Shinra Headquarters

As you approach the building you'll be given the option of busting in or sneaking in quietly. It actually doesn't matter which you choose, only which way you go. If you want to sneak in head towards the left to take the stairs to the 59th floor. (That's a lot of stairs!) Along the way you can listen to the hilarious bantering of the characters and pick up an Elixir about halfway to the top.

If you want to bust on in, just go in the front entrance. You'll have to fight random encounters the whole time in addition to being attacked by a squad of Grenade Combatants as you enter. The second level has an item shop in the upper right with two chests that can't be opened yet. Enter the elevator at the far end of the building on any of the levels. Once inside the elevator an alarm will go off and the elevator will go out of control. Each time you attempt to stop it will result in a battle until finally you reach the 59th floor.

Attack the guards at the elevators on the right and afterward you'll find the Keycard 60. This allows you to get to the 60th floor in the elevator. Talk to Barret and Tifa in the elevator to move it along.

Once on the 60th floor, go into the room on the left and then sneak past the marching guards. Use the statues for cover and only move when they turn away. If they see you, you'll have to fight 2 Mighty Grunts in an attack from both sides. Once across, ascend the stairs on the opposite side to reach floor 61.

Talk to the man walking near the stairs and don't ask about Aeris. He'll give you the Keycard 62. Continue up the stairs to floor 62.

Go to the room on the left and talk to the mayor. He offers to give you his keycard if you guess his password. The password is different each time you play so you can pay Hart, the Deputy Mayor, for hints or you can just visit the libraries and look for the book that doesn't belong in each one. Match the number on the book with the letter in its title and once you have all the letters, unscrable them to find the password. If you get it right on the first try the Mayor will give you an Elemental along with his Keycard 65.

On floor 63 is an optional puzzle that allows you to get up to 3 items. Open the first door on the top and then the third door from the right. This allows you to get into the first room and grab the Coupon A. Climb into the air duct to get to the other room and grab the Coupon B. Open the door blocking the middle room to get the third Coupon C. Return to the computer and exchange the coupons for these items: Star Pendant, a Four Slots, and an All.

Floor 64 is a recreational area. You can rest for free in the room on the left. Check the lockers in the room at the top for a Phoenix Down and an Ether. You'll also find a megaphone, but you can't take it yet. When finished, head up the stairs to floor 65.

On floor 65, you'll have to fight random encounters. Open the bottom chest in the upper left room to get some Midgar parts. Go to the model in the center and place the parts. This unlocks the next chest. Get the rest of the parts from the chests in this order: lower chest in lower left room, upper chest in the upper left room, upper chest in the lower left room, chest in the upper right room. After you've finished placing all the parts, open the chest in the stairwell to get the Keycard 66.

On floor 66, go to the bathroom stall in the upper left and select "Climb Up". Crawl forward to the grate to listen in on the Shinra meeting. Go back down and follup Hojo up the stairs.

On the 67th floor, head to the room on the left to get your first looks at Jenova and Red XIII. Go up and pick up the Poison from the chest and then ride the elevator up to the 67th floor. There, you'll free Aeris and choose to send her with either Barret or Tifa. The remaining member of your team and Red XIII will join you to fight Sample:HO512 along with 3 Sample:HO512 opt. After the fight, you'll be given a chance to rearrange and reequip your party. Pick up the Enemy Skill that was left in the chamber. Go talk to Hojo's assistant to get the Keycard 68 and pick up 2 Potions. Follow him as he flees to grab 2 more Potions.

You can't go any further, so go back down to floor 66 and get on the elevator. But before you can escape, you'll be caught by the Turks. After meeting with the president you'll be imprisoned in the cells on floor 67. Go to the door and talk to each of the other characters and then take a nap.

When you wake up, the door is inexplicably open and the guard is dead. Wake Tifa and then use the guard's key to let out the others. After Tifa and Aeris join you, follow the trail of dead bodies and blood upstairs to the president's office. When Rufus's helicopter arrives, head outside to meet him. Cloud and Tifa will leave the party, the rest will head for the elevator. As soon as you press the button in the elevator, you'll have to fight Hundred Gunner and then Heli Gunner with no break between. After that battle, Cloud must battle Rufus and Dark Nation alone. After defeating them head down and find Tifa.

The scene switches to the others as they reach the 1st floor. Tifa joins them as Cloud busts out with a motorcycle. You'll have to do the Motorcycle Mini-game, then fight Motor Ball.

After the battle you'll leave the city of Midgar and head into the great wide world outside.

Obtain: Enemies:
Notes: During the Motorcycle Mini-game, the damage the characters take will translate into lost HP when you begin the battle against Motor Ball.