Dark City Treno

On the first screen, throw 10 Gil into the fountain 13 times to get the Gemini Stellazio.

You must view the "Treno Tradition" ATE to get an item later. If you press the [X] button just as the exclamation appears above Dagger's head during the ATE you'll only lose 500 gil instead of 1000 gil.

Go left and left again to get to the tower where you'll find a Mythril Dagger in a chest near its entrance. Go back and north then enter the cafe near the top left of the screen. Inside is the man who stole the money from Dagger. Talk to him to get a Power Belt (if you viewed the "Treno Tradition" ATE).

Go out and down then right past the card stadium. Mogrich the moogle is here in front of the Weapon shop. Go up and left and enter the auction house to find Dagger. Go down the ladder to find a Yeti and 1 gil in a couple of chests. The Taurus Stellazio is hidden behind the Item shop.

Once you are ready, go into the Inn and talk to Marcus to continue on. After meeting Dr. Tot, head to the tower on the west side of town again, enter and head to the top. Marcus will get the Supersoft from the chest. Talk to Dr. Tot and then head up the ladders on the right and into the hatch.

Cards: Yeti
Items: Mythril Dagger, Power Belt
Keyitems: Gemini, Supersoft, Taurus
Enemies: Griffin