Super Dunk 200 gil Hold the [O] button just the right amount of time and release to sink baskets. You get 1 GP for every basket you make but the game ends as soon as you miss. If you make 10 in a row, you'll be given the chance to double your GP. If you don't make it, your GP drops to 1.
Wonder Catcher 100 gil Randomly recieve small amount of GP, a Potion, or nothing.
3D Battler 200 gil Press [Triangle] for upper attack - beats low attack, loses to mid attack, ties upper attack. Press [Square] for mid attack - beats high attack, loses to low attack, ties mid attack. Press [X] for low attack - beats mid attack, loses to high attack, ties low attack. The first player to land 10 successful hits wins. Each opponent you defeat nets you 1 GP, but each successive opponent is more difficult.
Fortune Telling 50 gil Get a glimpse of your future! The fortune only changes after you leave the Wonder Square.
Mog House 100 gil Help Mog learn to fly! Feed him Kupo nuts when he grumbles and rubs his tummy, don't feed him when he squeeks and jumps in the air. The first time you play, you'll need to feed him 5 nuts. The second time, he only needs 3. After you beat it, talk to the guy watching you and he'll give you 30 GP.
G Bike 200 gil Play the motorcycle mini-game. Knock over the enemy bikes for 500 points. You lose 25 points every time one of them hits the truck. The higher your score, the more GP you receive. If you get a very high score, you may receive an item as well.
Snowboard 200 gil Play the snowboard mini-game. This game is not available until after you have been to the Great Glacier. There are 3 difficulty levels: Beginner, Expert, and Crazy. Avoid obstacles and grab the balloons to score points: Red is 1 point, Blue is 3 points, Green is 5 points. The higher your score, the more GP you earn. If you grab the Yellow balloon at the beginning of the course, you'll enter Time Attack Mode where you must race the Mog Ghost and try to get the best time.
Torpedo Attack 200 gil Play the submarine mini-game. This game is not available until after you have finished the Underwater Reactor. There are 5 levels of increasing difficulty. Avoid the mines and enemy torpedos. Lock on and fire your torpedos to take out the enemy subs. If you win the battle you receive 20 GP and an item.
Item Duplication Bug

There's a bug in the game that allows you to duplicate any item that can be used in battle as many times as you want.

Equip a character with the W-Item. During battle, select the item you want to duplicate and use it. W-Item lets you use an additional item in the same round so select another item to use but instead of actually using it, cancel out of using it. Each time you select and cancel the second item, your stock of the first item you selected to use will go up by one. Using this trick, you can increase your stock of any battle-usable item to a max of 99 for free.

Kalm Traveler

The man on the top floor of the building on the right in Kalm is looking for 3 things. If you bring him the Guide Book (morph a Ghost Ship) he'll give you the Underwater. If you bring him the Earth Harp (defeat Emerald WEAPON) he'll give you 1 each of Master Magic, Master Summon, Master Command. If you bring him the Desert Rose (defeat Ruby WEAPON) he'll give you a Gold chocobo.

Level 4 Limit Breaks

Each character must have obtained all of their other limit breaks before they can learn their level 4 limit break.

CharactersLevel 4 LimitTo obtain
CloudOmnislash Buy in the Battle Arena in the Gold Saucer after getting 32,000 points.
BarretCatastrophe Return to North Corel after the assault on the Sister Ray and talk to the lady in the house on the left.
TifaFinal Heaven Go back to Tifa's house in Nibelheim with Tifa in the party after Disk 1 and play the song from Cloud's flashback on her piano: [X], [Square], [Triangle], [R1]/[L1]+[Triangle], [R1]/[L1]+[Square], [X], [Square], [Triangle], [R1]/[L1]+[X], [O], [X], [Square], [X].
AerisGreat Gospel Talk to the Weapon Seller, then go talk to the Sleeping Old Man when the last two digits in the number of battles you've fought are the same to get Mythril. Give it to the Weapon Seller and open the small box upstairs.
Red XIIICosmo Memory Defeat Lost Number after opening the safe in the Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim.
Cait Sithno level 4 limit -
YuffieAll Creation Defeat Godo at the top level of the Pagoda in Wutai.
CidHighwind Found inside the Sunken Gelnika in the cargo bay.
VincentChaos Visit Lucrecia's Cave during Disk 2 then return there during Disk 3.
Lucky 7s

If a character's HP is reduced to 7777 during a battle, that character will suddenly go berserk and start attacking, with each hit always doing 7777 damage. When the battle is over, that character's HP is automatically reduced to 1 so that you can't carry it over to the next battle.

Lucrecia's Cave

After acquiring the sub or a Gold chocobo, you can reach a cave in a small lagoon above the waterfall near Nibelheim. During Disk 2, visit the cave with Vincent in your party to learn about Vincent's past from Lucrecia. Return to the cave during Disk 3. Lucrecia is gone and instead you'll find Vincent's ultimate weapon, Death Penalty, and his final limit break, Chaos.

Master Materia

If you master every materia in the green, red, or yellow categories, go to Bugenhagen's observatory and examine the huge materia of that color to get the corresponding Master Materia: (Master Magic, Master Summon, Master Command).

You only have to master Steal, Sense, Throw, Morph, Deathblow, Manipulate and Mime to get the Master Command.

Materia Caves

There are 4 caves that can only be reached with special chocobos. They each contain a unique materia.

LocationChocobo RequiredMateria
North of North CorelBlue or Green chocobo or higher HP<->MP
Northeast of Mideel at the end of the peninsulaBlue chocobo or higher Quadra Magic
Southeast of Wutai at the end of a peninsulaGreen chocobo or higher Mime
Island in the northeast corner of the world mapGold chocobo Knights of Round
Return to Cosmo Canyon

After the assault on the Sister Ray in Midgar, go back to Cosmo Canyon to the item shop. The roped off area is open now leading to a back room where you can find the Full Cure, an Elixir and a Magic Source.

Sleeping Old Man

There is a cave east of Junon that is only accessible with the Highwind or with a Blue or better chocobo. Inside is a sleeping old man.

If you try to talk to him, he'll give you various hints and information including how many battles you've fought and how many times you've escaped from battle. If you speak to him when that last two digits of the number of battles you've fought are the same, he'll give you a Bolt Ring (but only once). If you talk to him after talking to the Weapon Seller, he'll give you Mythril.

Turtle's Paradise Flyers

If you find all the flyers for the Turtle's Paradise, you get a prize.

Flyer #1Found in Midgar Sector 5 Slums inside the house on the right. The flyer is on the wall in the boy's room upstairs.
Flyer #2Found in Shinra HQ on the bulletin board in back on the first level. You only get two chances to find this one.
Flyer #3Found in the Gold Saucer on the wall of the lobby in the Ghost Hotel.
Flyer #4Found next to the weapon shop in Cosmo Canyon.
Flyer #5Found next to the innkeeper's desk in Cosmo Canyon.
Flyer #6Found in Wutai in the basement of Yuffie's house outside the trap room.

If you have found them all, go the Turtle's Paradise in Wutai and talk to the owner. The prize is 1 each of Power Source, Guard Source, Magic Source, Mind Source, Speed Source, Luck Source and Megalixir.

Ultimate Weapons
CharacterUltimate WeaponTo obtain
CloudUltima Weapon Defeat the Ultimate WEAPON.
BarretMissing Score Found in Midgar on the steps leading up to the Sister Ray. Barret must be in your party or it won't be there.
TifaPremium Heart Get the Key to Sector 5 and check the vending machine in Wall Market back in Midgar.
AerisPrincess Guard Found in the IV hallway in the Clock Room in the Temple of the Ancients.
Red XIIILimited Moon After the assault on the Sister Ray in Midgar, return to Cosmo Canyon with Red XIII in your party and speak to Bugenhagen.
Cait SithHP Shout During the second raid on Shinra HQ check the lockers on the 64th floor.
YuffieConformer Found inside the sunken Gelnika in the generator room.
CidVenus Gospel After the rocket has been launched in Rocket Town, talk to the old man outside the item shop 3 times.
VincentDeath Penalty Visit Lucrecia's Cave during Disk 2 then return there during Disk 3.
Weapon Seller

East of Gongaga, there's a small hut. Inside is a man who used to sell weapons.

If you talk to him while searching for the Keystone, he'll tell you that he sold it to Dio, the owner of the Gold Saucer.

If you talk to him after you've got the Mythril from the Sleeping Old Man, he'll let you open one of his two boxes. The large box downstairs has a Gold Armlet, the small one upstairs has Aeris' final limit: Great Gospel.

You can also rest here for free.

Zack and Cloud

After Cloud emerges from his catatonia, revisit the basement of the Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim. Go to the library, you'll get to see a flashback showing how Cloud ended up back in Midgar.

Wutai Pagoda Challenge

The pagoda challenge is only available if you have Yuffie in your party. To start the challenge, go to the pagoda at the back of Wutai. The challenge consists of having Yuffie go one-on-one with 5 opponents, one for each floor of the pagoda.

SecondShakeTurbo Ether
ThirdChekhovIce Ring
FifthGodoAll Creation

After defeating all 5 opponents, you'll receive Leviathan. You are able to leave at any time and come back later to try again.