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Name↑ Materia  MP  Description 
Alexander Alexander 120 Judgement: Holy damage to all enemies
Bahamut Bahamut 100 Mega Flare: Non-elemental damage to all enemies
Bahamut ZERO Bahamut ZERO 180 Tera Flare: Non-elemental damage to all enemies
Barrier Barrier 16 Makes target resistant to physical attacks
Berserk Mystify 28 Causes target to attack uncontrollably
Bio Poison 8 Poison attack
Bio2 Poison 36 Strong Poison attack
Bio3 Poison 80 Very strong Poison attack
Bolt Lightning 4 Lightning attack
Bolt2 Lightning 22 Strong Lightning attack
Bolt3 Lightning 52 Very strong Lightning attack
Break Contain 86 Powerful Earth attack, sometimes causes Petrify
Choco/Mog Choco/Mog 14 Deathblow/Fat Chocobo: Wind damage to all enemies, sometimes causes Stop
Comet Comet 70 Non-elemental attack
Comet2 Comet 110 Non-elemental attack
Confu Mystify 18 Causes target to attack randomly
Cure Restore 5 Restores small amount of HP
Cure2 Restore 24 Restores medium amount of HP
Cure3 Restore 64 Restores large amount of HP
Death Destruct 30 Instantly kills target
DeBarrier Destruct 12 Nullifies Barrier/MBarrier/Reflect/Wall
Demi Gravity 14 Gravity attack removes 1/4 HP
Demi2 Gravity 33 Gravity attack removes 1/2 HP
Demi3 Gravity 48 Gravity attack removes 3/4 HP
DeSpell Destruct 20 Nullifies any magical effects on the target
Escape Exit 16 Lets you escape from battle
Esuna Heal 15 Cures most abnormal status
Fire Fire 4 Fire attack
Fire2 Fire 22 Strong Fire attack
Fire3 Fire 52 Very strong Fire attack
Flare Contain 100 Powerful Fire attack
Freeze Contain 82 Powerful Ice attack, sometimes causes Stop
Full Cure Full Cure 99 Completely restores target's HP
Hades Hades 150 Black Cauldron: Casts all negative status on all enemies
Haste Time 18 Increases target's speed
Ice Ice 4 Ice attack
Ice2 Ice 22 Strong Ice attack
Ice3 Ice 52 Very strong Ice attack
Ifrit Ifrit 34 Hellfire: Fire damage to all enemies
Kjata Kjata 110 Tetra-disaster: Fire/Ice/Lightning/Earth damage to all enemies
Knights of Round Knights of Round 250 Ultimate End: Extreme damage to all enemies
Leviathan Leviathan 78 Tidal Wave: Water damage to all enemies
Life Revive 34 Brings target back to life
Life2 Revive 100 Brings target back to life with full HP
MBarrier Barrier 24 Makes target resistant to magical attacks
Mini Transform 10 Causes Small status (or cures it if already Small)
Neo Bahamut Neo Bahamut 140 Giga Flare: Non-elemental damage to all enemies
Odin Odin 80 Steel-bladed Sword: Instantly kills all enemies, Gunge Lance: does non-elemental damage to all enemies
Phoenix Phoenix 180 Phoenix Flare: Fire damage to all enemies and revives all fallen allies to full HP
Poisona Heal 3 Cures Poison
Quake Earth 6 Earth attack
Quake2 Earth 28 Strong Earth attack
Quake3 Earth 68 Very strong Earth attack
Ramuh Ramuh 40 Judgement Bolt: Lightning damage to all enemies
Reflect Barrier 30 Reflects spells up to 4 times
Regen Restore 30 Gradually restores HP
Remove Exit 99 Removes an enemy from the battle
Resist Heal 120 Prevents target from transformations (i.e. Toad,Mini)
Shield Shield 180 Makes target nearly immune to magical attacks
Shiva Shiva 32 Diamond Dust: Ice damage to all enemies
Silence Seal 24 Silences target, making it unable to use magic
Sleepel Seal 8 Puts target to sleep
Slow Time 20 Decreases target's speed
Stop Time 34 Paralyzes target
Titan Titan 46 Anger of the Land: Earth damage to all enemies
Toad Transform 14 Causes Toad status (or cures it if already Toad)
Tornado Contain 90 Powerful Wind attack, sometimes causes Confu
Typoon Typoon 160 Disintegration: Wind damage to all enemies
Ultima Ultima 130 Extreme damage to all enemies
Wall Barrier 58 Makes target resistant to physical and magical attacks