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Site design modification

The site has recieved some modification to its design. It is far more accessible and readable now and more friendly to older browsers (with a few exceptions). Also, it should work at nearly any resolution/window size.

2003-01-30 12:08:43

FF7 at last

I finally put up some of my FF7 stuff. I had been waiting until I finished the walkthrough, but it's taking too long, so I thought I'd put up something at least. It's very basic right now and there are probably still some errors, but it's functional. Expect it to evolve quite a bit from where it is now.

2003-01-19 12:08:03

Backend updates for FF9

Lots of changes to the FF9 database, including: modifying backend to be faster building the page from the database, adding a Status section, increasing font weight and adding more colors to make it more readable, lots of bug fixes. The font weight actually applies to all my databases since it makes it so much more readable.

2002-10-09 12:07:10

Game sections updates

Just some minor updates to my games sections (FF8, FF9 and Rebellion). Changes include some minor modifications to the layout and some spelling/bug fixes. Also, the Key Items have been split off into their own table now in the FF9 section.

2002-09-26 12:06:16

Full FF9 section

Most of the data for my FF9 site has been uploaded now. There are some features and other things that I am still working on, but enough of it is there for it to be useable.

2002-09-15 12:05:16