Name↑ Mark  Type  Rank 
A Carrot Stalk Carrot Elite 7
A Chase Through the Woods Vorpal Bunny Normal 3
A Dark Rumor Belito Elite 5
A Ring in the Rain Croakadile Normal 2
A Scream from the Sky Wyvern Lord Normal 2
A Tingling Toast Marilith Normal 5
A Wild Stench Wild Malboro Normal 6
Adding Insult to Injury Roblon Normal 6
Antlion Infestation Antlion Elite 5
Battle on the Big Bridge Ancient Man of Mystery Elite 7
Befoulment of the Beast Feral Retriever Normal 3
Crime and Punishment Orthros Elite 5
Dalmasca's Desert Bloom Flowering Cactoid Normal 1
Dead City Watch Deathscythe Normal 6
Farewell to a Legend Yiazmat Elite 8
Fishy Dreams Ixion Elite 6
For Whom the Wyrm Tolls Ring Wyrm Normal 3
Get My Stuff Back! Vyraal Normal 5
God or Devil? The Seer Elite 6
Little Love on the Big Plains Cluckatrice Elite 1
Lost in the Pudding White Mousse Normal 5
Marauder in the Mines Nidhogg Normal 1
Old Legend, Decaying Bonds Lindwyrm Normal 5
Paradise Risen Gil Snapper Elite 3
Paramina Run Trickster Elite 5
Paying For the Past Catoblepas Normal 6
Red & Rotten in the Desert Rogue Tomato Normal 1
Rodeo to the Death Braegh Normal 4
Shelled Obstruction Darksteel Normal 4
The Black Sorceror Piscodaemon Normal 5
The Child Snatcher Diabolos Normal 7
The Creature Collector Goliath Normal 6
The Cry of Its Power Rocktoise Elite 1
The Dead Ought Sleep Forever Ixtab Normal 2
The Defense of Ozmone Plain Enkelados Normal 2
The Deserter's Revenge Bloodwing Normal 5
The Mine Flayer Mindflayer Normal 4
The Things We Do... Overlord Normal 6
Trouble in the Hills Atomos Normal 3
Truth Shrouded in Mist Behemoth King Elite 7
Visitor on Deck Deathgaze Normal 7
Waterway Haunting Wraith Normal 1
Who's the Strongest!? Pylraster Normal 7
Wolf in the Waste Thextera Normal 1
Wyrm Wrath's Renewal Fafnir Normal 7