The Search for Ellone

After waking up back in Balamb Garden, head to the bridge and pilot the garden to Edea's House which is the orphanage on the west end of the southern continent that you were trying to get to just before the battle with Galbadia Garden. Inside, talk with Cid and Edea. Return to the Garden. You can find the Weapons Mon Jul lying on the ground in the Training Center at this point. When you're ready, go visit Rinoa in the infirmary. After you see her, you'll enter the dream world again.

As Laguna you'll fight a dragon in a mini-game. Attack unless the dragon makes a quick recovery, then block. After you run away, Kiros will join you as the dragon attacks again. You can choose to wait a sec and go left to save and junction your characters. Go back right to battle the Ruby Dragon.

You wake up as Squall in the infirmary. When you're ready, leave the garden and go back to the Edea's House. Speak to Edea again and she will tell you where to find the White SeeD ship. She also gives you the Sorceress' Letter to give to them when you find it.

Locate the White ship by sailing around the inlets of the Centra continent, just north of Edea's House. Explore the ship to have a reunion with Watts and Zone. Go to the steering room and speak to Zone 3 times and he'll ask about the Girl Next Door magazine. If you give it to him for free and he'll give you a Rename Card and the Shiva card. Go down below deck to give the Leader the Sorceress' Letter and learn that Ellone is no longer aboard.

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