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Games section update: FFX is up!

Many changes to the Games section but the most notable is that FFX is finally up. The Walkthrough and Sidequest sections are not quite complete, but complete enough for most of the game. Some usability enhancements all around, including type selectors and alphabet jump menus for the larger tables to make it easier to find what you're looking for.

2003-07-29 12:12:59

Site problems

Apologies if the site has been having problems. Our hosting company moved us to a new server at a new location and then to another one when the first server had stability problems. In addition to all the downtime due to the move, the parts of the site that required access to the database were down because our passwords were all inadvertantly reset. Everything should be up and running now however.

Although there haven't been any updates, much work has been going on behind the scenes and the FFX section is nearly completed. Even though the framework was already in place, there is so much more to it than the other FFs that it is taking longer than the others did.

2003-06-15 12:12:01

FF7 complete

My FF7 section is pretty much complete now. Quite a few more things have been added, but most notably are the Walkthrough and Sidequests and Secrets section. Also cleaned up all the broken links, so there shouldn't be any missing entries in any of the games sections.

2003-04-05 12:11:09


Reorganized quite a few pages on the site, mostly backend stuff. The main pages are still in the same places, but the dynamically included things have been moved all over the place.

Also, the RSS feed for my updates is available now. It's just for the geek factor since I can't imagine anyone wanting to use it at the moment.

2003-03-08 12:10:13

XHTML compliant

Well I've just about finished validating my site as XHTML Strict (you'll see that I added a button to do just that on my sidebar). It was a lot of work so I don't recommend that people convert their sites unless it's very small like mine or they have a good reason to. All of the main pages should validate, but I haven't done a thorough testing of my games databases so there may still be some things that aren't compliant there. I like to promote standards in web design and since XML has really taken off as a data format, I feel that it was best to go with it. Also, since XHTML will work in any browser that supports HTML with CSS and it also is completely valid XML code, it is the best of both worlds. Please check out for more information if you're interested.

2003-03-04 12:09:31