Name↑ Description  Buy 
1000 Needles Deals 1000 damage to one target 7000
Achilles Give one target a new random elemental weakness 8800
Addle Reduces Magic of one target 3500
Bonecrusher User expends HP to cause KO to one target 700
Charge User recovers some MP 1700
Charm Cause Confuse to one target 5000
Expose Reduces Defense of one target 3800
First Aid Restores random amount of HP to one ally with HP Critical 700
Gil Toss Use gil to damage all targets in range 2000
Horology Deals damage to all targets in range based on a factor of time. 2000
Infuse User expends all MP to give an ally 10 times the amount of MP expended 2000
Libra Cause Libra to self 500
Numerology Deals damage to all enemies in range with the amount increasing with successive hits 2048
Poach If target is at HP Critical, then they disappear and leave loot 7000
Revive User expends all HP to revive KO ally 10000
Shades of Black Cast a random black magic spell 5000
Shear Reduces Magic Defense of one target 3600
Sight Unseeing When user is Blind, reduces HP of one target to critical 6800
Souleater Use 20% of max HP to do damage to one target 6400
Stamp All status effects on user are transferred to one target 4500
Steal Steal loot from one target 1600
Telekineisis Does ranged damage with non-ranged weapon 7100
Traveler Deals damage to all targets in range based on total number of steps taken. 6700
Wither Reduces Strength of one target 3500