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FF9 Walkthrough

My Final Fantasy 9 Walkthrough is finally up! It is very basic at the moment but I'll be improving it and crosslinking it once I complete the database for the Items and so forth.

2002-08-18 12:04:19

More links in FF8 database

Added more crosslinks to my FF8 database, mostly within the text entries of the table.

2002-08-10 12:03:07

Games page update, Rebellion database improvement

Updated my Games page to reflect some other games that I may not necessarily host resources for but that I keep close tabs on. Also added to My Rebellion Database the capability to choose the fields that are displayed on the list page for each table. The javascript that reveals the choices doesn't work in Opera, but it does work in Mozilla/Netscape and IE. If anyone knows a substitute for document.getElementById() that works in Opera, please let me know.

2002-07-25 12:02:15

Rebellion Database update

Added a Strategy/Info page to my Rebellion section. Also cleaned up some typos.

2002-07-14 12:01:09

Links page update

Updated my Links page with some new links. Also the links are now in a MySQL database and the page dynamically generates the list using PHP. I use this combo on all my databases, as do many other web designers since both tools are free and easy to use. If you want to get started learning about this kind of thing, read the Webmonkey PHP/MySQL tutorial.

2002-07-08 12:00:26