Name↑ Nickname  Location 
Andrammelech the Wroth Zertinan Caverns/Arthroza Quicksands
Belias the Gigas The Tomb of Raithwall/Cloister of Flame
Chaos Walker of the Wheel Necrohol of Nabudis/The Crucible
Cuchulainn the Impure Garamsythe Waterway/No. 1 Cloaca
Exodus the Judge-Sal Mosphoran Highwaste/Empyrean Seat
Famfrit the Darkening Cloud Pharos - Third Ascent/Womb of the Sun-cryst
Hashmal Bringer of Order Pharos - Third Ascent/Heaven's Challenge
Mateus the Corrupt Stilshrine of Miram/Hall of Worth
Shemhazai the Whisperer Giruvegan/Gate of Wind
Ultima the High Seraph The Great Crystal/Crystal Peak
Zalera the Death Seraph Barheim Passage/Terminus No. 7
Zeromus the Condemner Stilshrine of Miram/Throne of Veiled Gods
Zodiark Keeper of Precepts Henne Mines/Special Charter Dig