Alexandria - Battle

Have Dagger give orders:

Blutzen and KohelGather information
Weimar and HaagenProtect the townspeople
Breireicht and LaudoContact Lindblum
Dojebon and MullenkedheimFire the cannons

If you get it right, you receive an Angel Earrings, if not then you only get an Ether.

As Steiner and Beatrix, you must defeat a Mistodon in the Square. Head down to the next screen where you'll fight another Mistodon. Head down once more into another fight. Head right where you must fight 4 Mistodon battles in a row.

Once you control Dagger, head all the way upstairs.

Once you control Zidane's party, head upstairs after Dagger.

Items: Angel Earrings, Ether
Enemies: Mistodon