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New version of Kohana

I've upgraded the Kohana framework from version 2 to version 3. It was a bigger process than I thought, but I was also making some changes at the same time.
The majority of the site remains unchanged, but I did remove the About and Links sections - the content is not gone, just moved to "about" tabs on relevant pages.

2010-07-18 22:07:24

FF8 walkthrough

Well, I finally went back and finished up my FF8 walkthrough. It's not totally complete, but I doubt if I'll go back to it again - seeing as how it's my least favorite FF.

2009-11-27 12:29:48

Changes and updates

At long last, I've returned to finish the latest update.
The newest addition is Final Fantasy XII in the games section. I've also added some Amazon links to try to raise some funds to keep this site alive - I hope I won't have to resort to advertising in the future, but we'll see.
Other changes include rewriting the backend to take advantage of the Kohana PHP framework. It was surprisingly close to how my home-brewed framework worked, but obviously much more complete and flexible.
And unless you're color-blind, I've updated the colors to be a little more 'colorful' since some people were complaining that it was too boring.
I hope I haven't introduced too many bugs with this latest update, so enjoy!

2009-04-05 15:17:09

Site redesign - again

It's been a long time coming, but I finally completed the new design for the site. It no longer uses Movable Type for backend changes - it's based entirely on my own code now.

New features include:

Hopefully I'll get inspired and put up some more games in the future...

2007-10-09 21:50:13

FFX2 is up at last

I finally got the FFX2 section to the point where it's usable so I'm making this a Christmas present to all the Final Fantasy fans out there!

This game was by far the most complex to work with which is one of the reasons I put it on the back burner for so long. There are still some parts missing that will need to be filled in, but they can come later. For now, just have a Merry Christmas!

2005-12-23 14:53:44