Name↑ MP  Description 
???? 3 Does damage to an enemy equal to the difference between the user's max HP and current HP
Angel Whisper 50 Revives or cures status and restores small amount of HP to an ally
Aqualung 34 Water damage to all enemies
Bad Breath 58 Causes Poison, Confu, Sleepel, Silence, Small and Frog on all enemies
Beta 35 Fire damage to all enemies
Big Guard 56 Casts Barrier, MBarrier and Haste on all allies
Chocobuckle 3 Deals damage to one enemy equal to the number of times you have run from battle
Death Force 3 Makes one ally immune to instant Death attacks
Death Sentence 10 Starts a countdown to Death on one enemy
Dragon Force 19 Raises Defense and Magic Defense of one ally
Flame Thrower 10 Causes Fire damage to an enemy
Frog Song 5 Causes Frog and Sleep on all enemies
Goblin Punch 0 Small damage to one enemy
L4 Suicide 10 Does large damage and causes Small on all enemies with levels that are multiples of 4
L5 Death 22 Causes Death to enemies with levels that are multiples of 5
Laser 10 Halves the HP of one enemy
Magic Breath 75 Fire, Ice and Lightning damage to all enemies
Magic Hammer 3 Removes 100 MP from all enemies
Matra Magic 8 Medium damage to all enemies
Pandora's Box 110 Large damage to all enemies, bypassing Defense
Roulette 6 Causes Death to an enemy or ally at random
Shadow Flare 100 Large damage to an enemy
Trine 20 Lightning damage to all enemies
White Wind 34 Cures status and restores HP to all allies equal to the user's current HP