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Name↑ Weapon  Limit Notes 
Aeris Staff Aeris' limits are primarily focused on healing/restoration and protection.
Barret Gun-arm Barret uses his gun-arm and a few other tricks in his limits.
Cait Sith Megaphone Cait Sith has only 2 limits, but they are unique. His second level limit is actually several possible limits in one.
Cid Spear Cid uses his spear and jumping ability in several of his limits, but he has other tricks as well.
Cloud Sword Cloud's limits involve various techniques using his sword.
Red XIII Headdress Red XIII's limits have a variety of effects, some helpful to the party, some damaging to the enemy.
Tifa Glove Tifa's limits are cumulative, meaning that each limit includes all the ones before it as well. She has a slot reel for each limit, that give her a Hit, Miss or Yeah! for normal, zero or double damage respectively, to build up a devastating combo.
Vincent Gun Vincent's limit transformation raises his HP in addition to granting him incredible powers, but you lose control of him for the remainder of the battle.
Yuffie Throwing Star Yuffie shows off her ninja skills with a wide variety of techniques.