Midgar - Assault on the Sister Ray

Fly over Midgar and the team will parachute down into the city. Cait Sith will lead the team down into the underground.

Go left down the ramp and then back. Go right to get an Elixir and then left to get a Megalixir. Go back and head down the stairs and climb down to the bottom level. Go left and back. Climb the ladder to the chest on the top level to get the Aegis Armlet. Climb back down and go right this time. The floor will break and drop the team down.

Go left and climb up the ladder on the pipe. Head left and take the chute down. Grab the Elixir and the Starlight Phone on the platform and then climb down to the lower platform and jump to the chute on the right.

Climb up the chute and then up the ladder to reach the Max Ray. Go back to the double platform and take the stairs up. Crawl through the tunnel to reach the train tunnels.

Head all they way south to get a Power Source, Guard Source, Magic Source, Mind Source, and the W-Item.

Go north and you'll run into the Turks. You can choose whether or not to fight them. If you choose to fight, you'll face Reno (IV), Rude (IV), and Elena together.

If you go all the way to the section 0 fork and then left, the exit takes you to Shinra HQ where you can get the Master Fist and Pile Banger in the shop on the 2nd floor, the Grow Lance on floor 63 and the HP Shout in the lockers on floor 64.

Go back to the section 8 fork and head left. After you climb up to the street you'll have to fight Proud Clod (and Jamar Armor). Keep heading north.

Get the Elixir and Mystile in the chests and then go up the stairs to reach the Sister Ray. Grab the Missing Score near the top (must have Barret in your party). When you reach the controls you'll have to fight Hojo (along with Bad Rap Sample and Poodler Sample) then Helletic Hojo (with Helletic Hojo Left Arm and Helletic Hojo Right Arm) then Lifeform Hojo without a break.

Obtain: Enemies:
Notes: If you choose to fight them, be sure to steal the Turks' items. Make sure you have Barret in your party before starting up the stairs to the Sister Ray.