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Name↑ Buy  Type  Description 
Added Cut - Support Attacks simultaneously when paired Materia is used
Added Effect - Support Adds Materia status to equipped weapon or armor
Alexander - Summon Summon Alexander: Judgement
All - Support 'All' effects on paired Magic
Bahamut - Summon Summon Bahamut: Mega Flare
Bahamut ZERO - Summon Summon Bahamut ZERO: Tera Flare
Barrier 10000 Magic Cast protective spells
Choco/Mog - Summon Summon Choco/Mog: Deathblow or Fat-Chocobo
Chocobo Lure 2000 Independant Attracts Chocobo
Comet - Magic Call down meteors to damage enemies
Contain - Magic Cast powerful elemental magic with status effects
Counter - Support Attacks with paired Command when damage is incurred
Counter Attack - Independant Counter attacks when damage is incurred.
Cover 1000 Independant Protects allies when attacked
Deathblow 10000 Command D.blow - critical hit or misses
Destruct 9000 Magic Cast spells to remove protective magical effects or cause instant death
Double Cut - Command 2x-Cut - hit single enemy twice, 4x-Cut - hit 4 random enemies but at reduced power
Earth 1500 Magic Cast Earth elemental magic
Elemental - Support Adds Materia element to equipped weapon or armor
Enemy Away - Independant Decreases encounter rate
Enemy Lure - Independant Increases encounter rate
Enemy Skill - Command (Enemy Skills)
Exit 10000 Magic Cast magic to escape or remove enemies from battle
EXP Plus - Independant Earn more experience after winning a battle.
Final Attack - Support Automatically uses paried Materia when disabled
Fire 600 Magic Cast Fire elemental magic
Full Cure - Magic Cast Full Cure
Gil Plus - Independant Earn more gil after battles
Gravity 8000 Magic Cast Gravity elemental magic
Hades - Summon Summon Hades: Black Cauldron
Heal 1500 Magic Cure status ailments
HP Absorb - Support Attacks with paired Materia absorb HP
HP Plus 8000 Independant Increases HP capacity
HP<->MP - Independant Exchange HP and MP levels
Ice 600 Magic Cast Ice elemental magic
Ifrit - Summon Summon Ifrit: Hellfire
Kjata - Summon Summon Kjata: Tetra-disaster
Knights of Round - Summon Summon Knights of Round: Ultimate End
Leviathan - Summon Summon Leviathan: Tidal Wave
Lightning 600 Magic Cast Lightning elemental magic
Long Range - Independant Same attack power even from the back row
Luck Plus - Independant Increases Luck
Magic Counter - Support Attacks with paired Magic when damage is incurred
Magic Plus - Independant Increases Magic
Manipulate - Command Manip. - Control enemy
Master Command - Command Use most commands
Master Magic - Magic Cast all magic spells
Master Summon - Summon Cast all summons
Mega All - Independant 'All' effects on every action
Mime - Command Mime - copies last attack used by previous ally
Morph - Command Morph - transform enemy into item
MP Absorb - Support Attacks with paired Materia absorb MP
MP Plus 8000 Independant Increases MP capacity
MP Turbo - Support Uses extra MP and increases power of paired Magic
Mystify 6000 Magic Cause Confuse and Berserk status ailments
Neo Bahamut - Summon Summon Neo Bahamut: Giga Flare
Odin - Summon Summon Odin: Steel-bladed Sword or Gunge Lance
Phoenix - Summon Summon Phoenix: Phoenix Flare
Poison 1500 Magic Cast Poison elemental magic
Pre-Emptive - Independant Increases rate of pre-emptive attacks
Quadra Magic - Support Paired Magic used 4 times
Ramuh - Summon Summon Ramuh: Judgment Bolt
Restore 750 Magic Cast healing magic
Revive 3000 Magic Cast spells to revive dead allies
Seal 3000 Magic Cause Sleep and Silence status ailments
Sense 1000 Command Sense - sense enemy's HP/MP/etc
Shield - Magic Cast Shield
Shiva - Summon Summon Shiva: Diamond Dust
Slash-All - Command Slash-All - half damage to all enemies, Flash - instantly kills all enemies (except those immune to instant death)
Sneak Attack - Support Pre-emptive attack with paired Materia
Speed Plus - Independant Increases Dexterity
Steal 1000 Command Steal - steal item from enemy, Mug - steal item from enemy and do damage
Steal As Well - Support Steal simultaneously when paired Materia is used
Throw - Command Throw - throw weapon, Coin - throw money
Time 6000 Magic Cast time control spells
Titan - Summon Summon Titan: Anger of the Land
Transform 5000 Magic Cause Mini and Toad status ailments
Typoon - Summon Summon Typoon: Disintegration
Ultima 50000 Magic Cast Ultima
Underwater - Independant Underwater breathing
W-Item - Command W-Item - use 2 items during one turn of battle
W-Magic - Command W-Magic - cast 2 spells during one turn of battle
W-Summon - Command W-Summon - cast 2 summons during one turn of battle