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Main Site Redesign

The main part of the site has been redesigned to match with the new design for the Games section of the site.

The color scheme has been updated, some pages have been removed and others added. The main pages have been restructured to be static instead of dynamic since they do not change much. Movable Type now manages all the templates for the site instead of just PHP. Now the pages can be static or dynamic and the templates for them can still be maintained separately.

There have also been some incremental improvements to the Games section with the most important being a link for each page to view the most recent posts for that section.

2004-09-26 18:08:07

Games section redesign

The Games section has been redesigned yet again. This time the interface has been changed dramatically. Navigation has been improved and the color scheme has been lightened. Numerous small fixes on various pages as well. It will only look its best in the very latest browsers due to heavy use of CSS.

2004-06-19 07:15:32

Games refactor

The entire backend of the games reference section has been refactored. It now should only have to load about half the amount of code that it did before and should be significantly faster.
The posting system has also been modified to show more info at a time, including any posts underneath whatever the current level is.

2004-04-11 17:44:45

New posting system

I've added a rudimentary posting system to the game reference section. Posts can now be added to each individual page.

2004-03-21 23:20:13

Game consolidation

It may seem like nothing has been happening but I've been busy working on a redesign of the game references section of the site. The entire thing has been rewritten nearly from scratch to bring everything into a single application. It should be more robust and much faster now.

The redesign will cause any links directly into the references to not take you where you expect now. Any old or non-recognized link into the site should take you to the main listing of the games now so you can find the page you want and reset your link.

I'm going to start working on a commenting system to integrate with the game section since I've been getting so many questions and comments relating to it and it'd be nice if others could see the info too.

2004-03-14 13:10:25