Buy: none
Type: Restore
Description: Fully restores HP and MP
Elements: none
Drop: Dark Dragon, Reno (III), Rude (III), Rude (IV), Staniv
Steal: Gighee, Iron Man, Master Tonberry, Tonberry
Morph: Harpy, Vlakorados
Shops: none
Find: Ancient Forest, Forgotten Capital, Gaea's Cliff, Gold Saucer - The Keystone, Great Glacier, Mideel, Midgar - Assault on the Sister Ray, Mt. Nibel, Mythril Mine, Nibelheim, Northern Cave - Beginning, Northern Cave - Left Path, Northern Cave - Right Path, Shinra Headquarters, Wutai
Obtain: Gold Saucer - Chocobo Racing, Return to Cosmo Canyon, Wutai Pagoda Challenge