Lightning Rod Towers

The Thunder Plains Lightning Rod Towers are in need of calibration. In order to calibrate them, you will have to enter a series of commands in the form of button presses. You will be allowed 2 misses per try, upon the 3rd miss you will have to start over. In general, the southern towers are easier than the northern ones. There are 10 towers with 3 types to deal with: 3 for Rikku, 3 for Paine and 4 for Yuna.

Rikku's Towers
Instructions: hit the button shown on the screen before it disappears. At Tower 7, you'll have to hit 2 buttons simultaneously.
Tower Screen Position Possible Buttons
Tower 1 middle [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square]
Tower 4 random [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad]
Tower 7 random [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad] [L1] [R1]
Paine's Towers
Instructions: hit the 1 out of 3 buttons that flashes as they fall down the screen.
Tower Number of Hits Speed Possible Buttons
Tower 2 0-10 Slow [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square]
11-15 Slow [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad]
16-25 Medium [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad]
26-30 Fast [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad]
Tower 5 0-5 Slow [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square]
6-10 Slow [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad]
11-15 Medium [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad]
16-30 Fast [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad] [L1] [R1]
Tower 8 0-5 Slow [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad]
6-15 Medium [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad] [L1] [R1]
16-25 Fast [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad] [L1] [R1]
26-30 Very Fast [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad] [L1] [R1]
Yuna's Towers
Instructions: repeat button sequence in the correct order. You cannot walk to Tower 10 but you can do a remote calibration by going to a spot on the left side just below the shelter.
Tower Number of Hits Number in Sequence Possible Buttons
Tower 3 0-10 2 [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square]
11-25 3 [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square]
26-30 4 [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square]
Tower 6 0-10 2 [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad]
11-25 3 [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad]
26-30 4 [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad]
Tower 9 0-10 2 [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad] [L1] [R1]
11-20 3 [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad] [L1] [R1]
21-25 4 [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad] [L1] [R1]
26-30 5 [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad] [L1] [R1]
Tower 10 0-10 2 [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad] [L1] [R1] [L2] [R2]
11-15 3 [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad] [L1] [R1] [L2] [R2]
16-20 4 [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad] [L1] [R1] [L2] [R2]
21-25 5 [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad] [L1] [R1] [L2] [R2]
26-27 6 [Triangle] [Circle] [X] [Square] [D-pad] [L1] [R1] [L2] [R2]

Speak to the Al Bhed in the Travel Agency to check on your progress. Once you have attempted every tower and perfectly calibrated at least 5 of them, he'll give you the Samurai's Honor grid.

This sidequest is only available in Chapter 2 and Chapter 3. The prizes that are obtained in Chapter 5 during A Fallen Genius? are dependant on how well you do in this sidequest, so try to calibrate as much as you can.

Rewards (Chapter 5)
# of calibrations
Tower 0 - 5 6 - 14 15 - 24 25 - 29 30
Tower 1 Ether Ether x2 Turbo Ether Turbo Ether x2 Elixir
Tower 2 X-Potion Mega-Potion x2 Elixir Elixir Megalixir
Tower 3 Mega Phoenix Mega Phoenix Elixir Elixir Megalixir
Tower 4 Power Wrist Black Belt Hyper Wrist Power Gloves Champion Belt
Tower 5 Silver Bracer Hypno Crown Gold Bracer Pixie Dust Regal Crown
Tower 6 Yellow Ring Lightning Gleam NulShock Ring Ochre Ring Electrocutioner
Tower 7 Blue Ring Watery Gleam NulTide Ring Cerulean Ring Short Circuit
Tower 8 Red Ring Fiery Gleam NulBlaze Ring Crimson Ring Freezerburn
Tower 9 White Ring Icy Gleam NulFrost Ring Snow Ring Subliminator
Tower 10 Tetra Band Tetra Gloves Tetra Guard Tetra Bracelet Ribbon