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Name↑ Buy  Description 
Amulet 10000 Luck +10
Bolt Ring 8000 Nullifies Lightning attacks
Cat's Bell - Restores HP as you walk
Championship Belt - Strength/Vitality +30
Choco Feather 10000 Dexterity +10
Circlet - Magic/Spirit +30
Curse Ring - Raises all stats but...
Earring 7500 Magic +10
Fairy Ring 7000 Protects from Poison/Darkness status
Fire Ring 8000 Nullifies Fire attacks
Fury Ring 5000 Automatically puts you in Berserk
Headband 3000 Protects from Sleep
HypnoCrown - Increases Manipulation rate
Ice Ring 8000 Nullifies Ice attacks
Jem Ring 7500 Protects from Paralyze/Petrify/Slow-numb
Peace Ring - Protects from Berserk/Fury/Sadness
Poison Ring - Absorbs Poison attacks, protects from Poison status
Power Wrist 7500 Strength +10
Protect Ring - Automatically sets up Barrier and MBarrier
Protect Vest 3500 Vitality +10
Reflect Ring - Automatically sets up Reflect
Ribbon - Protects from all abnormal status
Safety Bit 7500 Protects from Sudden Death/Petrify/Slow-numb status
Silver Glasses 3000 Protects from Darkness status
Sneak Glove 129000 Increases Stealing rate
Sprint Shoes - Automatically puts you in Haste
Star Pendant 4000 Protects from Poison status
Talisman 4000 Spirit +10
Tetra Elemental - Absorbs Earth/Fire/Ice/Lightning
Tough Ring - Vitality/Spirit +50
Water Ring - Absorbs Water attacks
White Cape 5000 Protects from Frog/Small status